Indy News Update #1 for May 12, 2012
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Go Fight Live sent this in.

Impact Zone Wrestling – Coronation
Sat May 12 8:00PM ET

“Coronation” is finally here and the chickens are finally going to come home to roost for Impact Inc. For months, IZW Commissioner Brandon Bishop and his crew of undesirables have wreaked havoc at the IZW Arena in front of the Impact Zone Wrestling faithful but at “Coronation” the Prodigal Son of IZW will return!

But to wrestling fans around the world, Johnny Z is much more than a Prodigal Son. He is the embodiment of everything that IS IZW and the creative force behind the company that is changing the wrestling world. In the absence of Johnny Z and his leadership, Bishop has pulled a Jedi mind trick on almost half of the IZW roster and his first piece to securing his stranglehold of power was to lure the only 6-time IZW Champion in history, Aaron Neil into his fold. Once Neil went for the golden carrot that was dangled in front of him, a large portion of IZW fell like a house of cards. Even the blue chip prospect Jordan Jacobs decided to make a deal with the devil and turn his back on a promising career as he used blatant cheating to win the Impact Division Championship and has consistently pushed the envelope in doing whatever was necessary to hold onto his belt.

But even though all the dark days, IZW has still had a couple bright spots in the last few months. Through it all, some have remained steadfast in their allegiance to the history and legacy of IZW most notably former 2-time IZW Champion, Jermaine Johnson, who has at times, single handily taken on Impact Inc. in the middle of the ring. Although braver than most, Johnson suffered dearly for his miscalculations as Impact Inc. was merciless in handing out beating to Johnson on almost a weekly basis. It took close to 20 chair shots to the head for Neil to finally dethrone Johnson at “March Mayhem”, IZW’s last iPPV, and ever since then Johnson has kept coming back for more and unfortunately for him, kept getting knocked down with the next beating worse than the last one. But the good news is come May 12, Jermaine Johnson will finally have even odds in the form of tag team partner the “Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z who is making his long anticipated return back to the ring to take on the team of Aaron Neil and Brandon Bishop. Will Brandon Bishop and Aaron Neil’s reign of terror continue or will Jermaine Johnson and the returning Johnny Z be able to strike a knockout blow of their own and send Bishop and Neil scurrying back into whatever holes they crawled out of?

Another IZW pillar has been Double D who will go one-on-one with Jordan Jacobs in the finale of the 2012 Impact Player of the Year Tournament. Both men will put their bodies on the line as this match will be a Ladder Match! Anyone that watches IZW knows that Ladder Matches hold a special place in the history of the organization and for competitors like Double D and Jacobs, two of the premier high flyers in the sport, if you add to that their hatred for one another and the risks they will take to inflict permanent damage on one another, you could be looking at Match of the Year. Multiply all of that with a 12-foot steel ladder and all bets are off as to what will happen. One thing is for certain, both Double D and Jordan Jacobs will never be the same again.

Also scheduled for “Coronation” is a Tag Team Title Match between Champions the Old School Suckas (Gary Tool & Randy Price) against Rage Logan and late replacement and member of Impact Inc., Damon Windsor. Originally Nemesis was scheduled to challenge for the titles, but Logan’s partner Damien Morte had what could be a career ending injury so instead of sulking about the situation, the quick thinking Logan found himself a new partner.

Kevin sent this in.

NPWS Internet News Update For Week Of 05/07

Former WWE Stars Snitsky Vs. Kevin Nash For The First Time Ever, Double “Tag-O-Mania” Weekend, Former WWE Star Matt Hardy Coming In June, And More

Hello NPWS fans! This is your weekly update on what’s happened, what is happening now, and what is going to happen soon in the nation’s leading family-friendly pro wrestling promotion, National Pro Wrestling Superstars.

