Indy News Update #1 for February 9, 2012
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Bradley Grover sent this in.

New England Championship Wrestling announced this week in their “Online Update” that they have joined the prestigious National Wrestling Alliance. The announcement comes with comments from NWA Executive Director Bob Trobich and former NWA president/now president of NWA Ring Warriors(Florida) Howard Brody. Also in the update is highlights from a 2007 NWA World Title tournament semifinal match hosted by NECW between Mikey Nicholls and Fergal Devitt as well as comments from current NECW heavyweight titleholder Bobby Fish.

The updated is here:

Tony Ferris sent this in.

B.E.A.S.T. Wrestling Best Entertaining Athletes Standing Today.

Debut show is 2/25/12

Address is: 1855 Hurfville Rd
Venue name is Sports and More.

We are teaming with Freedom Pro and bringing in Justin Credible, Blue Meanie, Bulldozer Matt Tremont Indys Most Hated Amadeus.