Chad Cooper sent these reports in.

SHIMMER Volume 45

a. December pins Angelus Layne with a small package while holding the tights.

SHIMMER Volume 45:

1. Courtney Rush pins Rhia O’Reilly following the Skyward Suplex.
In a video promo, Athena calls out Mercedes Martinez, who attacked her with a chair on volume 44.

2. Melanie Cruise & Mena Libra defeat Shazza McKenzie & Veda Scott. Cruise got the pin following a top rope legdrop on McKenzie.
Nicole Matthews says she has a title shot against Melissa, but it interrupted by Sweet Saraya, who asks to talk to her.

3. Sara Del Rey pins Leon following a big powerbomb.

4. Sweet Saraya makes Davina Rose tap out to a Boston Crab.
In an interview with Amber Gertner, Kellie Skater says she’s tired of being seen as a joke. She will face Ray later.

5. Jessie McKay beats Mia Yim with the Boyfriend Stealer.
A Madison Eagles video plays, where she promises to be back.

6. Ray pins Kellie Skater with a Phoenix Splash.
Cheerleader Melissa says her reign will not end at the hands of Nicole Matthews after one DVD.

7. Hailey Hatred & Kalamity beat LuFisto & Kana. Hatred pinned LuFisto following a running powerbomb.
Martinez talks down Athena during an interview with Amber Gertner.

8. Portia Perez defeats Christina Von Eerie with a superkick.

9. Ayumi Kurihara & Ayako Hamada retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship by beating ReGeneration X – Allison Danger & Leva Bates. Hamada pinned Danger with the AP Cross.

10. Athena defeats Mercedes Martinez with the O-Face.

11. SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa retains the title by beating Nicole Matthews with the Air Raid Crash despite interference from Perez, who also attacks the titleholder after the match.

SHIMMER Volume 46

1. Courtney Rush pins Sassy Stephie with the Skyward Suplex.

2. Veda Scott defeats Sweet Saraya by reverse decision after Saraya refuses to release the submission hold.

3. LuFisto beat NY Knockout Nikki with the Mangalizer.

4. Sara Del Rey defeats Leva Bates with the Royal Butterfly. Del Rey applies an armbar after the match, with Allison Danger making the save. Danger challenges her to a tag team match, but doesn’t believe that Del Rey can find a teammate

5. Leon & Ray beat Mia Yim & Davina Rose. Leon hit a Swanton on Rose for the pin.
Portia Perez vowed to win the SHIMMER title from Cheerleader Melissa. Like with Nicole Matthews on volume 45, Sweet Saraya asked to talk to Perez.

6. Kellie Skater pins Kc Spinelli with a Skate And Destroy.

7. Jessie McKay defeats MsChif with a small package to become the number one contender to the SHIMMER Championship.
Del Rey asks Melissa to be her partner, but is turned down. Rush offers herself up, but Del Rey refuses.

8. Nicole Matthews uses a draping Vancouver Maneuver to beat Athena.
Matthews also turns down Del Rey’s offer to be her partner, but Rush is still making herself available.

9. Mercedes Martinez pins Kana following a Fisherman Buster.
Lacey appears for a cameo, with Del Rey trying to recruit her. Lacey also refuses. Rush tries to bribe Del Rey with gum to get her to buckle. Sara takes the gum, seemingly agreeing to Rush’s request.

10. Ayumi Kurihara & Ayako Hamada beat Kalamity & Hailey Hatred to retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship. Kurihara pinned Kalamity after an Exploder Suplex.

11. Cheerleader Melissa retained the SHIMMER Championship after beating Portia Perez with an Air Raid Crash. The champ suffers a beatdown after the match with McKay making the save, but Melissa doesn’t trust her, as it’s now apparent that Saraya has put a bounty on Melissa’s head.