Indy News Update #2 for April, 1 2012
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The Territory League sent this in.


‎ LOS ANGELES, CA (March 30th, 2012) – The first annual Territory League Championship was a complete success, pulling in wrestling teams from all along the West Coast and beyond. Four teams competed for the Rodney Anoa’i cup, putting their bodies on the line in two action packed Warfare Matches!
Starting the night with a star studded Red Carpet, we saw actors, athletes and superstars from around the world come to support, and join the Territory League in this epic night. With an unexpected opening from the ever so clever Sinn Bodhi and his Raptures, along with Todd Keneley, The Bay City Union and Nor Cal Posse were all in the house to over look there competition and plot the demise of these teams next season.
In the first of two warfare match ups, The Hollister Hooligans, led by Gene Snitsky, were overthrown in a brutal brawl with the Los Angeles Templars.  Chavo, The Count of California, and Gangrel, nearly fell to the rambunctious biking hooligans, but in the final moments of the match, 17 year old wrestling prodigy, Parker Greaves, knocked Gene out with a brutal flying kick off the second rope to the back of snitskys skull.
In the Second warfare match up, The Reno Scum, a motley crew of punk rock misfits, went up against the star-studded Las Vegas High Rollers.  Despite the High Roller’s stacked team, consisting of veterans such as Jr. Fatu, Grand Masta, and Pimp Fatha, the Scum nearly overcame the High Rollers, as it seemed the scum had the speed.  It wasn’t until Jr. stepped into the ring that it was made apparent that the Scum was simply in the wrong weight bracket, giving Jr. an easy victory over the Reno Scum.
Leaving two teams to battle for the cup, The Los Angeles Templars and Las Vegas High Rollers both had something to prove as they battled under the eyes of the Great Rodney Anoa’i, commemorating his spirit and honoring his legacy.