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Crossfire Wrestling Make-A-Wish Results 5/19/12 (Nashville, TN)

Nashville wrestling fans came out to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Crossfire Wrestling on Saturday night.

With 953 fans packing into the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena, the night of wrestling was hot and kept the fans screaming for more!

Before starting off the night, Crossfire Wrestling granted the second wish for a Make-A-Wish Foundation family. That gave the warm feeling to the hearts of the family, the fans and the wrestlers giving the night an extra lift.

Starting off the night in the pre-show, Caleb Konley picked up a hard fought victory over LT Falk.

The main show would start off with announcements for the fans of the upcoming event on Saturday, August 4, 2012, with WWE Hall of Fame Legend Bret “The Hitman” Hart coming to Crossfire and more announcements which shocked the fans and gave them another extra surprise for the summer!

Starting the action for the main show, Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews came to the ring to address “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. With Andrews stating that Douglas was scared of “The Dragon”, but Douglas would come out in classic form. Even though Douglas cannot face him contractually, but he did have a surprise for him in the form of former Douglas trainee, the debuting Jimmy Vega$! Vega$ would be able to keep Andrews quiet by picking up the victory over the Dragon. But that infuriated Andrews even more even to telling Douglas that he will do anything possible to take out “The Franchise”!

The tag team action headed to the ring. With The Diamonds in the Rough’s David Young and Sigmon already having enraged The Hot Shots’ Cassidy Riley and Chase Stevens with an attack at the last show; all four men knew that this wouldn’t be a normal tag team match. Both teams took tag team action to the limit giving their all for the fans, but it would be Cassidy Riley and Chase Stevens picking up the victory over the Diamonds in the Rough.

Reby Sky would make her Crossfire Wrestling debut on Saturday night. While in the ring, Sky would be thanking the fans for the warm welcome, but the NY Giants Girl would be interrupted by the suspended Jessicka Havok. Even though Havok was under suspension, the Director of Crossfire Women’s Division, Maria Kanellis, was unavailable. Havok would state that Kanellis was scared of her so Havok decided to take out her aggressions on Sky. Sky would put up a good fight, but the spite behind Havok would give her the additional advantage and the victory. After the match, Jessicka Havok showed the fans and Maria Kanellis that she cannot be stopped and attacked Sky.

A Loser Leaves Town match is always surrounded by emotion. With both Brian Christopher and Wolfie D wanting to stay, these two men fought to keep their spot in Crossfire Wrestling and in Nashville. The match would be close between the two former Memphis and WWE standouts, but it would be Christopher who would pick up the win over the former PG-13 member.

Hardcore fans were drooling over the next match. No disqualification rules would be the only thing that Hammerjack vs. “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan would have. Since Hammerjack found out that “The Taskmaster” had been sending the mercenaries to take him out, he has been focused on nothing else. Hammerjack finally got his hands on the wrestling legend, but Sullivan did not take the match easy. With both men fighting all over the arena and even out to the parking lot, it would be a classic for Crossfire Wrestling. But Sullivan would not be satisfied with just beating down Hammerjack, “The Taskmaster” would douse Hammerjack in lighter fluid! Just as Sullivan was going to burn Hammerjack, the locker room would empty to save Hammerjack! Safe to say that the match would end in a no contest, but Sullivan gave the following warning to Hammerjack: “Hell has just begun!”

Kid Kash and Jerry Lynn have been embroiled in a fiery battle of their own in the “Best Of” Series. Going into the night, the tables were not balance. While these two wrestlers have brought everything to the ring, Kid Kash picked up the victory over Jerry Lynn and balanced out the totals to 2-2 going into the August event. While the fans thought Lynn should have gotten the win, it would be Kash taking the victory and making the odds even.

Shark Boy returned to Nashville on Saturday night and made his debut for Crossfire Wrestling facing off against royalty in “King” Shane Williams. While Shark Boy had all the fans behind the man from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, Williams made sure to show him the reason why he is royalty in Crossfire and in Nashville. Williams would pick up the victory over Shark Boy and continue with his reign over Nashville.

In one of the biggest main events Nashville has ever seen, Matt Hardy would hit the ring to face off against MVP. This feud has been all over the world and even though it was thought they had settled their differences, the duo showed that the feud still was being fueled by the past and wasn’t finished. The match was one of the best that the fans have ever seen in Nashville with Hardy taking the victory over MVP! The two men finally seen eye to eye and not only thanked the fans from the ring, but thanked them from the floor with a surprise meet and greet after the show.

Crossfire Wrestling will be headed back to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena on Saturday, August 4, 2012, with some of the best action. Already announced for the night, Bret “The Hitman” Hart will be headed to Crossfire Wrestling! The first champion of Crossfire Wrestling will be crowned. There will be a tournament of six of the top wrestlers from around the world hand-picked by Crossfire’s Director of Operations Shane Douglas featuring: Harry Smith, Scott Steiner, Jerry Lynn, Shane Williams and more! The women of Crossfire Wrestling will be returning when Crossfire’s Director of the Women’s Division Maria Kanellis will be bringing in former WWE Diva Jillian Hall to face off against Jessicka Havok. The Diamonds in the Rough will be hitting the ring against the Hot Shots in a rematch and more!

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