Indy News #1: Reports for UIPW, EWLS and TWA

Indy News Update #1 for April 30, 2012
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Steven Ashe sent these reports in.

Ashley Sixx b Brent B
– Rip Impact b Sebastian Suave
– Jennifer Blake b Mawmi Tsunami
– RJ City b Scotty O’Shea in the “World’s Greatest Entertainer Challenge”
– Josh Alexander b Psycho Mike Rollins to retain the A-1 Heavyweight title and become No.1 contender to the UIPW title.
– Shawn “Ice” LaFleur b Colby Corino and Alex Vega to unify three belts and become the new Northern Lights Cruiserweight Champion
– Ethan Page and Joey Kings b Lionel Kinght and Christopher Bishop for the vacant UIPW Tag Titles
– Steve Corino b Michael Elgin to retain the UIPW Heavyweight title.
– Josh Alexander came out and demanded he get his UIPW title shot immediately. With Page and Kings holding Corino`s son Colby hostage, Josh Alexander b Steve Corino to become the new UIPW Heavyweight champion

Extreme Wrestling League Show Presents: Reaction
45 Cassels Rd. E. Brooklin, Ontario
Saturday, April 28th 2012
Attendance: 95+/-
Ring Announcer: ‘EZE’ Eric Cairnie
Referees: Jeremy Hogel, Dave McCombs

Match 1: #1 Contenders Match for the EWLS SuperLadies Championship
Xandra Bale def. Sabrina Kyle

Next up, ‘The Former Childstar’ Rhys Greenaway made his way to the ring and explained that he was originally booked on this show in the Tag Team Championships with his partner but then the new EWLS management team decided to swap him out for a couple of dancing pansies.

Match 2: Singles Match
‘The Former Childstar’ Rhys Greenaway def. Buck Gunderson

Match 3: EWLS Tag Team Championships
Steve Brown & Joey Kings def. Dance Mix Revolution w/Oliveya Skyler

EZE introduced the challenger for the EWLS Extreme Championship, Tyler Tirva. Tirva wasted no time explaining how since Wave was injured and fired for not even being willing to show up, that he won’t be needing to wrestle and instead just granted the belt. He even went onto try and intimidate EZE. EZE said that he held a container with all the contracted roster in it and would draw Tirva’s opponent. He reached in and pulled out one of the slips and went to the back. Then, then the music hit and ..

Match 4: EWLS Extreme Championship
Alessandro Del Bruno def. ‘Tricked Out’ Tyler Tirva

After intermission, CEO Kyle Davenport interrupted EZE and said that if these fans so graciously supported EZE and wanted to see him wrestle, then he had quite the angry hungry dog in the back who needed a match now that his opponent was elected to wrestle in the title match. Davenport brought out Moondog Buddy, but that dog didn’t much care for Davenport either so he didn’t stick around. Always standing up for himself, EZE didn’t care about not being in ring gear and signalled for the bell.

Match 5: Singles Match
‘EZE’ Eric Cairnie def. Moondog Buddy

As EZE was walking back to the stage, Mr. Saki and Black Mask snuck in through the front door and stopped Buddy before he could leave. Saki got on the mic and said that since Davenport fired all his managers to avoid competition, he and Black Mask would fight for their positions back and have now aligned to acquire talent who support their cause to overthrow the Dynasty. Moondog Buddy joined them and they left the building, again through the front door after the mic was cut on Black Mask who ended the promo.

MAIN EVENT: 45 minute Iron Man Match for the Fighters Championship
Robbie Reckless w/Kyle Davenport def. ‘The Night Train’ Justin Sane

