Indy News Update #2 for May 8, 2012
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Ring of Honor sent this in.

In June of 2004, Samoa Joe was in the midst of a legendary ROH World Title run. Having captured the belt in March of 2003, his reign had recently eclipsed the one year mark and having already defeated numerous challengers, there was no end in sight for the dominant champion. Enter: CM Punk…

What happened on June 12, 2004 in Ohio would come to be known as “World Title Classic” and that bout between Joe & Punk would mark the beginning of a trilogy of matches that have become legendary. From Dayton to Chicago to New Jersey, these two warriors gave everything they had, their blood, sweat, and tears, for the right to be called ROH World Champion.

This is the definitive collection of the Samoa Joe/CM Punk Trilogy….

Disc 1 features all three of the ROH World Title matches from ‘World Title Classic’ on 6/12/04, “Joe Vs. Punk II” from 10/16/04, and the decisive finale at “All Star Extravaganza II” on 12/4/04.

Disc 2 features the highly demanded re-release of “Straight Shootin’ with Samoa Joe & CM Punk”!

Originally filmed back on March 10, 2005, Joe & Punk sat down with the ROH cameras to discuss not only that historic trilogy of matches but also share their stories about their life as professional wrestlers. The result was one of the most entertaining interviews ever that is a must for every true fan of ROH, and wrestling in general. With hilarious stories from their days traveling on the road, the two men discuss their experience with everyone from Colt Cabana to AJ Styles to Christopher Daniels and many others. They take a look at their experiences working for various independent promotions and truly bring you into their experiences as independent wrestlers. And of course, Punk and Joe go in-depth about their famous trilogy. You’ll hear about everything that went into their one hour draws in Dayton & Chicago as well as all about the final match in New Jersey. This is an inside look at not only some of the most famous matches in ROH history but also insight into the careers of two legends of Ring of Honor…

And as an added bonus, Disc 2 also features the first Ring of Honor meeting between Joe & Punk from the “Bitter Friend, Stiffer Enemies” event on 8/16/03 in Fairfield, CT. This non-title affair was just a taste of what the future had in store for Joe, Punk, and the ROH faithful…

ECWA Pro Wrestling sent this in.

ECWA May 5th Results, ECWA Returns to Newark, DE on June 2nd with PAPADON vs. Adam Cole

ECWA Divide & Conquer May 5th, 2012- Headlines

– Cole Callaway returns!
– Kid America returns and reveals himself to be referee Mike Kehner!
– Papadon inducted into the ECWA Hall of Fame, while Mr. Ooh La La receives the first ECWA Lifetime Achievement Award!
– Mr. Ooh La La gets his shot at the ECWA Heavyweight Title (sort of…)!
– Josh Daniels wins a top contenders match!
– FUSION win 3rd tag title while Midnight Sensations must leave ECWA!
– No decisive winner in match between AHTU and Mustafa!
– Chris Wylde wins TWA Title and ends Breaker Morant’s 2 year plus title reign!
– Papadon retains his title against Kekoa and wins the Mid-Atlantic Title!
– “The BOSS” Mike Tartaglia BUYS the Mid-Atlantic Title!!!

ECWA Divide & Conquer May 5th, 2012- Results and Review by Brady Hicks


Newark, Delaware, East Coast Wrestling Association- Cole Callaway pinned Ricky “The Model” Martinez w/ Magnum and Gus Grand [5:13] … Corey Blaze and Kid USA fought to a no-contest [3:27] … ECWA Heavyweight Champion “The Greek God” Papadon pinned Mr. Ooh La La [0:17] … Josh Daniels defeated “Beautiful” Bobby Shields, “#1” Johnny Silver and Aden Chambers in a four corners match [13:18], defeating Silver by submission … Fusion-DS defeated ECWA Unified Tag Team Champions The Midnight Sensations [15:08], taking their titles in a Loser Leaves ECWA match … Mustafa Aziz and AHTU [4:13] wrestled to a double count-out … “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde pinned Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) Heavyweight Champion Breaker Morant (with Shields and Daniels) [18:04] to win the TWA title … ECWA Heavyweight Champion Papadon pinned Mid-Atlantic Champion Kekoa The Flyin Hawaiian [20:05] to win the Mid-Atlantic title in a Title vs. Title Match (05/05/12)


On the night in which Mr. Ooh La La was honored by East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) head booker Joe Zanolle with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his 20+ year ECWA career, he also saw his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to challenge for the title of his choosing dashed at the hands of ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia and his champion, “The Greek God” Papadon.

