Indy News Update #2 for April 8, 2012
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Rick Peters sent this in.

The Masterpiece Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero, Bad Ass Billy Gunn coming to Dutch Pro Wrestling on May 19th. For years Dutch Pro Wrestling has been the leading wrestling promotion in The Netherlands. Promoting monthly and being in business for nearly 5 years has resulted in a steady and rapidly growing fanbase. Last year we promoted 2 supershows (Grandslam and Main Event) which involved the likes of Big Sexy Kevin Nash, The War Machine Rhyno, Al Snow and the whole F’N show Rob van Dam which exited record breaking crowds. This year we proudly present Grandslam 2012 featuring one other then former WWE superstars the Masterpiece Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero, Bad Ass Billy Gunn, Joe E Legend, Impact Wrestling’s Star attraction Mark Haskins & many more. In addition to that we have a very special Q&A with Chavo Guerrero and Billy Gunn in the afternoon in which the fans can ask anything, take a picture with both Billy and Chavo and get merchandise signed. Late afternoon there will be a Meet & Greet with all the stars of Grandslam (however Billy and Chavo won’t be there. If they want to meet them, they have to attend the Q&A) incl. The Masterpiece Chris Masters. Fans can take pictures, get stuff signed, take a look at our huge merchandise stand and reserve their seats (as of the 4th row) in the freeseating area. Tickets for the show are as low as 10 EUROS and can be ordered at (tickets on the left side, English translation available). The show will be held at the DPW Arena, Julianastraat 49 in Poeldijk (next to The Hague), The Netherlands.

Promo’s for the show: Main Promo:!

Chris Masters coming to DPW:

Billy Gunn Q&A:

Chavo Guerrero:

And what did Kevin Nash & Rhyno think of DPW? They let you know in an interview with Rick Peters:

Rob van Dam & Al Snow had also something to say about that:

David Nell sent this in.

– This Saturday 14 April at President Square, Krugersdorp, African Punishment Wrestling Association presents the second round of the King of Africa 2012 tournament, featuring semi-final matches. Entry is totally free and the show will commence from 12pm in the midday! The King of Africa tournament, designed as a competitive showcase for 8 of the very best professional wrestlers on the entire African continent, saw birth in 2011 when Terri Middoux became the tournament’s first winner. This year’s edition has already proven to be even more competitive, and last month we saw El Mascarado Mexicano, Joe Dozer, Zizou Middoux and Afrika move on from the intense quarter-finals. In results from round 1: Afrika defeated Donovan Loudmouth, Joe Dozer defeated Vic Scar, El Mascarado Mexicano defeated Jay Austin, and Zizou Middoux defeated Crow. The winners of each semi-final match this Saturday will face each other in the finals of the King of Africa 2012 tournament next month. For more information on the President Square venue, visit


Date: 14 April 2012
Venue: President Square Shopping Centre, 177 Paardekraal, Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa
Entrance Fee: FREE!
Time: 12pm
More Info: Contact Kobus at 082 269 8325

Promo Video:

As promised, here is a look at each semi-final competitor’s accomplishments, traits and situations:

Afrika –

Titles currently held: None
Previous Titles: None
Finisher: Death Valley Driver
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Style Base: Brawling
Debut: 2008
Country: South Africa
Last King of Africa opponent: Donovan Loudmouth

Arguably the underdog of this tournament, the fan favourite Afrika has yet to win championship gold in his 4-year career. Despite having been on the short end of the stick, he is heavily underestimated by opponents and has recently entered into a successful phase. Moving past the competitive quarter-final round was indicative of a far more aggressive Afrika than we’ve seen in the past. Afrika is the only South African participant in the semi-final bracket of the King of Africa 2012 tournament. Can he do Mzansi proud?

El Mascarado Mexicano –

Titles currently held: APWA Heavyweight Title
Previous Titles: None
Finisher: Diving Frogsplash
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Style Base: High-Flying/Technical
Debut: 2011
Country: Mexico
Last King of Africa opponent: Jay Austin

When it comes to the very elite on the African wrestling scene, El Mascarado Mexicano could very well be in the upper echelon. The reigning APWA Heavyweight Champion El Mascarado Mexicano previously competed on the cutthroat Mexican wrestling circuit before appearing in South Africa a year ago, bringing a unique lucha libre style to the APWA. It didn’t take “The Masked Crusader” long to capture the number one prize in APWA, the Heavyweight Title. Considering his notable advancements, unrivalled heart and superior skill, could the King of Africa 2012 prize be his for the taking?

Joe Dozer –

Titles currently held: None
Previous Titles: APWA Heavyweight Title (2 time)
Finisher: Running Powerslam
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Style Base: Powerhouse
Debut: 2008
Country: Nigeria
Last King of Africa opponent: Vic Scar

The accomplished powerhouse will surely be a test for every other competitor in the tournament and is the biggest man in the semi-final round. Motivated to follow in the footsteps of his world champion father, Dozer is coming into the 2012 King of Africa as the only finalist from last year’s tournament. After 2011’s debacle in which he was controversially ousted by Terri Middoux, Dozer is seeking KoA redemption!

Zizou Middoux –

Titles currently held: PTW World Heavyweight Title (2 time), WWP World Cruiserweight Title
Previous Titles: WWP World Tag Team Titles, APWA Tag Team Titles
Finisher: Northern Lights (450 Splash)
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Style Base: High-Flying/Brawling
Debut: 2007
Country: France
Last King of Africa opponent: Crow

The young, yet amply-qualified “Club Sensation” Zizou Middoux was faced with a heavy and hardcore quarter-final dogfight against “The Dark One” Crow, but scored a toughly-fought victory after a Northern Lights to move on. Along with Mascarado, Zizou is bringing international experience to this bracket. Will the current 2-time PTW World Heavyweight Champion and WWP World Cruiserweight Champion dance his way to the finals?

– If you missed last week’s news, two huge announcements came out of “The Return” on 1 April. Following the submission match between retaining APWA Heavyweight Champion El Mascarado Mexicano and defeated challenger Jay Austin, a rematch challenge was issued, except this time the Heavyweight Title will be hung 15+ feet in the air in a dangerous ladder match! This is expected to be the final battle between Mascarado and Austin for a very long time. A contract signing, which will guarantee the deadly stipulation, has yet to take place, but we will have more news on that in the coming weeks. Due to Vic Scar winning number one contendership at “The Return”, he will be the next challenger to the APWA Heavyweight Champion after the following event at “The Punishment Arena”, the historic Danie van Zyl Recreation Centre in Gauteng, South Africa. Lastly and most unexpectedly, it was announced that the legendary South African rofstoei veteran Danie Brits will be returning in an epic tag team blockbuster, teaming with former co-WWP Tag Team Champion Ananzi against the disrespectful combination of Johnny “Iceman” Sabin and Vic Scar! Brits’ last excursion in ring warfare was more than 5 years ago, however his career has tallied 30+ years of squared circle glory. His return at the next APWA Danie van Zyl Recreation Centre event will certainly be an unforgettable chapter in APWA history! A date will soon to be announced as to when these matches will occur! Keep watching this space.

APWA at Danie van Zyl Recreation Centre (Date TBA)
– Ladder Match for the APWA Heavyweight Title: El Mascarado Mexicano (c) VS Jay Austin
– Tag Team Match – The Return of a Legend: Danie Brits and Ananzi VS Johnny Sabin and Vic Scar

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