Indy News Update #1 for April 17, 2012
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The Wrestling Press sent this in.

The Blossom Twins talk about their start in the wrestling business, Ohio Valley Wrestling and a possible move to the big leagues

By Mark Pirie of

David Beckham. Chris Hoy. Lennox Lewis. Over the years, these names have become synonymous with representing Britain all over the world. Now, there are two new names to add to the list. And not in the way you would expect.

If you ask an American to name ten ‘soccer’ players, they’ll struggle, but if you ask them to name ten professional wrestlers, they’ll name you twenty. It is in the wrestling world that twins Hannah and Holly Blossom have written their success story. After being born and raised in Manchester, the twins fell in love with the starry lights of the WWE and began training at their local wresting company, Future Shock Wrestling.

However, with the name of The Blossom Twins, the local wrestling company could only last so long. After a training seminar, former WWE superstar Nick Dinsmore began trying to tempt the two to his company, Ohio Valley Wrestling. Holly can still distinctly remember the happiness she felt when she could feel her dreams becoming a reality: “We knew all about OVW and to hear someone like Nick say that he thinks it would be good for us, well we jumped at the opportunity and started planning a trip out there the minute we got home.”

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Devin Cutting sent this in.

USA Championship Wrestling returns to the Community Center in Selmer, Tennessee on April 20th, 2012 at 8 PM with these matches:

Steve-O vs. Shawn Hoodrich
Christian Shane vs. Jeremiah Plunkett
Robbie Douglas vs. Nick Iggy
JP Magnum vs. Matt Boyce in a Loser Leaves Town match
Eric Wayne vs. Killer Nickels

Tickets cost $5. Go to for info about USACW and for info about upcoming shows worldwide.

Danny Warren sent this in.

4/16- November Pain DVD Now Available

One of the most talked about CWE events of all time has now been released from the vault! Live from the Vince Leah Community Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba in November 2010 in front of a packed house fans witnessed a controversial ending to one of the best CWE championship matches in history, an epic battle between Kenny Omega and Austin Aries, the official CWE debut of WWE Legends Demolition as a team and so much more. Complete match listing includes,

CWE Championship Match- Triple Threat Match
CWE Champion Mentallo vs. AJ Sanchez vs. “Hotshot” Danny Duggan

CWE Tag Team Title Match
CWE Tag Team Champions JJ Sanchez & “Big” Cliff Corleone vs. WWE Legends Demolition

Tommy Lee Curtis vs. Billy Blaze

ROH Star & Japanese Sensation Kenny Omega vs. Former ROH World Champion & TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries Open Rules Title Match
Open Rules Champion “Pimp Daddy” Rick Matthews vs. “Prime Cut” Jon Cutler

Antonio Scorpio Jr. w/TJ Bratt vs. Tyler Colton

Team Impact w/TJ Bratt vs. The Strip N Dales

* Plus the debut of “The Enforcer” JP Kaos.

This classic event is only available for $15+ $5 for shipping and handling. Orders can be sent via Paypal to or for other ordering options e-mail

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