Indy News Update #3 for May 14, 2012
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Larry Goodman sent this report in.

Shaun Tempers retained the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Championship Saturday night in Cornelia by defeating former champion Azrael in a violent steel cage match. It was a rematch from Hardcore Hell 2012 and produced what was quite possibly the best singles cage match in the 13 year history of wrestling at the NWA Arena. Once again, turncoat former owner Jerry Palmer played a key role in the outcome.

Paced by the cage match, the show continued Anarchy’s recent streak of good to great tapings. The Anarchy fans are being taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The story is that you’re either with the Jeff G. Bailey/Palmer led Elite or you may as well be dead. The Elite is on a mission to take out all the top babyfaces, and so far they’re doing a hell of a job. Out of crisis comes opportunity – a chance for the other babyfaces to step up and for Palmer to become more hated than ever, and this taping was a success on both scores. This show had a whole lot of Palmer on it, and he came through in every segment.

The crowd at the NWA Arena held steady at a hot 120.

The showed opened with special enforcer Brodie Chase on the WrestleVision screen holding up photos of the hideously swollen, bruised legs of Mikal Judas. Chase said the attack that put Judas out took place in the middle of the night. Shadow Jackson has a concussion and the Hate Junkies were also out. “Reverend” Dan Wilson joined Chase. He said his Junkies would be back, and the steel cage match between Azrael and Tempers was the order of the day. The Rev admitted that Tempers was the better scientific wrestler, but that wasn’t going to help him when he was locked in with a rabid, ferocious demon like Azrael seeking vengeance in the form of his soul. Yikes.

They were joined by Nemesis. He said his partner, Jackson wanted to be there, but he told Jackson they needed him at 100%. Nemesis said he found another partner — Slim J. J called Palmer a backstabbing piece of garbage. That was on the heels of Rev calling Palmer a drunken, bloated idiot. More Anarchy wrestlers (Anthony Henry, Jacob Ashworth, Skirra Corvus and Billy Buck) joined in. Chase delivered a rousing speech to his depleted troops.

(1) Tommy Daniels (with CB Gibson) defeated Skirra Corvus (with Jacob Ashworth) via DQ in 5:45. Prematch, Gibson applied baby oil in the middle of the ring for easy heat. Once the bell rang, it was 100% Corvus until Daniels got his knees up on Skirra’s springboard splash. Daniels had surprising success with high impact moves against the larger man. Daniels also made an aerial error as his diving headbutt got nothing but canvas. Gibson chose this moment to club Ashworth, who was unfazed and the chase was on. Gibson scampered through the ring with Ashworth in hot pursuit. Ashworth tossed referee Wes Grissom out of the way for the DQ.

(2) Anthony Henry submitted The Vandal at 7:28 to retain the NWA Anarchy Young Lion’s Championship. Vandal was being outwrestled, and his attempt to open up on Henry failed miserably, as he was no match for Henry’s stiff strikes. Vandal escaped from Henry’s DVD and tried for the Vendetta, but Henry countered with a snap power slam. The “make him tap” picked up in volume. Henry tried for his signature Texas Cloverleaf. Vandal scrambled to the ropes and managed to get a near fall before the inevitable conclusion. Henry powerbombed Vandal to set up the Cloverleaf and Vandal tapped right away. It was the best Vandal has looked since coming to Anarchy, although his offense is suspect at points. Henry’s confidence and charisma have picked up. He showed the ability to carry an opponent to a better match.

Postmatch, Brandon Parker jumped Henry and laid him out with his finisher. Henry defending against Parker was announced for May 26.

On the Wrestlevision, Palmer approached J as he was going through his warm up routine. Slim was wary. Palmer said he just wanted to talk. Palmer said they had been like brothers. Palmer said he needed J and was trying to protect him. Slim walked off. Palmer said Slim would be back.

(3) Slim J & Nemesis defeated NWA Elite (Se7en & Lane Vasser with Jeff G. Bailey) in 11:04. On his way to the ring, Vasser showed off his physique to Mr. Olympia contestant Corey Mote seated in the crowd. Early on, the Elite were in disarray such that they needed a TO to regroup. Slim took them down with a dive. However, J’s next flying move didn’t work out so well. Vasser caught him like small child and laid him to waste with fallaway slam. Nemesis could barely contain himself as J was destroyed by the giant Elite. J fought off Vasser’s superplex and hit the flying reverse DDT. Se7en cut J off for like the third time in the match. Nemesis jumped in and his battle with Se7en spilled outside the ring. Meanwhile, Vasser was about to kill J with his finisher, but J countered with a gogoplata and Vasser tapped. The surprise finish got a big pop.

Out came Palmer and the rest of the Elite. Bailey was livid about the loss and had to be held back. Palmer took Vasser aside and gave him an earful – things like nobody in his company quits unless their arm was tore off at the socket. Vasser went to grab Palmer and got clubbed by Se7en. The Elite gave Vasser a wicked beating with Palmer ranting and raving all the while. Palmer said this hurt him worse but Vasser would be a better boy for it. The crowd chanted “Jerry quit.” The crowd applauded Vasser and chanted his name as he was helped to the back. It was an unexpected degree of sympathy for a guy that turned on his partner not long ago.


