Strong Style Productions sent this in.

Strong Style Productions are proud to announce the release of our new DVD

Better Than You – CM Punk Stories (With Allison Danger)

Taken from our previous Allison Danger releases “FIGHT HARD!” and “Quick Shootin'” we have compiled together, for the first time, all the stories featuring CM Punk, as told by Danger herself! Most of the stories are from Punk’s Ring Of Honor (ROH) days, prior to him signing with WWE.

Chapter Listings :

Danger On Punk
Punk Dislocates Danger’s Jaw!
Punk Gets… Punk’d!
Sandbagging With Punk
Punk As A Road Agent
Punk Signs WWE Contract On The ROH Title Belt!
Punk Punches Danger In The Face!
Punk vs. Daniels 60 Min Broadway

Bonus Features :

Doug Basham On Punk’s Debut In OVW
Punk Photo Gallery – 24 Exclusive Photos Of Punk From His OVW Days

This DVD is only €7 and we are offering FREE International Shipping as always!

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