Upcoming Shows This Weekend

This Saturday night May 12, NPWS makes its annual return to North Middletown, NJ’s St. Catherine’s Parish Gym (5 Shore Acres Avenue, just off Route 36, minutes from the Parkway) with “Mothers Day Mayhem”, with a 7:35pm bell time.
He’s a former WWE & WCW World Heavyweight Champion.. former tag-team partner and friend to WWE legend “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels… a founding member of WCW’s famous New World Order… and a recent star of TNA/Impact Wrestling. He’s the seven-foot-tall “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash, and he’ll be stepping into the ring right here in the Bayshore area this coming Saturday night.
But on this night, this big man will be wrestling *two* veteran opponents at the same time in a Handicap Match, and they have no intention of letting anyone, even the legendary Kevin Nash, steal their thunder. They are none other than East Coast standout star “The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto and former ECW Tag-Team Champion “Dastardly” Danny Doring.

But there’s much more in store for the Bayshore area fans. The NPWS Heavyweight Champion Ray Ray Marz defends his title against Bayshore native Shock. Local favorite and rising star Chill Will will get his chance to win the NPWS Cruiserweight Title when he challenges reigning champion “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie. NPWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc (also a Bayshore native, but hardly a fan-favorite these days) will defend his title against challenger B.F. Saluka. And two more area wrestlers, Rampage” Rogers and “Outlaw” Shane O’Brien, will battle to see who is the “Toughest Man On The Block”.

There will also be a “Title-For-Title” showdown between NPWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans and NPWS Jersey Shore Champion The Jersey Kidd, where the winner will walk away with both belts, plus appearances by “The White Urkel” B. Fehrm, “Jersey Shore Jock” Mike Dennis, and TJK Stadium’s Tom Keelen, plus much more.
Tickets are only $21 for ringside seats and $19 for bleacher seats.

Tickets to this weekend’s shows are available by calling the NWS box office at (732) 888-1704. All major charge cards are accepted, and group rates are available for groups of ten or more. Remaining seats, if any, will go on sale at the door one hour before bell time.
Results From Last Weekend

National Pro Wrestling Superstars kicked off a huge double-shot “Tag-O-Mania” weekend with a return to Neptune, NJ’s West Grove Methodist Church, where a nice near-capacity Friday night Jersey Shore crowd showed up to see the action.
In the opening contest, a non-title match, NPWS Tag-Team Champions The 2 Rude Dudes (“Corrupted” Corey Havoc & “Rampage” Rogers), with manager Barnabus P. Tightwad, took on the duo of “The Masked Odd-I-Tee” Goal-Duh & “The White Urkel” B. Fehrm, who were managed by West Grove’s Pastor Larry. The bout was back and forth in the ring, with Barnabus and Pastor Larry in each others’ faces at well. The match ended when Barnabus floored Pastor Larry, and when Fehrm and Goal-Duh turned their attention to their manager, Havoc and Rampage cracked them over the head with Wet Floor signs and got the pin.
Winners: The 2 Rude Dudes

In the second “Tag-O-Mania” bout, “Mr. Varsity” Jeff Noyze & Bobby Youngblood, also managed by Barnabus P. Tightwad, took on NPWS Heavyweight Champion Ray Ray Marz & “The Wrestling Referee” sargeant Jimmy Storm, who had Pastor Larry in their corner. Before the match started, Marz offered both Noyze and Youngblood a gift, two derby-style hats. When they put them on, Ray signaled the smound engineer and the “Laurel And Hardy” theme played throughout the church hall. An enraged Noyze and Youngblood attacked Marz and Storm and the match was on. It went back and forth. Towards the end, big man Noyze was weakened and ready to go down, Barnabus handed Noyze and Youngblood two bags of powder. When the referee tried to stop Barnabus, Barnabus clocked him over the head with a Wet Floor sign. Noyze and Youngblood threw their powder at Marz and Storm, but Marz and Storm ducked the powder shots and instead took down Noyze & Youngblood with double clotheslines, then Marz threw the handful of powder meant for him right into Barnabus’ face instead.Marz and Storm covered their opponents as Pastor Larry ran into the ring wearing a referee shirt and counted the 1-2-3 pins.
Winners: Ray Ray Marz & “The Wrestling Referee” Sargeant Jimmy Storm

