Indy News Update #1 for May 19, 2012
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Kaos Email sent this in.

05.18.2012 Bell Gardens, CA – Santino Bros Wrestling Academy is going full steam ahead. Last Monday we started the 2nd beginners class of the year with great success and a full class. Due to more inquiries still coming in, we have decided to open up another day for students to sign up and start living their dream! We have very limited spots opening up on Wednesdays at 5pm. Call Sylvia or stop by the dojo during regular business hours to sign up and become the next generation of pro wrestling superstars!

For those students who live out of the area or do not have the time in their schedules to attend class, we are proud to announce that we have just released the first DVD in an at home series for beginners looking to become pro wrestlers. The DVD includes the basic stretches and fundamentals to get you started in the crazy world of pro wrestling Buy yours today for the low price of $20.

Click below to order NOW!

For more information on these topics or to book a birthday party, dojo or ring rental, please call Sylvia @ 323.896.3017 or email us at

Dave Prazak sent this in.

HIMMER – WOMEN ATHLETES News for May 18, 2012

Courtesy of the SHIMMER Yahoo Group

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– Tickets on sale this Sunday for SHIMMER 49-52!
– Free video of Knight Dynasty’s self destruction!
– Volume 44 DVD now shipping!


Front row tickets for the next SHIMMER – WOMEN ATHLETES events will go on sale at this Sunday, May 20th, at 6pm Central time. Front row seating typically sells out very quickly once the tickets go on sale (sometimes within a matter of hours), so be sure to pick them up on Sunday night if you are interested in front row seating for the events. Instructions to purchase front row tickets will be posted on the web site at that time.

SHIMMER returns to the Berwyn Eagles Club (6309 26th Street) in Berwyn, IL on Saturday & Sunday, October 27th & 28th, 2012. Volumes 49-52 of the SHIMMER series will be filmed during the course of that weekend. Bell time on Saturday, October 27th is 2pm. Bell time on Sunday, October 28th is 1pm. The events are suitable for all ages. We’ve announced the dates this far in advance to give everyone ample time to plan ahead!

Front row seating will be available at a cost of $70 per full day of taping (two full length DVDs worth of live matches), while general admission seating will be available at a cost of $30 per day.

Make your plans now to be a part of the weekend of SHIMMER tapings which will include the milestone SHIMMER 50 event. Mark your calendars, and join us live!

Discuss the SHIMMER 49-52 tapings in the following thread at The SHIMMER Forum…


We’ve released a free video on YouTube featuring the implosion of The Knight Dynasty from SHIMMER Volume 43. Check out the fight between Sweet Saraya and Britani Knight at the link below, which was just a prelude to their No Disqualification war against one another on Volume 44.


Up through Volume 44 of the SHIMMER DVD series is now available for immediate worldwide shipping! Below is a description of each of the newest releases in the SHIMMER series, along with a link to place your order online via PayPal. If you would like to purchase DVDs from SHIMMER using a money order, please E-mail for mail order instructions.


1. Davina Rose vs. Kellie Skater
2. Veda Scott vs. Taylor Made
3. Kalamity vs. Tomoka Nakagawa
4. Ashley Lane & Mia Yim vs. Nevaeh & Sassy Stephie
5. Serena Deeb vs. Yumi Ohka
6. MsChif & Christina Von Eerie & Allison Danger & Leva Bates vs. Melanie Cruise & Mena Libra & Bonesaw & She Nay Nay
7. Jessie McKay vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto
8. Courtney Rush vs. Sara Del Rey
9. Athena vs. Mercedes Martinez
10. LuFisto vs. Kana
11. No Disqualification: Britani Knight vs. Saraya Knight
12. SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match: Ayumi Kurihara & Ayako Hamada vs. Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews
13. SHIMMER Title Match: Madison Eagles vs. Cheerleader Melissa

Running Time: 3 hours, 27 minutes

Price: $15.00

Order at


1. LuFisto vs. Mia Svensson
2. Allison Danger & Leva Bates vs. Nevaeh & Sassy Stephie
3. Davina Rose vs. Nicole Matthews
4. Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Kellie Skater
5. Ariel vs. Saraya Knight
6. Nikki Roxx vs. Courtney Rush
7. Yumi Ohka vs. Mia Yim
8. MsChif vs. Tomoka Nakagawa
9. Mercedes Martinez vs. Athena
10. Jessie McKay vs. Britani Knight
11. No Holds Barred Match: Serena Deeb vs. Portia Perez
12. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Kana
13. SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match: Ayumi Kurihara & Ayako Hamada vs. Madison Eagles & Sara Del Rey

