Indy News Update #2 for April 25, 2012
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CHIKARA sent this in.

~CHIKARA blasts into Lafayette~
Complete Indiana Debut Card!
A Special Afternoon Matinee at the Lafayette Theater!
The whole CHIKARA gang is headed to the Midwest, and we’ve got our sights set on Lafayette, Indiana and our Hoosier State debut! This Sunday afternoon, April 29th we will present a jam-packed card of mega-matches just for you! The card entitled “The Contaminated Cowl” is now finalized:

-Newly-crowned Campeones de Parejas 3.0 (Scott Parker & Shane Matthews) will defend against the former champs Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano (of F.I.S.T.)!

-The Grand Champion of CHIKARA, Eddie Kingston, meets the sadistic 17 one-on-one!

-The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) square off against UltraMantis Black & Hallowicked as well as the duo of Tim Donst & Jakob Hammermeier and the Batiri team of Kodama & Kobald!

-CHIKARA’s Grand Slam winner Jigsaw goes toe-to-toe with perennial malcontent Icarus of F.I.S.T.!

-The new incarnation of The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Mr. Touchdown) take on Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin!

-The Queen of Wrestling Sara Del Rey is set for action against Obariyon!

-The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Green Ant) face The Swarm (assailANT, combatANT, deviANT) in trios action!

-Billy Roc teams with his proteges Remi Wilkins & Dale Patricks opposite Tripp Cassidy, Sue Jackson & Jeremy Hadley!

WSU sent this in.

– WSU RETURNS 4/28 with the J-Cup Double DVD Taping
– King & Queen 2012 DVD Already on Sale at :

WSU Returns Live With Another DOUBLE DVD Taping on 4/28. Tickets are now on sale at
Here is the info on this event:
WSU J-Cup Double DVD Taping
Doors Open: 4PM
Belltime: 5:00 PM First Show, 7PM second show
NYWC Sportatorium
435-13 Brook Avenue
Deer Park, New York 11729
All Tickets $25,and gives you access to both shows.
Email to order or order off or

Matches Announced For Taping One:
For the WSU World Title
(c) Jessicka Havok vs Mercedes Martinez

For the WSU Tag Team Titles
(c) Allisyn Kay & Sassy Stephanie vs The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha)

Uncensored Rules Match
Tina San Antonio vs Marti Belle

J-Cup Tournament
The Winner Gets a WORLD TITLE Shot on the 2nd DVD Taping Against Havok/Martinez Winner

Annie Social vs Nikki Syx
Alicia vs Lexus
Athena vs Christina Von Eerie
Brittney Savage vs Ezavel Suena
Jennifer Cruz’s Queen Coronation Ceremony

Taping 2 Events

WSU World Title Match
Martinez/Havok Winner vs J-Cup Winner
Her Majesty Jennifer Cruz vs Jana
*Note if Jana becomes WSU Tag Team Champion, this match will still take place
Former Spirit Champion & Former #1 Contender to the WSU World Championship, RAIN, has promised to make a major announcement on 4/28. Rain is scheduled to compete on

The winner of the J-Cup will face the winner of Havok/Martinez on the second taping. Matches for the second taping will take place based on the fall-out of the J-CUP

Also appearing on 4/28: Kimber Lee, Bones & Roses, Rick Cataldo, Amy Lee, Jon Harder & More!
***NOTE: As announced on the WSU twitter page, due to injuries and a family mater, April Hunter can not make this event. Hunter returns on 6/16 at the Uncensored


J-CUP Participants Rundown:
Here are quick bios on this year’s J-Cup class

ANNIE SOCIAL- Annie Social is a former two-time WSU Tag Team Champion, and won three matches in one night to become the first ever WSU Tag Team Champion with Roxxie Cotton on 10/10/08 in the WSU Tag Team Title Tournament. Social was trained by the late Trent Acid. Social has been part of WSU from year one and has been involved in many spectacular matches. Social got the spot in the J-Cup when her good friend April Hunter pulled out with injury and family issues. Social returned to WSU at last year’s Uncensored Rumble. Social has also competed in Japan over the past year. By winning this year’s J-Cup, Social would put herself in a spot of prominence in WSU.

EZAVEL SUENA- Suena debuted in WSU at the WSU/NWS Blitzkreig show in January of this year. Suena was recruited from Mexico by her agent/manager Rick Cataldo. Not much is known about Suena personally. Suena brings a high flying style to the ring. By winning this year’s J-Cup, Suena would make her name in WSU and would be another feather in the cap in Rick Cataldo’s managing career.

LEXUS- Lexus was part of the longest reigning WSU tag team champions with partner Amber of the Boston Shore. Lexus had a huge 2011, entering the Uncensored Rumble at

the number 1 spot and winning the match. Lexus then challenged then-World Champion Mercedes Martinez and competed in the longest match in womens wrestling history

going 73 minutes. While Lexus lost the match, she made her name on the womens wrestling scene. Lexus also challenged Melina at Breaking Barriers 2. Many fans are

calling Lexus the next rising star of WSU and winning the J-Cup would cement that theory.

ALICIA- Alicia is the most accomplished wrestler on the WSU roster, winning every championship (World, Spirit, Tag) and has also won the King & Queen of the Ring

Tournament, as well as winning the J-Cup tournament in 2010. Alicia was sidetracked for most of 2011 with the Mid-West Militia and looks to re-ignite her singles

career by winning this year’s J-Cup. Alicia never got a World Title rematch after Jessicka Havok screwed her over at the WSU 4 Year Anniversary Show. If Alicia can win

the J-Cup, she will be back on track of her original goal – becoming WSU World Champion.

BRITTNEY SAVAGE- Brittney Savage started her career in WSU and has the most Spirit Title reigns and has also held the Spirit Title for the longest amount of time.

Savage is also a former WSU Tag Champion and won the J-Cup Tournament last year. Savage has been feuding with the Mid-West Militia for the last few months and would

love to take the WSU World Title away from Jessicka Havok. The same World Champion Jessicka Havok that Savage has laid out with her diamond cutter. No one has ever won the J-Cup two years in a row, but Savage looks to change that.

NIKKI SYX- Nikki Syx debuted in WSU last year and is the current reigning & defending NYWC Starlet Champion. Syx has had a strong win-loss record in WSU and has competed already against some of the best. Syx is looking to stand out and walk under her own two feet in WSU. Winning the J-Cup would do just that.

CHRISTINA VON EERIE- Christina Von Eerie, formerly of TNA as Toxine, makes her WSU debut at the J-Cup. What a way to make a debut by winning the J-Cup and becoming the new number 1 contender to the WSU World Championship. With Athena in the first round, CVE will be tested in WSU right away.

ATHENA- Athena has been with WSU for over a year and has been incredible. Athena, known for her O-Face finishing move, will need to hit 3 of them to become number 1 contender to the WSU Championship. Athena has made her name across the womens wrestling circuit, but is looking to entrench herself in WSU. Winning the J-Cup will do just that.
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SHOOT INTERVIEW with Mercedes Martinez
SHOOT INTERVIEW with Becky Bayless
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Alicia & Brittney Savage FACE 2 FACE Shoot Interview
Best of Traci Brooks in WSU
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Devin Cutting sent this in.

All State Wrestling
April 26th, 2012 – 7:30 PM
Big T Arena in Shelbyville, Tennessee

Ninja vs. Maxhatter
Yukon Jack vs. Bobby Lowe
Tony Falk vs. LT Falk
Tim Renesto vs. Damien Payne
Chris Michaels vs. Hot Rod Biggs

Check out ASW online @

Go to for info about future shows worldwide