The third bout of the evening was a six-man “Heel Versus Heel” tag-team match, as NPWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans & NPWS Cruiserweight Champion “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie & Mike Massacre took on the trio of T.J. Blade & J.T. Highlander & The Soul Assassin. After a hard-hitting bout, Havoc pinned Soul Assassin for the victory.
Winners: “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans & “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie & Mike Massacre

During a brief intermission, former WWE star Gene “It’s Not My Fault” Snitsky came out and posed for pictures in the ring with the fans.
The fourth tag-team bout of the evening saw luchador Manuel Manny Moore& Judas Young, with Danny Demanto in their corner, take on Merrill “The Prodigy” Richardson & J.C. Rage (returning to NPWS after a long hiatus). Before the match started, Pastor Larry claimed that Demanto was not contracted to be Manny’s & Judas’ manager, and NPWS officials agreed and sent Demanto back to the locker room. The match went back and forth. At the end, Manny and Rage were battling on the outside and Judas and The Prodigy were inside the ring, when Demanto snuck into the ring and chokeslammed The Prodigy, allowing Judas to get a cheap 1-2-3 pin.
Winners: Manuel Manny Moore & Judas Young

After the bout, Manny & Judas & Demanto continued their attack on The Prodigy & Rage. With help from Security, Rage eventually overpowered Manny, and Demanto and his co-horts retreated from the ring. Demanto took the microphone and ranted that he was furious at NPWS Security always interfering in his matches (not to mention his outside interference plans as well), and issued an open challenge on the spot to any Security team member to wrestle him, and if they beat him, he would give up his spot in the Handicap Match against former WWE star Kevin Nash next weekend in North Middletown. Rising NPWS star Eddie “Spaghetti” Franken, who happened to be doing Security duty that night, stepped up and accepted the challenge.
In the impromptu match between “The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto and Eddie “Spaghetti” Franken, the youngster kept pace with Demanto, to the delight of the crowd, but the veteran Demanto eventually prevailed and pinned Franken.
Winner: “The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto

The Main Event of the evening saw Gavone Brothers member “Smiling” Smith James (filling in for The Atomic Dog who had a family emergency) take on former WWE star Gene “It’s Not My Fault” Snitsky. The bout started out friendly enough, but after several minutes, Snitsky began to fight rough and dirty, and with the crowd boo’ing him he took down Smith James and pinned him.
Winner: Gene “It’s Not My Fault” Snitsky

After the bout, Snitsky seized the microphone and declared that this same thing would happen to former WWE star Kevin Nash in their bout tomorrow night in Edison.
National Pro Wrestling Superstars concluded their double-shot “Tag-O-Mania” weekend with a return to Edison, NJ’s St. Matthews School Gym. Another near-capacity crowd filled the ringside and nearly all the bleacher seats to see what NPWS always offers… a show with no marks, no juiced-up performers, just good old-fashioned family friendly pro wrestling action.
Before the show, former WWE & WCW World Heavyweight Champion “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash posed for pictures with the fans.

The opening bout was a six-man two-out-of-three falls tag-team contest, pitting “Mr. Varsity” Jeff Noyze & Richard Michaels & NPWS Tag-Team Champion “Rampage” Rogers, with Gigalo Joe Jones in their corner, against the trio of “The White Urkel” B. Fehrm & luchador Manuel Manny Moore & The Illegal Outer Space Alien, with St. Matthews Athletic Director Darren Venture in their corner. After Fehrm and his team had an early advantage with their quickness, Noyze and his team’s size advantage took over on Fehrm, and eventually he took down Fehrm with double-underhook powerbomb and pinned him to give his team a 1-0 lead. After Rampage threatened to leave over the crowd’s boo’ing him and blowing their air horns at him, he returned to the ring and he and Michaels were double-teamed by Manny and The Alien, with Manny hitting a 6-1-9 (or in this case, a 7-3-2) on Michaels and pinning him to tie the score 1-1. Both teams battled furiously to get the deciding pinfall. Rampage had Manny up for a brainbuster suplex, but Manny reversed it into a DDT. As Manny went for the cover, Joe Jones jumped on the apron to distract the referee, but Darren Venture knocked him to the floor. Noyze picked up Manny for a powerslam, but Fehrm knocked Noyze down with a flyingdropkick, and The Alien took him down with a Flatliner and pinned him 1-2-3 to get the winning fall.
Winner (two falls to one): “The White Urkel” B. Fehrm & Manuel Manny Moore & The Illegal Outer Space Alien