Running Time: 3 hours, 16 minutes

Price: $15.00

Order at


1. Mercedes Martinez vs. Leva Bates
2. Hailey Hatred & Kalamity vs. Melanie Cruise & Mena Libra
3. Four Corner Surivial: MsChif vs. Kellie Skater vs. LuFisto vs. Tomoka Nakagawa
4. Courtney Rush vs. Yumi Ohka
5. Portia Perez vs. Davina Rose
6. Nikki Roxx & Ariel vs. Nevaeh & Sassy Stephie
7. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Christina Von Eerie
8. Triple Threat Match: Jessie McKay vs. Athena vs. Mia Yim
9. Serena Deeb vs. Nicole Matthews
10. SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match: Ayumi Kurihara & Ayako Hamada vs. Saraya Knight & Britani Knight
11. Kana vs. Sara Del Rey
12. SHIMMER Title Match: Madison Eagles vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto

Running Time: 3 hours, 7 minutes

Price: $15.00

Order at


1. Nikki Roxx vs. Kellie Skater
2. Mercedes Martinez vs. Davina Rose
3. Hailey Hatred vs. Kalamity
4. Yumi Ohka vs. Sara Del Rey
5. Mia Yim vs. Kana
6. SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match: Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa vs. Ayumi Kurihara & Ayako Hamada
7. Ashley Lane vs. Nevaeh
8. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Britani Knight
9. Jessie McKay vs. Portia Perez
10. British Rounds Match: Saraya Knight vs. Allison Danger
11. Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Nicole Matthews
12. SHIMMER Title Match: Madison Eagles vs. Serena Deeb

Running Time: 3 hours, 20 minutes

Price: $15.00

Order at

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CWE sent this in.

5/18- New Matches Announced for June 1st.

Friday June 1st- Winnipeg, MB
Location: The Polish Fraternal Hall (768 Mountain Ave.)
Time: Doors Open 7pm, Bell time 7:30pm.
Tickets: $15 in advance, $18 at the door
Advance Tickets Available at: Rudy’s Video (668 Sheppard St.), Blade Hair Design (3-1341 Henderson Hwy), Aaron’s (1600 Regent Ave)
Purchase tickets online at

We are now officially 2 weeks away from CWE’s much anticipated return to Winnipeg! Two big main events have already been announced and the top tier matches continue to pile in. Here is what has just been released from CWE management,

CWE Tag Team Title Match
CWE Tag Team Title Match The Big Sexy Beasts (AJ Sanchez & Kevy Chevy) vs. Size Matters (Zack Mercury & The Axe)

What a BIG time tag team showdown announced for Tribal Warfare! Four of CWE’s largest men will do battle over the prestigious CWE tag team titles in what will be the Big Sexy Beasts first title defense after winning them in an epic Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match against Team Impact at Psychotic Justice.

Size Matters power played for a tag title shot after their huge main event match against Sid Vicious fell through due to Sid’s no show shenanigans. Although the large duo was upsetted by the smaller team of Nate Hardy and Jimmy Jacobs at the last event they have yet to suffer defeat in any other match and do pose a credible threat to the new champions. The power play may have been at no better time as Sanchez and Chevy are nursing severe injuries from the brutality of the match they won the titles in. The new champions may be easy pickings for the challengers on June 1st!

Women’s Wrestling Match
Kat Von Heez vs. Alexis Anderson

For the first time in over a year two women will do battle against each other inside a CWE ring. The powerful valet for Anderson Tyson Moore, Kat Von Heez will compete in her first ever match in the city of Winnipeg when she wrestles Northern Manitoba’s Alexis Anderson! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to catch women in action in Winnipeg.

La Sombra & “The Rebel” Bobby Collins vs. “Pimp Daddy” Rick Matthews & JJ Sanchez

As the tag team division continues to flourish more and more tag teams are stepping up to the plate for an opportunity at climbing the ranks of the CWE Tag Team title division. The small but quick and agile tag team of Manitoba wrestling veterans Bobby Collins and La Sombra have put their name in the hat and will challenge the undefeated team of Rick Matthews and JJ Sanchez. The Pimp Daddy has been trying to cheer up his buddy JJ due to tough times and seems to be on the right track. In two tag team matches they have yet to be pinned. Although one match was ruled a no contest they have both bragged as if they have won the tag titles. They have set their sights on going 3 matches without a loss. Sombra and Collins look to put a definite loss in the column of Matthews and JJ and their party once and for all!

Already announced,

Fans Bring the Weapons Main Event
The Sons of Anarchy vs. The Original Thug Crew

WWE Legend Tatanka vs. Anderson Tyson Moore w/Kat Von Heez

Farewell to Robby Royce

More to be announced! Visit