Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff told Prowrestling.net in a statement regarding iPPV problems two weeks ago in Florida over Wrestlemania weekend that it was largely an issue with Go Fight Live and not ROH.

Koff added, “We are a customer of Go Fight Live. Fans paid Go Fight Live for the PPV. We felt it was Go Fight Live’s responsibility to address the issue with those who purchased the PPV, and they did reach out to those fans. But the situation was beyond our control, so I don’t feel like we had to address it. Had the problems occurred on our end, with something we were responsible for, I probably would have responded in a greater and quicker manner.”

Koff has been criticized for taking this stance feeling fans were purchasing an ROH product and not a Go Fight Live product. Kevin Kelly had stated recently on Twitter that ROH would be moving forward with another iPPV provider and leaving Go Fight Live, but The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports Kelly may have released that information before a new carrier had been in place and had “wished he hasn’t said it.” Company officials have stated an iPPV will take place on 5/12, that Kelly spoke “prematurely” and a final decision had yet to be made.