The second tag-team match featured rivals from NPWS’ last appearance in Edison, as local unpopular Tim Hughes & NPWS Cruiserweight Champion “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie took on the duo of NPWS young rising stars Eddie “Spaghetti” Franken & Chrissy “Boom Boom” Powers. The youngsters kept a face pace with the veteran Smoothie & his partner, initially keeping them at bay. Smoothie and Hughes managed to isolate Eddie in their corner, but Eddie withstood the double-teaming, reversed a side suplex attempt into a Tornado DDT, and tagged in Powers who cleaned house. All four men were soon going at it in the ring. Smoothie and Hughes went for twin T-Bone Suplexes, but Eddie and Powers reversed them and hit double stunners followed by double flying splashes and got the 1-2-3.
Winners: Eddie “Spaghetti” Franken & Chrissy “Boom Boom” Powers

The third tag-team match featured NPWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans & “High Definition” Chris Steeler, managed by Gigalo Joe Jones, against The Lords Of Rock And Roll (NPWS Jersey Shore Champion The Jersey Kidd & “Retro Rocker” Rikki Roxx), with NPWS newcomer Kristi Kiss in their corner. Joe Jones came out with his newly-hired bodyguard, former WWE star Gene “It’s Not My Fault” Snitsky. Roxx and Jersey Kidd held the advantage early, but Roxx got caught in the wrong corner and was double-teamed until Oceans went for a Moonsault on Roxx, and Roxx rolled out of the way and tagged in Jersey Kidd. The Kidd cleaned house on both Oceans and Steeler until Joe Jones jumped on the apron and distracted The Kidd long enough for him to get superkicked by Steeler to break the momentum. But Steeler missed an Avalanche in the corner, and both Roxx and The Kidd double-teamed him. Joe Jones then went after The Lords’ manager Kristi Kiss. Roxx and The Kidd ran outside the ring to aid Kristi, but Snitsky was waiting for them and pummeled them both and threw them back into the ring. Oceans and Steeler then hit double Boom-Boom-Pow finishers on Roxx and The Kidd and pinned them 1-2-3.
Winners: “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans & “High Definition” Chris Steeler

After the match, Oceans and Steeler dragged Kristi into the ring and trapped her in a corner. As they advanced on her, out from the back came former WWE & WCW World Heavyweight Champion & TNA star “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash! Nash entered the ring and tossed both Oceans and Steeler out. Nash took the mic and told Snitsky, who was standing safely outside the ring, that he would not be facing any old man, but someone who was ready, willing, and able to defeat him in the main event later.

During intermission which followed, Kevin Nash remained in the ring and took pictures with the fans.
The fourth tag-team match featured another rivalry from the last Edison show, as T.J. Blade & Mike Massacre took on the brothers Max & Leon Giovianni. The four high-fliers fought a furious battle in the ring, which eventually spilled outside. All four battled all over the arena, even to the merchandise tables in the back, refusing to return to the ring as the referee counted both teams out.
Winner: None (double countout)

The Main Event was a first-time-ever meeting of two huge former TV superstars, as former WWE star Gene “It’s Not My Fault” Snitsky, with manager Gigalo Joe Jones, took on former WWE & WCW World Heavyweight Champion & TNA star “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash, managed by Darren Venture. The two men immediately began pounding on each other back and forth, neither man willing to give ground. The younger Snitsky was able to gain an advantage as the bout wore on, but he could not put Nash away, and Snitsky eventually got so frustrated he attacked referee Mike Jones and crushed him in the corner. Nash took advantage of the moment and pummeled Snitsky, delivering a huge chokeslam to Snitsky to the delight of the fans, but unable to pin him as Referee Jones was still knocked out. Referee Sargeant Jimmy Storm ran down to the ring to take over as referee, but before he could complete his three-count, J.D. Smoothie& Chris Steeler ran down to the ring and pulled him out of the ring and laid him out on the floor. Smoothie and Steeler entered the ring and tried to attack Nash, but Nash fought them both off, chokeslamming Steeler and deliveriing a huge Jack-Knife to Smoothie. A groggy Referee Jimmy Storm signaled for the bell and threw out the match.
Winner: None (double disqualification)

