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GCW-NS: An Evening to Remember Results
Date: Dec 10th 2009
Place: 471 Simcoe St South, Oshawa Royal Canadian Legion
GCW-New Skool
Cold Snap: An Evening to remember
Referees: Sean Cassidy and Chris The Ref

GCW-NS’s new ring announcer Adam Haze opened up the show just to be interrupted by Jamie Virtue. Virtue made some changes to the landscape of GCW-NS right off the hop. Declaring the Tag team titles are now vacated, due to the Piss Beaters never actually pinning the champions. Virtue, then also announced the GCW-NS Brass Knuckles Championship would be defended in a 6 way scramble match. Following these changes made to tonight’s card Virtue was then greeted by the Piss Beaters, Jake O’Reilly and Anthony Darko.
Both men were upset about the titles being stripped, or as it seemed. Jake then said he loves gold, but singles gold is more important and laid out Darko with a right hand.

“Psycho” Mike Rollins won a hard fought contest against Kenneth Crisis, and more importantly to Rollins, he won over the fans.

Borris Breshnov defeated Steve Brown, Adam Reed, Logan Savage, “Mr. Right” Ken Wright and Jake O’Reilly

-Anthony Darko Distracted Jake O’Reilly taking him to the back and prevnting him from winning the gold.
-Ken Wright had a great showing and impressed GCW-NS officials.
-Borris Breshnov in only his second match for GCW-NS captured gold, and proved to be a force to be reckoned with

The Entourage – Ethan Page/ Joey Kings w/Mr.Melo and Jamie Virtue
Defeated Anthony Darko and Buck Gunderson to become the undisputed Tag team champions.

-Anthony Darko started off hot by attacking the Entourage in the aisle way. He then announced Buck Gunderson as his new tag team partner.
-Entourage’s experience as a tag team helped them prevail.

Head runner for Rookie of the Year – Anthony Fiasco got the Victory over Sebastian Suave w/ Jamie Virtue, when the miscue between Suave and Virtue helped Fiasco gain the pin.

-Anthony Fiasco keeps his win streak alive going 3-1 in GCW-NS action and proving to be the hottest rookie in Ontario.

“Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin vs. “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde
ends in a 30 minute time limit.

-after 30 minutes of some of the best action ever seen in a GCW-NS ring, the Crowd had requested for 5 more minutes. Both men excepted but Jake O’Reilly ran out to prevent the fans from getting what they wanted. A belt shot to Wylde, and Low Blow to Elgin left both men susceptible to punishment. After taping up Wylde, and Piledriving the beatings just kept going on. After some relentless pounding on both men, new ring announcer Adam Haze announced he was the new Co-General Manager and now shares power With Jamie Virtue. His first decision in power was to suspend Jake O’Reilly from GCW-NS without pay till further notice.

GCW-NS returns to Oshawa, Saturday Febuary 20th special belltime 2pm.

1 Big Match has already been Announced

Borris Breshnov (C) vs. Xtremo

Talent Scheduled to Appear
“Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin
ROH and CHIKARA Tag team – Super Smash Brothers
The Entourage
Anthony Fiasco
Sebastian Suave
Steve Brown
Scotty Turner
Alex York
Michael Von Payton
“Psycho” Mike Rollins

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