PTW sent this in:

Due to a very recent incident that we are trying to piece together the details of, we are announcing a change to the show on Sat 27th March, in Corby. Because we’re back to where we never thought we’d be again….Here’s what we have.

It’s been speculated all year, that Petey Staniforth’s rather fragile temper has been on the brink more than usual. After Donny Bull had to withdraw from appearing on the 27.03.10 show in Corby, Dan Edge apparently approached him for a conversation in reference to who he would be wrestling on the show. We’re not quite sure what snapped the branch, but tempers flew, fists flew, and an apparent ugly incident occured.

What we do know, is this :

* Dan Edge is sick and tired of Petey’s ego and moodswings, has decided he does not want to be associated as a friend, and has said to us he has been regretting turning against the fans in November 2009 since the moment it happened. He has told us that it’s now time, in his eyes, to stand up for all that is good, decent, and to be a role model.

* The ever abrasive and confrontational Petey Staniforth, has been on the verge of some kind of apparent breakdown all year. Even by his standards, his temper and sense of self importance are becoming hard to control; and his decisions irrational and twisted. The speculation is that the two concussions in a week that he suffered in late January/early February, have taken a serious toll on him mentally and emotionally. An already loose cannon, is now in a darker place than ever before.

And so, we’re in a situation, where we’re looking at a rematch of the match they said you’d never see. We’re as shocked as you are, but it’s going to happen….but Petey’s done it again, and has demanded the stipulations be of his choice.

‘The Rematch Of The Match They Said You’d Never See’ – Saturday 27th March 2010, Corby, Northamptonshire.

Dan Edge vs Petey Staniforth

And if Dan Edge loses, he’s gone from PTW forever. And if he wins, he has a legal immunity that Petey cannot threaten to fire him again in this way again. And the final twist in the tail? Petey has said, since he won the original match in November 2009 in Luton, he barely considers Dan Edge worthy of his time – so he only gets five minutes in the ring with him. That’s right – to save his PTW job, Dan Edge has to beat Petey Staniforth within the space of just five minutes.

……Can it be done?

The Details :

What : Power Trip Wrestling present ‘Nobody Does It Better’

Where : The Grampian Club, Patrick Road, Corby, Northants, NN8 9NT.

When : Saturday 27th March 2010

Show Starts : 2pm

Ticket Prices : ?5 adult, ?3 kids. Tickets can be bought either at the venue, or by e-mailing – or text 07795-985419.

The Matches (Card Subject To Change) :

Sean Dymond vs Adrenaline

PTW BRITISH TITLE MATCH : Mason Storm (c) vs ‘MTX’ Jem Brown

PTW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH : Nemesis (c) vs The Stevens Brothers w/Petey Staniforth

PTW “OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS” MATCH : ‘Mr Galaxy’ Joey Starr vs Snare

NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH : Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby vs Dragonian w/Tiffany Wantsmore

International Saviours of Professional Wrestling (Chris Brookes & Evan Sarven) vs Blond Jovi (Ben Rage & JD Sassoon)

Dan Edge vs Petey Staniforth – 5 Minutes Only – and if Dan Edge loses, he loses his job.

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