Indy News Update #1 for March 18, 2012
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David Nell sent this in.

African Punishment Wrestling Association King of Africa 2012 Round 1 results from President Square, Krugersdorp on Saturday, 17 March:

– KO defeated JDX in a non-tournament singles match
– Afrika defeated Donovan Loudmouth in a King of Africa Quarter-Finals match
– Joe “Bull” Dozer defeated Vic Scar in a King of Africa Quarter-Finals match
– “The Masked Crusader” El Mascarado Mexicano defeated Jay Austin in a King of Africa Quarter-Finals match
– “The Club Sensation” Zizou Middoux defeated “The Dark One” Crow in a King of Africa Quarter-Finals Match

Notes from the show:

“The French Monster” Terri Middoux and Ananzi were replaced by Jay Austin and “The Dark One” Crow. Ananzi will only officially be returning to the ring on 1 April, while Terri Middoux is sidelined with an injury and won’t be back for at least a month. Jay Austin and Crow both lost their respective quarter-final bouts. In Austin’s match against Mascarado, Austin made all attempts to lock on a submission on “The Masked Crusader”, and when he finally did, he refused to let go even with Mascarado’s foot on the ropes, resulting in the referee disqualifying Austin. Jay Austin blamed the loss on being a last-minute replacement and on the “incompetence of management”, discounting the fact that he broke the rules, but agreed that his tremendous showing against APWA Heavyweight Champion El Mascarado Mexicano in the first round of the tournament was impressive enough to pique the interest of all observers. In fact, the match between El Mascarado Mexicano and Jay Austin is being hailed as the best match of the day and arguably one of the best of 2012 so far. The shadowy hardcore-mainstay Crow had another one of the best matches of the King of Africa first round against top showboat and PTW World Heavyweight Champion Zizou Middoux, though losing in the end. Crow was angered by the loss, but brought up that he was elated that he damaged Zizou enough to leave a mark for the rest of the tournament. With Zizou Middoux and El Mascarado Mexicano moving on to the semi-finals, this contest is expected to get even hotter, and never-before-seen dream matches have opened up for speculation.

Joe “Bull” Dozer is the only participant from last year’s tournament to make it to the semi-finals. In addition, he was a KoA finalist in 2011, facing Terri Middoux in a highly controversial losing effort. Can he make it further this year and become the 2012 King of Africa? We certainly got a preview in the first round, as he defeated a highly-charged Vic Scar in another great KoA encounter. Come 14 April, we will see just how far the unstoppable Nigerian brickhouse can go. Vic Scar refused to comment on the loss, but we have seen the punk rock-influenced tattoo rebel become even more spirited and competitive lately, seemingly a changed warrior yet bearing the same carefree attitude. In his road to title glory, Scar’s newly-found persistence and focus are his keys to not just winning the battle, but winning the war.

At the beginning of the show, Johnny “Iceman” Sabin made an impromptu appearance, coming out of the audience to interrupt Ananzi in an antagonising moment. Ananzi was on the verge of laying out his longtime aggressor before Sabin brought up that Ananzi was not allowed to touch him during the event due to Sabin’s contract situation and pending lawsuit. The mood became even more tense. Following the main event between Zizou Middoux and Crow, Ananzi was about to return the PTW World Heavyweight Title to reigning champion Zizou Middoux, but Johnny Sabin ran in once again and decked Ananzi from behind, beating on the former All-Africa Champion for minutes on end. Sabin whipped Ananzi into both corners before an invigorated Ananzi ascended to the former ace he once was, countering Sabin with a vibrant spinebuster and subsequent Bad Habit. A badly-hurt “Iceman” rolled out of the ring to lick his wounds, getting bottles and other trash hurled at him by the infuriated hundreds in the Krugersdorp crowd. As Sabin scowled at Ananzi, the challenge was offically made: Ananzi demanded a match for 1 April, and Johnny Sabin, with nothing but raw hate in his heart, instinctively accepted…

King of Africa 2012 Round 2 will commence on 14 April at President Square, Krugersdorp. The King of Africa 2012 Semi-Finalists are:

– Zizou Middoux
– El Mascarado Mexicano
– Joe Dozer
– Afrika

– On Friday 1 April at the Danie van Zyl Recreation Centre, APWA presents “The Return”, which will be highlighted by the long-awaited return of Ananzi. It has been one year since he announced his retirement due to a life-threatening spinal injury. Last week, we learned that he was cleared by doctors and that his opponent on 1 April would be Terri Middoux, with whom he has much blood-soaked history. However, Terri Middoux is now on the injury list. Middoux’s replacement has been announced as Johnny “Iceman” Sabin. We have recently paid witness to a resurgence of a rivalry between Ananzi and Sabin, this one outside the ring and revolving around Sabin’s sensitive contract situation. APWA owner Ananzi has threatened to sue Sabin should he choose not to wrestle at the next event. Due to him losing the APWA Heavyweight Title in December 2011, Sabin threw a public fit in the locker room and quit APWA, despite still being contracted. Suspected of being the mysterious masked assailant that launched a recorded attack on El Mascarado Mexicano in January, “The Iceman” showed no restraint in his attempt to embarrass Ananzi at the recent King of Africa show, and has threatened to kick his head in on 1 April. Will Ananzi’s return be in vain, or will Johnny Sabin be silenced on 1 April? Who will have the last laugh?

Date: 1 April 2012
Venue: Danie van Zyl Recreation Centre, Cnr. Rex & Plantation Street, Claremont/Newlands, Johannesburg, South Africa
Entrance Fee: R20 (under 5-year-olds free)
Time: 14:00 (2pm)
More Info: Contact Kobus at 082 269 8325

The Return promo video:

Confirmed so far:
– Ananzi Return Match: Ananzi VS Johnny “Iceman” Sabin
– APWA Heavyweight Champion El Mascarado Mexicano and APWA Tag Team Champions Vaatjie en Japie to defend
– More to be announced

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Devin Cutting sent this in.

Lenny Lane (Former WCW Cruiserweight Champion) and Arya Daivari (AKA Sheik Mustafa Bashir from Ring Ka King) will be part of the PTW event at the Knights Of Columbus Hall in Bloomington, Minnesota on March 30th, 2012. Go to for more info and for info about wrestling shows worldwide.