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David Nell sent this in.

The Legacy of Danie Brits and the Impending Return

South African wrestling legend Danie Brits began his hallmark pro wrestling career more than 30 years ago, starting out in the sports world as a champion amateur wrestler and judoka before making a natural transition to squared circle competition in the early 80s. Originally competing under a plain-white mask and known as “The Masked Tornado”, his unmasking a few years later would herald a far more successful period for the “Fighting Springbok”. Brits’ exceptional pure wrestling panurgy and ascendancy in combat transformed him into a world-class champion and one of the most popular SA wrestlers in history.

Always one to bear a smile and shake the hands of fans in attendance, his prime years journeyed parallel to the golden age of rofstoei, an era when tens of thousands of fans would sell out the most extensive arenas in Mzansi. Brits was not only regarded as one of the best in that era, but as one of the biggest box office draws. Among Danie Brits’ greatest title accomplishments, he was the South African Heavyweight Champion, WCA World Champion, IWF World Heavyweight Champion, IWF World Tag Team Champion, and UWF South African Heavyweight Champion. More legendary even than his championship reigns, were his classic, oft-ferocious altercations with arch-rivals Gama Singh, Giant Warrior, Danie Voges, Shaun Koen, and others – legendary feuds and matches which remain some of SA wrestling’s greatest memories.

With the dawn of a new millennium, Danie Brits took nephew Ananzi under his wing and together, they dominated the tag team scene in South Africa, winning the WWP World Tag Team Titles twice on the nationally-aired Thunderstrike program. In 2006, Brits quietly retired from the ring and ended what was certainly an unforgettable, highly-apprised career. Much is spoken of the transcendental legacy of Danie Brits and his towering contributions to South African Wrestling during its glory years, having received honourable mentions from WWE superstars Justin Gabriel and William Regal in recognition of his life’s work. Brits would donate the original Tornado mask to APWA in years to follow.

On 1 April, 2012, after Ananzi defeated Johnny Sabin via a top rope Bad Habit and was cowardly assaulted post-match by Sabin, Jay Austin and Vic Scar, Danie Brits stunned the SA wrestling world by coming to the aid of his former tag team stablemate, emptying out the ring of all three predatory assailants, and announcing his return to the ring. The reason: Johnny “Iceman” Sabin, who has been constantly berating the legend and taunting him to come out of retirement. On 29 April 2012 at the Danie van Zyl Recreation Centre, Danie Brits will once again team up with Ananzi to take on Johnny Sabin and Vic Scar in an epic tag team war – “Respect VS Attitude”!

As we’ve highlighted Danie Brits’ incredible attainments above, one must also note the triumphs of his partner Ananzi: the multi-time All-Africa Heavyweight Champion & Tag Team Champion entered rofstoei in 2000 with a stately background in Karate, Amateur Wrestling and Kickboxing, trained by uncle Danie Voges and later training at the USA-based Booker T pro wrestling academy, whereafter he impacted hundreds of thousands of South African television viewers in the middle of the 2000-2010 decade with his grandiose wrestling capabilities and charm. Ananzi is regarded by many rofstoei afficionados as one of the greatest ring artists in this country’s history. In 2008, he would found the African Punishment Wrestling Association and ignite a revolution in South African wrestling.

While Danie Brits and Ananzi have a very notable background as a tag team, the inexperienced, yet fitting pairing of Johnny Sabin and Vic Scar have never proved their mettle as a functional team, although they both bear common goals. Collectively, Brits and Ananzi have nearly 50 years of experience under their belt; antagonistically, Sabin and Scar aggregate almost 10 years. Despite the experience gap, Sabin and Scar cannot by any means be underestimated. With ring competition being highly unpredictable in the first place; changes in style over the years; taking into account the age of Danie Brits compared to the far younger opposition; and especially documenting the aggressive, take-no-prisoners tempo displayed by the domineering, unforgiving number one contender Vic Scar and the all-round mastership of former APWA Heavyweight Champion Johnny “Iceman” Sabin, there is arguably an equal chance of the team of Danie Brits and Ananzi being at threat of a pending loss.

For Johnny Sabin and Vic Scar, however, it won’t just be about defeating Danie Brits and Ananzi on 29 April; they want the blood of a legend, and to show the world that they are above any legacy, that they are the real pioneers and forerunners of South African wrestling, that nothing before them mattered. Ever since Danie Brits departed pro wrestling several years ago, he has never been coerced out of retirement and none other has drawn more ire in Brits than “The Iceman”. The legend is determined to back up his reputation by beating the attitude out of Sabin and moering some respect into him. Ananzi will be beside one of his greatest mentors, and just like he did on 1 April and 14 April, he will be delivering a world of Bad Habit pain unto his arch-enemies. Will Danie Brits’ return to the ring be a glorious one, or will the legend’s final memories of the ring be that of a defeat at the hands of the unrelenting Johnny Sabin and Vic Scar? Will Ananzi and Danie Brits reclaim tag team grandeur on 29 April and instill the meaning of respect into their dishonourable opponents, or will Johnny Sabin & Vic Scar back up their mantra and stand tall as the true leaders of SA wrestling for all time?

Ananzi and Danie Brits:

– A pro wrestling family honouring the proud tradition;
– A formerly accomplished tag team;
– The resurrection of the Fighting Springboks.

Combined Experience: nearly 50 years
Team Accomplishments: WWP World Tag Team Titles (2-time)

Johnny Sabin and Vic Scar:

– Anti-establishment and against the grain;
– The proverbial rebellious youth, with much to offer;
– Relentless in pursuit, doing whatever it takes to get to the top.

Combined Experience: nearly 10 years
Team Accomplishments: None


Date: 29 April 2012
Venue: Danie Van Zyl Recreation Centre
Entrance Fee: R20 per person (under five-year-olds free)
Time: 2pm midday (doors open 1.30pm)
More Info: Contact Kobus at 082 269 8325

Confirmed so far:
– The Return of a Legend – Tag Team War: Ananzi and Danie Brits VS Johnny Sabin and Vic Scar
– Ladder Match for the APWA Heavyweight Title: El Mascarado (c) VS Jay Austin
– And more featuring: APWA Tag Team Champions Vaatjie en Japie (Donovan Loudmouth and Blizzard), Zizou Middoux, Joe Dozer, KO, Renegade, JDX, Kilimanjaro, Crow, Xterminator, Lady Fusion, Mia Von Doom, and others.

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CHIKARA sent this in.

CHIKARA’s King of Trios 2012
The wait is over: KOT returns!
You begged. You pleaded. You demanded. Now, the mothership is back!

It’s the big one. King of Trios. A tournament so big, so outrageously awesome, that the entire world of professional wrestling cannot help but turn and look when it rolls around. CHIKARA’s flagship event will return before Season 11 is out – and today, we are proud to announce that the much-discussed, long-awaited mega-tournament King of Trios 2012 will be held September 14th – 16th!

And that’s all we’re sayin’ right now.