(4) Mike West & Raymond King beat Zach Daniels & Joey Rhymer in 5 minutes. They were working too fast, like they were trying to fit as much as possible into the allotted time. It was babyface vs. babyface, but the only one the fans cared about was little Joey. West pinned Rhymer with a jackknife after a leg lariat from King.

Palmer shooed ring announcer Bret Wolverton out of the ring. Palmer said a drunk person with an IQ of 5 could make a better ring announcer. The “you sold out’ chant was fairly deafening here. Palmer said new TV Champion Bo Newsom deserved a special introduction. Newsom thanked Palmer, Tempers, Bailey and the rest of the Elite. He was too busy thanking people to notice former champion Seth Delay sneaking into the ring. Delay KOed Newsom with his trusty brass knucks for an explosive pop. “Bo Newsom, you are welcome,” he said. Delay then ran to the safe haven of the bleachers and celebrated with a group swivel hips directed at Palmer. Much to the fans’ delight, Palmer could do nothing but stew in his own juices.

(5) Bobby Moore versus Billy Buck ended with both men counted out at 4:45. A heated back and forth brawl based on Moore’s attempt to end Buck’s career. Buck didn’t wait for the bell. Moore took a bump over the top rope and straight to the hardwood floor on his butt. Good thing he’s got plenty of padding. Moore ducked the superkick and bailed. Buck was all over him, bashing Moore into the camera stand. Grissom had no choice but to count both men out.

The fight continued after the bell. Moore went to blast Buck with a steel chair, and Buck superkicked it into his face. Buck then set up to Pillmanize Moore’s leg with the chair, but Moore rolled out of the ring in the knick of time. This was pretty much a perfect set up. The fans love Buck, hate Moore and can hardly wait to see more.

Intermission to set up the cage. This was a unique circumstance. Cage matches at the NWA Arena have traditionally been reserved for the quarterly supercards.

In a steel cage mach, Shaun Tempers (with Jeff G. Bailey) defeated Azrael (with Dan Wilson) to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Championship in 18:10. This was a brutal, bloody affair that a little bit of everything. The cage was brought into play throughout the match. From the get go, Tempers was trying to climb out because Azrael was eating him up with blistering chops. The chops in this match were ridiculously stiff. Azrael crushed Tempers’ head against the cage with a pair of running knees. Tempers hit a gusher and his face was instantly covered in blood. They traded backdrops into the cage. Azrael bled after a shot into the cage, but nothing like Tempers, who had blood running down to his boots. Azrael missed a flying leap and about knocked himself out ramming into the cage. Tempers lit Azrael up with a back chop. Bad idea. That got Azrael’s ire up and he answered with three. At 11 minutes into the match, both were having trouble finding the energy to stand. Azrael was the first to get his second wind. Tempers came back by chucking Azrael’s head into the cage like a missile. Palmer appeared at ringside with his ax handle, Big Nasty. Azrael unleashed a barrage of kicks from all angles. Tempers was down. Azrael tried for the Ted Bundy, and Tempers reversed it into a cobra clutch. Azrael was fighting it off, so Temper ran his head into the cage and locked it in. Rather than tapping, Azrael gave a one finger salute. At 15 minutes in, Azrael hit the Ted Bundy for a close near fall. Tempers hit his hangman’s neckbreaker for another false finish. Palmer slid Big Nasty in to Tempers. Azrael ducked and caught Tempers flush with the Superman punch. Tempers kicked out again. Azrael swung and missed with the ax handle. Azrael went up top for the frogsplash elbow. Tempers was down but he had grabbed the ax handle. Tempers shielded himself with the axhandle, destroying Azrael’s arm in the process. 1-2-3. Great match. There has to be a next time.

The rest of the Elite came out. They pulled Rev into the cage and handcuffed him to the ropes. The Elite locked the cage door behind them. Anarchy wrestlers ran out and tried to climb into the cage to save Rev and Tempers, but Elite was kept knocking them down. This was classic pandemonium. J came through the fan entrance and climbed to the top of the opposite side of the cage. He launched with a flying reverse DDT on Tempers. The Elite freaked out and abandoned the cage. The surprise must have been overwhelming, because with all that fire power, Elite could have beaten the bejeezus out of J.

Chase announced J vs. Tempers for the title on May 26.

Palmer baited the Mote until the Mr. Olympia contestant ripped his shirt off. The look of terror on Palmer’s face was priceless. For his sake, I hope Palmer was wearing black underwear.

NOTES: In addition to Slim J vs. Tempers and Henry vs. Parker, May 26 has Delay vs. Newsom for the TV title and NWA Elite defending the tag titles vs. Ashworth & Corvus The new NWA Anarchy t-shirt is on sale for $15. Ring announcer Bret Wolverton joined John Johnson on television commentary. Regular TV announcer Tim E. D was off getting married… Mote is a Cornelia resident. Last year was his first Mr. Universe competition and he placed 3rd in the pro heavyweight division…Current and former military free admission on May 26. Anarchy fan Matt Harkins was recognized for his service in Afghanistan…The return of referee Grissom got a big pop from the females in the crowd. Dee Byers had worked the last two tapings as the only referee…Hate Junkies were in Bridgewater, MA making an appearance for Beyond Wrestling…Hostile Environment 2012 will take place on June 30. The summer big show usually features the War Games match.