Indy News #2: Results for OCW, FIGHT and NLW

Indy News Update #2 for April 4, 2012
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Steven Ashe sent these notes in.

Friday March 30 2012
OCW – Ontario Championship Wrestling
Kingston, Ontario
Lions Club of Kingston
Results credit: Cynthia Festers

1. Cecil Nyx def Shocker

2. Hangman & The D-Man def Huss&Buck (Damien The Barbarian & Buck Gunderson)

3. “The Sport” Jessy Jones def Ray steele

4. “Mawmi Tsunami” Jodi D’Milo def “Anti Diva” Kaitlin Diemond

5. Original Hebert def Jeff Fury

6. Chazz Lovely def “Big Sug” Shaun McMillin

7. “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang def Dave Titan

8. Main Event:
Total Devastation (CJ Felony & Catalyst) def Adam Keaton & Harley Davison


Sunday March 25 2012
Toronto, Ontario
Tranzac Club
Attendance: 120+
Results credit: Kid Davis

1. FIGHT Championship Finals Qualifier:
“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin def “Rocksteady” Alex Vega to advance to finals

2. AAA Championship Match:
Jennifer Blake def Mawmi Tsunami to retain the title

3. FIGHT Championship Finals Qualifier:
“Psycho” Mike Rollins def “The Ronin” Josh Alexander w/ She Nay Nay to advance to finals

4. 6-Man Elimination Tag Match:
Kingdom James, Brent B & Lionel Knight def Ethan Page, Joey Kings & Mr. Saki
Video clip of Saki elimination

5. Beard vs. Beard Match:
Cody Deaner def Scotty Turner

6. Johnny Wave w/Mawmi Tsunami def Sebastian Suave w/Seleziya Sparx & Jennifer Blake

7. Ashley Sixx def Alessandro Del Bruno
Video Clip of Sixx vs Del Bruno

8. FIGHT Championship Final:
Psycho Mike Rollins def “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin w/Alex Vega to become the 1st ever FIGHT Champion


Saturday March 24 2012

NLW – Northern League Wrestling
(debut event)
Barrie, Ontario

Ring Announcer: Matt Mcausland
Attendance: 285
Results credit: NLW OFFICE

1. Tyler Tirva def Carter Mason

2. The Thrillbillies (Cousin Eddie & Hardcore Hick) def The Flatliners (Asylum & Matt Burns)

3. Courtney Rush vs. Gabriella Vanderpool ended in No Contest when the match was interrupted by “The Sport” Jessy Jones

4. King of the Canadian Indies Battle Royal was won by RJ City who hid out of the ring like a coward, only to slide back in to eliminate Scotty the Body and claim the win.

5. “Red Hot” Ryan Wood def Guillotine Graham by DQ when Graham was caught using brass knuckles after initially being awarded the victory

6. Former WWE Superstar Gangrel def Ruffy Silverstien

Next Show is Friday May 11th and as announced by NLW Commissioner Roger St.Onge the show will feature former ECW World Champion Justin Credible