Indy News #1: Rockstar Wrestling, HIW, MEXPRO

Indy News Update #1 for April 19, 2012
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April 20th 2012 –The premiere of Rockstar Wrestling is still months away, but the features of Digital Lizard Production’s warped take on wrestling and the music industry is still being revealed.

The first installment of the “What Is Rockstar Wrestling?” intro-mercial trilogy explained some of the unique concept and offered a taste of what’s to come. In the follow up to this widely viewed video, the second installment has been released.

“What Is Rockstar Wrestling?” Volume Two introduces more of the adult-aimed concept and reveals details on the ambitious “Five Day Format”, the twelve music genres that the fighters of Rockstar Wrestling will be representing, and the introduction to a new VJ Host. All of this plus discussions and rants on the state of professional wrestling, music’s relation to wrestling, and why Rockstar Wrestling won’t have a live crowd.

“It’s definitely not for everyone,” says creator Michael Goodpaster, “kids and the easily offended should stick with the mainstream.” The first two volumes of the “What Is Rockstar Wrestling?” intro-mercial trilogy, production blogs, news, and more can be found at:

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About Rockstar Wrestling:
During the seven week inaugural season, Rockstar Wrestling will freely distribute its own twisted take on professional wrestling and showcase some of the best up and coming music artists from around the world. Each fighter will represent a different style of music and defend its honor in plotted and written story arcs similar to that of a premium cable television series. It will be “rock versus country” and “rap versus pop” in an experience unlike any other. More Information at:

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High Impact Wrestling
Friday, May 4th, 2012 – 8 PM
German Club in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Scheduled To Appear:

Wavell Starr
Mike McSugar
Robbie Gamble
Rex Roberts
King Kash
Bucky McGraw
Jumpin’ Joe

Ticket info at

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MEXPRO’s “Cease and Resist” April 14th. 2012 Quick Results

Vinnie Massaro defeated Famous B
Vintage Dragon defeated CJ Kurz
Vertigo nearly killed The Born Stars
“Los Luchas” defeated “Los Fuerza” in two out of three falls
After an open challenge,
Vertigo defeated The Almighty Sheik
Bestia 666 defeated Gorgeous Joey Kaos in a ladder match for the IWRG Jr. Heavyweight title and was interrupted by Messiah
“The Human Horror Film” Supreme defeated Damian 666 in a “Tijuana Deathwatch” to retain the “King of the Deathmatch” Heavyweight title.