Moments after Tartaglia presented a plaque to Papadon, ECWA’s current Super 8 champion and the longest reigning heavyweight title-holder in the history of the ECWA, to make him the newest ECWA Hall of Famer, Tartaglia was interrupted by his longtime “friend” Zanolle, who looking to honor Ooh La La. After soaking in the adulation of the capacity Newark, Delaware crowd, Ooh La La announced he intended to cash in on his Super 8 battle royal-winning opportunity to challenge for any title in the company by taking away the belt Papadon so affectionately refers to as “Big Red.”

Unfortunately for Ooh La La, the fix was in.

Tartaglia ordered that his title match – more than 20 years in the making – be held at that very moment before he and Papaon laid the boots to the popular star, laying him out w/ the title belt and allowing Papadon to easily pin the popular French star. And had it not been for Kekoa The Flyin Hawaiian making the save with a chair, things might not have ended so well.

Unfortunately for Kekoa, this decision would cost him the Mid-Atlantic title he held so dear.

Prior to the start of Kekoa and Papadon’s main-event match, Tartaglia would punish Kekoa for his actions earlier by making the main-event match a Title vs. Title affair, raising the stakes to so much more than just possession of “Big Red.” Despite Ooh La La coming out to prevent Tartaglia from getting physically involved, Papadon continued to prove himself a strong fighting champion in the ECWA.

“At the end of the day I did exactly what I said I would” said an exhausted 2012 Super 8 winner. “I beat Kekoa down and I took away his morale.” Looking into his newly won title he could only continue, “I just never thought I would take his title tonight as well.”

Meanwhile, Sam Shields and Chris Rockwell – the immensely popular ECWA Tag Champions and 2011 K-Cup tournament winners – were forced out of the ECWA after a loss to Fusion-DS that also cost them their championships. Rockwell and Shields, who had been feuding with DS for more than a year over the coveted tag titles, fell victim to the distraction of a beautiful blond female fan who hopped the ringside barricade and caused a distracted. The Sensations could do little but pick up their already-packed bags at ringside and – after signing a handful of autographs – walk out of The Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club for perhaps the final time ever. During their farewell speech, Rockwell and Shields thanked and asked fans to continue to support them on social media and stated they are hoping to have a very big announcement very soon, a statement that had many ECWA fans wondering if the Sensations are close to a HUGE career breakthrough!!!!

“No more excuses. No more apathy. Forget about them. Nobody is making excuses for The Midnight Sensations anymore,” proclaimed an ecstatic Dragon. “What they proved to all of the followers tonight is that they were nothing but over-hyped and over-valued.”

Chuckling to himself, his partner Saigon added, “And now, we’re finally done with them.”

It was also a strained night for members of Joel Goodhart’s Blackheart faction, which saw Breaker Morant lose his TWA Heavyweight title to “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde (courtesy of a leaping superkick by Wylde), Josh Daniels and Bobby Shields getting into a shoving match during a four-corners contest against Johnny Silver and former ECWA “Grand Slam” winner Aden Chambers (won by Daniels when he forced Silver to tap out), and Mustafa Aziz failing to defeat AHTU when they fought to a draw.

As the original Blackheart, Mr. Goodhart, was vacationing in Italy, he was unable to comment on the less-than-favorable night for his team.

“Forget it, just forget it,” commented Daniels of the entire night. “They [ECWA booker Zanolle] tried to divide us tonight to conquer us, but we’re still here. We didn’t go anywhere. Bobby and I picked up a big win in the four-way tonight, Breaker WILL get his title back, and Mustafa Aziz has lots more punishment to inflict on the guys in the ECWA locker room, like AHTU.”

“All I know is I am so proud to be holding a big piece of wrestling history after tonight,” responded Wylde while hugging his newly won TWA title. “The historical significance of the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance is not lost on me, and I’ll do everything in my power to continue to bring honor to this belt’s legacy. The belt does not make the man, the man makes the belt!”