Though there was no official winner, Kevin Nash stood tall in the ring and was hailed by the fans as the real winner as the show closed.
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Other Upcoming Shows

Friday night May 18th, NPWS returns to the Kenilworth, NJ Veterans Center (33 South 21st Street, just off The Boulevard, minutes from the Parkway), with a 7:45pm bell time.
Headlining this big event will be a former WWE superstar who’s a member of pro wrestling’s famous Samoan Family, and is known as “The Master Of The Stink-Face”… the one and only Rikishi.
Hometown favorite “Jersey Shore Jock” Mike Dennis will have a huge match that night as well, as he will challenge NPWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans. Local favorites “Tough” Tony Scorace& Steve “The Gipper” Gipke will continue their grudge match against “Too Hot” Steve Scott & “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie. And yet another local favorite, the big “Hillbilly” Justin Blackwell, will take on another big man “Mr. Varsity” Jeff Noyze in a beard vs. beard match, where at least one man will never be the same after it’s over.
There will also be appearances by “The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto, Mister Nick Gregory, Snake-Eyez, and much more. Tickets are only $20 for adults and $17 for kids & seniors.

Saturday night May 19th, NPWS makes its first ever appearance at Spotswood, NJ’s Immaculate Conception Church Gym (23 Manalapan Road, minutes from Route 18 and the East Brunswick Mall), with a 7:35pm bell time.
“The Master Of The Stink-Face”… the one and only Rikishi, will make an encore appearance in Spotswood. NPWS Tag-Team Champions The 2 Rude Dudes (“Corrupted” Corey Havoc & “Rampage” Rogers) will defend their titles against a pair of local favorites, South Brunswick native The Jersey Kidd & Monroe’s “Retro Rocker” Rikki Roxx. NPWS Cruiserweight Champion “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie and NPWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans will also see action that night, along with The World Famous TV Wrestling Clown, ladies star Krissy Kiss, northeast veteran Steve “Monsta” Mack, “The Cold-Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto, “The Final Freebird” Damian Darling, Slayer, Eddie “Spaghetti” Franken, and much more.
Tickets are only $20 for ringside seats and $18 for bleacher seats.

Friday night June 1st, NPWS returns to Stirling, NJ’s Long Hill Township Community Center (264 South Warren Avenue, just off Valley Road, minutes from I-78) with a 7:45pm bell time
Headlining the show that night will be the first NPWS appearance of former WWE Tag-Team Champion & TNA star, the high-flying Matt Hardy. In addition, two grudge matches have been signed due to happenings at recent events. The Cold Hearted Player Danny Demanto takes on Jeff “Cannonball” Guererro and All Star Austin Williams takes on J.D. Smoothie. Also appearing will be The Jersey Kidd, Nicky Oceans, Justin Cage and more. Tickets are all ringside and are priced at $20.

Saturday night June 2nd, NPWS returns to the southern Ocean County area with their first ever show at the Barnegat, NJ High School Gym (180 Bengal Boulevard, just off Barnegat Boulevard, minutes from Route 9 and the Parkway), with a 7:35pm bell time
NPWS’ much anticipated debut in Barnegat will be headlined by the first area appearance in NPWS of a recent WWE and TNA/Impact TV superstar, the one and only high-flying Matt Hardy!
There will also be a special appearance by a former WWE Women’s Wrestling and Tag-Team Champion, the great Lailani Kai, and Barnegat native and one-time ECW star The Equalizer, plus an NPWS Cruiserweight Title Match, a Hardcore Tag-Team Showdown, and much more!
Tickets are only $20 for ringside seats and $18 for bleacher seats.
Tickets for all upcoming shows are available by calling the NPWS box office at (732) 888-1704. All major charge cards are accepted, and group rates are available for groups of ten or more.
Keep reading this publication, as more details will be announced in the coming weeks.
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