4/29 ROH Results: Dayton, Ohio

Report courtesy of Matt Keith and The Wrestling Observer.

First off I thought the show was 100x better off in the Hara Arena than the Montgomery County Fairgrounds

It was a fun show card was a little under 3 hours very well paced. Davey Richards and Adam Cole tore it up. Rest of the matches were all decent. Elgin and some big black guy didn’t get his name was also a good hard hitting match.

1. All night Express beat Chris Silvio/ ? ANX won and got on the mic afterwords and claimed they are still owed a tilte match from a proving ground match back in December.

2. Micheal Elgin vs, ? Damn good match very hard hitting bout. Elgin won with crossface

3. Kevin Steen beat BJ Whitmer

4. El Generico and Kyle O’Reilly fought to no contest Jimmy Jacobs came out first then Steen. Both were attacking Genrico then O’Reilly helped out Generico. In post match brawl Steen hit O’Reilly really hard his mouth peice fell out. Steen actually picked up O’Reilly’s jmouthpiece, put it in his mouth and put the ankle lock on O’Reilly. Richards came out and ROH officials and Jim Cornette came down and pulled everyone apart.

5. TJ Perkins beat Mike Mondo with 450

6. Jay Lethal beat Roderick Strong in best 2 out of 3 falls Match. match started off with Strong telling crowd that it was Lethal’s birthday then apologized that Lethal had to spend birthday in Dayton. Tried to get everyone to sing happy birthday to Lethal

7. Briscoes beat WGTT ANX came down Hass got thrown into them this caused Shelton to get pinned. Briscoes told ANX they could have match right now. ROH officals came down and pulled them apart

8. Davey Ricahrds beat Adam Cole – this match was awesome. Best spot in match was Cole was on timekeepers table and Richards went off top rope with double foot stomp. Alot of hard hitting action in this match. Overall it was your typical Richards match. Submitted C0le with a cloverleaf like finisher.

Fun show I hope they stick with Hara instead of going back to fairgrounds.