Indy News Update #1 for April 16, 2012
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Chad Cooper sent this in.

Opening contest pits Ophdian against UltraMantis Black.

Inside cradle at 5:15 gives Ophidian the win over UltraMantis Black & keeps his staff.

Now to the ring, The Batiri’s Kobald takes on the high flying sensation Saturyne.

The revolting Demon’s Toilet fells Saturyne at 4:38 giving Kobald the victory.

4-team elimination sees the Maximos vs. The Bravados vs. QT Marshall & Jack Bonza vs. Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor.

FALL 1: FIST scores the first fall at 7:09, eliminating the Maximos from the match.
FALL 2: 8:45 sees QT Marshall & Jack Bonza eliminated by FIST.
FALL 3: FIST eliminate the Bravados at 11:31 and now have 3 points towards title contention!

Up now Mr. Touchdown takes on Mixed Martial Archie.

Your winner at 10:26, Mr. Touchdown after Mixed Martial Archie is DQd for excessive violence.

Former Young Lions Cup holders collide as Tim Donst takes on Jigsaw.

Super Brainbuster at 13:49 gives Jigsaw a huge win over Tim Donst.

Back from intermission as Jakob Hammermeier takes on Chikara original Dragonfly.

With his feet on the ropes, Jakob Hammermeier steals one from Dragonfly at 2:14.

His trial to get back on the full time roster continues as Gran Akuma takes on Gregory Iron.

Liger Bomb by Gran Akuma at 6:47 gets the win over Gregory Iron after Icarus laid out both men.

The battle continues as The Batiri’s Kodama takes on Sara Del Rey.

Sara Del Rey gets the win at 7:53 but is laid out by The Batiri afterwards.

Main event sees The Shard, 17, combatANT & assailANT take on Eddie Kingston & The Colony.

Time of the fall, 15:49 combatANT scores with the TKO on Soldier Ant

David Nell sent this in.

– The King of Africa finalists have been determined after what was a very contentious tournament round on 14 April at President Square in Krugersdorp! An unexpected shakeup of the rules will make next month’s tournament final on 19 May a triple threat. In news from the packed show, the four semi-finalists – Afrika, Zizou Middoux, Joe Dozer and El Mascarado Mexicano – made their way out for introductions on behalf of Ananzi before the action could get underway, but a discourteous intervention by the silver-tongued Johnny “Iceman” Sabin halted the proceedings. Sabin, who will soon face Ananzi and Danie Brits in a tag team war alongside the unforgiving Vic Scar, demanded entry into the King of Africa tournament at the behest of the embittered crowd. A vacillating argument combusted between Ananzi and Sabin before Ananzi announced that if Sabin is entering, he will enter as well. As the four original semi-finalists complained about the unfair nature of the ruling, confrontations set off between everyone in the ring. The decision was made to include one more semi-final match, making the finals a triple threat – certainly, a vastly different and more unique landscape compared to last year’s King of Africa tournament.

In the first King of Africa semi-final mash-up, Ananzi was pitted against the underdog Afrika. In a bout that seemed like a mismatch on paper, Afrika pulled out all the stops and came so close to finishing off the former All-Africa Champion, even receiving an uncalled-for assist from Vic Scar, who downed Ananzi with a steel chair. Showing his incredible heart, Ananzi prevailed past the obstacles and turned the tables on Afrika, moving on to the finals. The 2011 finalist Joe “Bull” Dozer went up against “The Club Sensation”, multi-time World Heavyweight Champion and World Cruiserweight Champion Zizou Middoux in a Nigeria-VS-France clash of styles. Dozer’s aggressive, sovereign powerhouse capabilities overcame Zizou’s fast-paced high-flying aptitude, and the former 2-time APWA Heavyweight Champion advanced to the finals for the second year in a row. In the last King of Africa semi-final match of the day and one with history, the reigning APWA Heavyweight Champion El Mascarado Mexicano was met with a former APWA Heavyweight Champion, Johnny “Iceman” Sabin, who lost the title to Mascarado in December 2011. Vic Scar once again interceded in an attempt to help partner Johnny Sabin, this time getting what he wanted, as Mascarado fell to Sabin. Frustrated, Ananzi hit the ring to clear out his future opponents and challenged the troublemakers to a tag team match in the present. A gleeful Johnny Sabin accepted the challenge but added that the loser would have to kiss the behind of the winner, convinced that he and Scar would walk out the victors. In a seesaw blockbuster of a match, El Mascarado frogsplashed his way to triumph, and Vic Scar was thus forced to kiss the ass of Ananzi, with the uproarious crowd approving of Scar’s embarrassment. On 19 May at President Square, King of Africa finalists Ananzi, Johnny Sabin and Joe Dozer will collide in an epic triple threat for the KoA prize. Who will be entered into the annals of King of Africa history? First there was Terri Middoux; on 19 May, only one warrior will stand tall as the King of Africa!

Full results from “King of Africa Round 2” on 14 April at President Square, Krugersdorp:
– Lady Fusion defeated Mia Von Doom
– Triple Threat Match: Vic Scar defeated KO and Jay Austin
– King of Africa Semi-Finals Match: Ananzi defeated Afrika
– King of Africa Semi-Finals Match: Joe “Bull” Dozer defeated “The Club Sensation” Zizou Middoux
– King of Africa Semi-Finals Match: Johnny “Iceman” Sabin defeated “The Masked Crusader” El Mascarado Mexicano
– Tag Team Match – Loser must kiss winner’s ass: Ananzi and El Mascarado Mexicano defeated Johnny Sabin and Vic Scar


Date: 19 May 2012
Venue: President Square Shopping Centre, 177 Paardekraal, Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa
Entrance Fee: FREE!
Time: 12pm
More Info: Contact Kobus at 082 269 8325

Confirmed so far:
– King of Africa Finals – Triple Threat Match: Johnny “Iceman” Sabin VS Ananzi VS Joe “Bull” Dozer

– Despite the King of Africa loss, semi-finalist Afrika is adamant that he will be more successful for the next tournament in 2013, promising to master his craft and be more prepared, especially in a scenario where he might get put against a more accomplished competitor such as Ananzi. After 4 years of no title glory, Afrika has been trying to break out of his underdog skin and prove the naysayers wrong. At this moment in time, he feels he is more ready than ever to be a champion, adding that between now and next year, he will do his damndest to experience title glory at every opportunity. Perhaps most surprising were the losses endured by two reigning champions, El Mascarado Mexicano and Zizou Middoux. APWA Heavyweight Champion El Mascarado voiced that although he was upset by the interference by next number one contender Vic Scar, he is still the Heavyweight Champion and King of Africa 2013 is only a year away. Mascarado said he will be supporting Ananzi in the finals, and lastly sent out a message to Jay Austin that Austin’s rise to the top will be permanently blocked in their upcoming ladder match on a date to be announced. PTW World Heavyweight Champion Zizou Middoux admitted that he had a tough time trying to find a weakness in the muscle monster that is Joe “Bull” Dozer and that the world of combat is always unpredictable, but emoted that he gets better with every match and next time Dozer won’t be so lucky. “The Club Sensation” is readying for his next championship defence and is calling out anyone that wants to step up to the dance floor.

Current APWA Champions:

APWA Heavyweight Champion: El Mascarado Mexicano
Number One Contender: Jay Austin
Number Two Contender: Vic Scar

APWA Tag Team Champions: Vaatjie en Japie (Donovan Loudmouth and Blizzard)
Number One Contenders: Undetermined

King of Africa 2011: Terri Middoux
King of Africa 2012: To be determined on 19 May 2012 (Ananzi VS Johnny Sabin VS Joe Dozer)

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