The ending of the match saw Robbie up 5 to 4. As Sane had him down and was going to hit his top rope splash to even the odds, a girl from the crowd rushed in to cover Robbie. Sane, baffled as to this fan, jumped down and with the referee, got the girl out of the ring. Sane went back to Robbie and got him up for the TKO when the time limit bell rang rewarding Robbie the match. The girl ended up being Robbie’s new valet and first female member of the Dynasty Beautiful Bea. As Sane was livid and TKO’d Robbie after, Davenport returned having being taken out by Sane earlier, with Tyler Tirva. He beat down Sane with Robbie’s help until EZE and Alessandro Del Bruno rushed in. Del Bruno gunned for Robbie while EZE and Tirva immediately started brawling with EZE getting the upper hand. The fans wanted to see them fight now and it looked like Tirva had agreed but as the match went to begin, Tirva bailed out joining his new fellow Dynasty members. Buck Gunderson and Dance Mix Revolution came out to assist Sane and the good guys of EWLS stood tall to end the show, despite the fact that Justin Sane was now fired from EWLS as it was a stipulation of the match if he did not win. Another point of controversy was the time that the match ended as some said it was only 36 to 39 minutes. The referee for that match was not the same ref as the rest of the night and possibly could be aligned with the Davenport Dynasty.

Next show: Saturday, August 19th.


Alessandro Del Bruno vs. Robbie Reckless

‘EZE’ Eric Cairnie vs. ‘Tricked Out’ Tyler Tirva

Sunday, April 15th 2012
455 Merritt Ave. St. Catharines ON
Ring Announcer: Jean Grey
Referees: Dave McCombs and Oliveya Skyler

The show opened with Commissioner Kyle Davenport welcoming fans back after a few weeks off and introducing his pride and joy superstar Robbie Reckless. Reckless, accompanied by his full time valet Beautiful Bea, came to the ring sporting his sh*t don’t stink attitude. Davenport said he thought it was best if Reckless get some gold before his big steel cage match against EZE in a few months for the North American Heavyweight Championship. Reckless wasn’t opposed and said there was one guy in the back who could do the job as his partner. They then went on to say that EZE will not be able to walk after tonight as Reckless has picked yet another brute of an opponent for him.

Match 1:
(due to Davenport coming back to ringside and distracting EZE)

Match 2:
(after the match, when fans thought Greenaway had seen the light of day, he quickly turned on King thus continuing their growing feud)

Davenport came back out and told fans that he figures they don’t like him very much and while he could care less, there was someone he may have got off on the wrong foot with. He called out TWA Heavyweight Champion Kryss Thorn but Thorn was quick to call his bluff. Davenport said that he wanted things to start fresh soon and that Tomar Shalom has been #1 Contender to his belt for long enough. Shalom, accompanied by his Rabbi Shalom, came out and proceeded to tell Thorn this was his chance. Thorn downplayed Shalom’s Rabbi and welcomed back his old former manager Jay Moore. Moore backed Thorn saying that he was the champ and decided when and where. Davenport got the mic and addressed Moore’s return but surprisingly welcomed him back to TWA. While Moore got his two cents back at Davenport he did accept the welcome and shook hands. Davenport further said that he was serious about giving Thorn a break and so they wouldn’t be defending the title tonight. He then told Tomar that he would get a title shot though, but it would be for the hardcore championship. As Thorn went to leave, former TWA Commissioner Cory Montley stopped him from the audience. He got the mic and told Moore while Moore once had power with Thorn, so did he and his contract was in fact still effective. Davenport was surprised and told Cory that he would need to verify that before he allowed any decisions to be made. Cory told Thorn he would be defending his TWA Heavyweight Championship against Tomar on Sunday April 29th.

Match 3:

(Not impressed by D-Man’s ineffectiveness as a tag partner, Reckless abandoned D-Man near the closing moments leaving D-Man to be beaten by DMR)

Match 5
TJ THUNDER def. RYAN RUKS w/Mike Duragan

RUIN 4 HIRE w/Tricky Nicky def. TOMAR SHALOM w/Rabbi Shalom
(near the end of the match, Thorn came out and attacked Tomar. Moore soon joined and it was a complete brawl, even seeing both Rabbi Shalom and Tricky Nicky get taken out in the struggle. Cory ran out and was able to take out Moore in the centre of the ring. With Tomar out cold, Ruin covered him to retain the belt.)

End of show.

TWA returns with their re-launch on Sunday April 29th 2012. More information to come.