Indy News Update #2 for March 18, 2012
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Wrestleview’s Josh Boutwell sent this in.

Impact Pro Wrestling
New Brockton, AL (Old Town Hall)
March 17, 2012
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Pro Wrestling made it’s return to New Brockton, Alabama tonight with a stacked card on St. Patrick’s Day.

-“21st Century Human Highlight Film” Scotty Rayz def. IPW Fusion Champion David Prime to win the title!

In the opener the “Sin City Saint” Scotty Rayz went back and forth with the Fusion Champion David Prime before the luck of the Irish blessed Rayz and he was able to unseat the champion after catching Prime with a Tornado DDT followed by a 450-Splash!

-“The Bruiser Weight” Maze def. “Homeless Hero” Nathan Beast

The Brusier Weight pummeled Beast for a majority of the match but Beast was able to catch Maze with a Suicide Dive early on only to eat a modified GTS from Maze for the win.

The Kings of Old School come out and Trooper called out the Canadian Kid (who Kings of Old School have been abusing for awhile) and forced him to apologize for “costing” him the Heavyweight Title last month and then told him he would have to kiss their feet to get back in the good graces. Initial Shock ran out and saved him and then challenged Kings to a tag match.

-Kings of Old School (Chief Little Bear & Trooper) w/Dandy Jack def. Initial Shock (DJ Durst & JT Angel) w/Canadian Kid

The same heel referee that has been seen “taking” money from Dandy Jack the last few months was the referee here and late in the match Trooper had JT Angel in a Camel Clutch when the referee suddenly called for the bell and claimed he tapped out (he didn’t). Initial Shock chases the referee to the back and then the Kings viciously beat Canadian Kid down with a steel chair and bust him open. Initial Shock & Cali Kid run out and chase the Kings off.

-Wildman Dorian fought Lane Smart to a DRAW via double countout

The two super heavyweights exchanged a humorous beginning of the match when they took turns tossing the small referee between each other until Dorian dropkicked the referee into Smart. The match then took a much more aggressive turn as the two big men beat on each other relentlessly leading to a big Superplex off the top from Dorian and then the two brawling to the outside leading to a double countout. The countout didn’t stop the two giants as they continued to brawl all around ringside for several minutes until the locker room emptied to separate the two. After both men were taken backstage Smart suddenly reemerged and viciously Chokeslammed the referee.

-“Busti” Becki Kennedi & Kylie Monroe def. Chris Corbin & Doug “Chain” Williams

In a rematch from their match two months ago the misogynist team of Corbin & Williams demanded that Becki & Kylie stay “in the kitchen and make me a sandwich” but in the end the gorgeous tandem of Becki & Kylie picked up the win over the men after the heels cheating backfired on them as Becki took their flapjack and hit Corbin with it to get the pin.

-“Ever So Popular” Mike Freska def. T.A. Jones & another in a Triple Threat Match

After a fun 3-Way Freska hit a Flatliner on the other guy (I couldn’t hear his name) for the win.

– The Sadist Kingdom (Victor Kru, Michael DeSade, & Jimmy Hinder) def. The California Kid, “Shogun” Shane Gibson, & Chuck N Dales in a 6-Man Tag Team Match

This was originally going to be a rematch of last months Tag Titles match but T-Bird wasn’t able to make the show so it was changed to a big 6-Man Tag. After some wild action including a dance off between Shogun & Chuck and a trio of dives to the outside it was the heels that came out on top. Shogun and DeSade exchanged stiff kicks and punches on the outside (right next to me) and Hinder & Cali Kid brawled on the other side of the ring while Kru locked Chuck in a Koji Clutch forcing him to tap.

-IPW Heavyweight Champion: “Master of Devastation” Cameron Frost def. “Ace of Spades” Rex Andrews to retain the title!

Frost & Andrews put on an excellent back and forth Main Event which saw Andrews come within an eyelash of unseating the champion only to eat a Spinning Fireman’s Carry Bomb from Frost to give the champ the win.

Dory Funk sent this in.

!BANG! TV Report – Dory Funk “Settle the Issue” Wes Brisco vs Shane Chung Amateur Wrestling Rules

!BANG! TV returns to the Glory Style of professional wrestling featuring Wes Brisco and Shane Chung as they face each other at the !BANG! TV Sound Stage sanctioned under Amateur Wrestling Rules.

Walking the Red Carpet with Hollywood Heather features Special Guests Wes Brisco and Shane Chung. Hollywood brings up an issue that began several years ago in the Florida State Amateur Wrestling Tournament where Wes Brisco and Shane Chung faced each other.

Now on !BANG! TV’s Walking the Red Carpet with Hollywood Heather, Hollywood brings up the rivalry between Shane Chung and Wes Brisco resulting in accusations of cheating by both parties.

A solution is offered by Coach Dory Funk Jr. “Let’s settle the issue. Amateur Wrestling Rules, Referee Claudia “The Claw” Reiff will call the points and the match will take place right here, RIGHT NOW!

Now on !BANG! TV at – Watch Wes Brisco vs Shane Chung – Amateur Wrestling Rules. (Click on Red Carpet – Special with Hollywood, Claw, Brisco, Funk, Shane, and Weston)
Saturday March 24 Support Your Troops 75, “!BANG! A Mania” comes to the !BANG! TV Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida.

Wes Brisco teams with Dory Funk Jr. to take on Shane Chung and Cory “Wild” Weston.

In a Second Main Event, Hollywood Heather, Star of Lover Boy II will defend her Women’s Championship Belt against University of Miami’s, Claudia “The Claw” Reiff.

Also on the card, The New Generation, Pete Kaasanova, The Mighty Vesuvius, Garrett “Living Your Life to the Fullest” Tukes, Brian “Hot Shot” Davis and Jeremy “Rock Star” Spillers Plus the “Italian Heart Throb” Johnny Romano.

For ticket information to “!BANG! A Mania” call now 352-895-4658 or you may purchase tickets online at
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