Zanolle, in an attempt to stave off Black Heart interference, had declared the title could change hands on a disqualification.

In a grudge match between Kid America’s protégé Kid USA and the once-popular “Fighting Paramedic” Corey Blaze went to a no-contest after match referee Mike Kehner revealed himself to be the man behind the Kid America mask, ending years of speculation.

With Mike Kehner as the referee, Cory Blaze was just about to finish off Kid USA. Suddenly BORN in the USA (Kid America’s theme) played and the entrance way lit up. Blaze quickly threw Kid USA out of the ring and stood in a fighting stance anticipating Kid America’s appearance. When Kid America did not show, Blaze turned face to face with referee Mike Kehner WEARING A KID AMERICA MASK as Kehner attacked Blaze and went wild. The two had to be separated by security and the locker room. Kehner, who doubled as a referee and Kid America all along (Kid USA is a different person and Kehner’s protégé) sacrificed his secret identity all for the sake of getting an advantage and revenge on Blaze.

In other action, the popular Cole Callaway defeated Magnum Modeling Agency member Ricky “The Model” Martinez

“The BOSS” buys the Mid-Atlantic Belt…

Mike Kehner aka Kid America has a warning for Corey Blaze…

Papadon says Adam Cole is just going to be another victim in his title reign of supremacy…

ECWA returns to the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club in Delaware on June 2. Doors open at 6PM.

Announced so far……

ECWA Heavyweight Title Match
“Greek God” Papadon (c) vs. 2011 ECWA Super 8 Finalist & ROH star Adam Cole

TWA Heavyweight Title Match
“Heart Killer” Chris Wylde (c) vs. Breaker Morant w/Joel Blackhart
*Stipulations to be announced

ECWA Unified Tag Team Title Match
FUSION DS (Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon) (c) vs. Bandido Jr. & Azrieal

ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title Match
“The BOSS” Mike Tartaglia (c) vs. Mr. Ooh La La w/ Coach Jim Shorts

Grudge Match
Kid America vs. “Greatest America Heo” Corey Blaze

Former WWEF Women’s Champion … Stacy “the Kat” Carter

Women’s Action with … Jessie Kaye

*State of Delaware Adv Permit #155

For tix and info call 609.220.5598, email or visit

PHOTOS of May 5th by Hank Stoklosa:!i=1831039129&k=PCMgxrL

AWE sent this in.

Own Night of the Legends on DVD!

The feud between Ricky Morton and Kevin Nash simmered for more than a decade without the two ever stepping into the squared circle to settle their differences.

It took the most awesome night in the history of independent wrestling to finally get them together.

And now you can see the resolution to the Morton-Nash feud with the DVD release of Awesome Wrestling Entertainment’s “Night of the Legends.”

The “Night of Legends” two-disc DVD set is in hand at the Awesome Wrestling Entertainment offices in Waynesboro, Va.

Presale orders will begin shipping this week.

You can order your copy today on the website

Cost: $24.95 plus $3.95 shipping

On the DVD:
– The inaugural AWE Bunkhouse Stampede
– Bill Apter interviews Baby Doll and Lita
– Chase Daniels vs. Chris Hamrick
– One Man Kru vs. Rip Sawyer
– Bill Mulkey vs. Dennis Condrey
– Terry Funk vs. Tommy Dreamer
– Sonjay Dutt vs. Jamin Olivencia
– C.W. Anderson vs. Perry Saturn
– Mohammad Akbar vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
– Alex Silva vs. Fit Finlay
– Short Sleeve Sampson vs. Abo Shongo
– Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page vs. The Rock-n-Roll Express

Pick Up ‘Night of Legends’
at LTW Entertainment Event

Copies of the two-disc “Night of Legends” DVD set will be available for purchase at the LTW Entertainment live pro-wrestling event at Waynesboro High School in Waynesboro, Va., on Friday, May 18, belltime 8 p.m.

The show is a fund-raiser for the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Former WWE and TNA star Matt Hardy will take on former ECW star Christian York in the main event. Also on the card are Ricky Morton of The Rock-n-Roll Express and Diamond Dallas Page.

More information is on the LTW Entertainment website: Click here.