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101 aims to bring you the very defination of Pro Wrestling, and if you think of two top fighters battling it out in a potential classic wrestling bout, it won’t get much bigger or better then MARTIN STONE VS LIONHEART, which has been signed for 101’s Sheffield Hubs debut on Feb 14th. Both fighters will have huge bouts the following month at Unstoppable at the Sheffield Octagon, but they can not afford to look past the Hubs show, where they must battle each other in what is sure to be a super hard hitting match. 101 does not view the Hubs shows as “B-Shows” , every time you pay to see 101 you will get our absolute best, no killer, all filler as they say.

Lionheart has a career defining 2/3 falls bout with Davey Richards to prepare for. Stones March 20th opponent is as yet un-announced, but apparently he will face a test equally as tough. Both men will be surely also hoping to be crowned the first ever 101 champion on March 20th, and this monsterous match signed for Feb 14th as two of the very best pro wrestlers on the whole of the European Continent will slug it out with 101 rankings and pride at stake.

If you are a fan of Professional Wrestling at it’s very best, you do not want to miss Lionheart VS Martin Stone on Feb 14th.


MARTIN KIRBY has been the runaway sucess story thus far in 101’s short life, having surprised the wrestling world again and again on route to his unlikely rise to the top of the 101 mountain. Kirby must be one of the favourites to walk away with the 101 championsip on March 20th at the Octagon, but before he makes it to Unstoppable he must face a man who has been one of several fighters to attack or brutalise Kirby, as Kirby’s rise to the top seemingly painted a big fat bullseye on the youngsters back. EL NEGRAS LIGERO is the ” Dark Light ” alter ego of popular high flyer El Ligero. In 101 Ligero is not the loveable happy fan favourite seen elsewhere, but a dark and brooding mysterious character. Back in October at a 101 Live Event, after Kirby defeated former tag partner KRIS TRAVIS ( yes, there is *still* unfinished business there too ) Ligero brutalised Kirby with hard kicks to the head, neck and shoulders, and left himlaying covered in a mysterious ” black mist “. Again at the Doncaster Dome last month, after Kirbys hard fought victory over Steve Corino, Ligero interjected himself into Kirbys business.

It is getting all too easy for 101 match makers to assign Kirby an opponent, since as stated, his rise to the top has made him a target for many villanous wrestlers in 101.

Kirby and Ligero both will have huge bouts at Unstoppable on March 20th, but on Feb 14th at The Hubs, they will go head to head. Will Kirby exact his vengeance on the dark and unlikeable Ligero ? Or Will Ligero make Kirby pay and make a name for himself by defeating 101’s stand out new star at the Huibs debut ? We will find out the asnwers to these questions and more on Sunday Feb 14th Live at the Hubs in Sheffield.


Yes, you read that right, after two long hard years away from the ring, ” The Pukka One” Darren Burridge will make his long awaited return to Pro Wrestling on Sunday February 14th, and the only promotion Burridge ever wanted to come back with was Pro Wrestling 101. Burridge was several years ago considered one of the very best pro wrestlers in Europe. He has remained as charismatic as ever, but on February 14th , he will step back into the ring officially to compete in 101 as a full time roster member. Mark this date down on your calender, as you do not want to miss the return of Darren Burridge to active competition.

Burridge’s long anticipated ” First Match Back ” will be an immense test for ” The Pukka One “, as he will go head to head with the man whom he has clashed with on all three previous 101 events, JOEY HAYES. Hayes interrupted Burridges homecoming speech at the first 101 show, but was demoralised and embrassed by the dressing down that Burridge gave the cocky, arrogant athlete. At the two subseqent 101 events Hayes has attempted to return favour, and humiliate and embrass Burridge, only for each time to have the situation back fire on him. February 14th at 101 LIVE @ The Hubs it will be what Joey Hayes VS Darren Burridge in a one on one grudge match, in Darrens first match for alomst two years!


This event is titled ” 101: Live “, and is being billed as a very special Unstoppable Preview Event, ahead of 101’s massive show at the Sheffield Octagon on March 20th. Our soon to be announced local and national press partners will be on hand to document the event, as 101 explodes into the Steel City. The show will feature in addition to Darren Burridge’s pro wrestling return, such 101 allstars as MARTIN STONE, MARTIN KIRBY, NEGRAS LIGERO, KRIS TRAVIS, JOEY HAYES, KEITH MYATT, SYKES and many more. On top of all the action on the show, 101 will have many mutlimedia elements to the show, including multiple video walls that will preview Unstoppable with videos and special promo appearances from all the top International names set to appear in Sheffield on March 20th. This event will combine kick ass pro wrestling with a celebration of what 101 is all about and a very sepcial look ahead towards the next months Octagon Supershow.

The Hubs is also a new permanent home for Pro Wrestling 101, and we will present several further shows there throughout 2010, but first things first — Sunday February 21st is where Pro Wrestling 101’s 2010 campaign begins, and that campaign is to build 101 up to become known as the UK’s premium brand for Professional Wrestling.


The venue for this amazingly exciting show is another brand new venue for 101, it is the multi-million pound “The Hubs” at Sheffield Hallam University ( two minutes from the train and bus station ). This fantastic venue will be the brand new home for 101’s smaller more intimate shows. The Hubs is a modern high tech venue, that will allow 101 to present more intimate shows in a way like never before, with High Defintion Video Screens, fantastic in house lighting, and high quality bars and other activities. The venue cost many millions of pounds to construct, and its stunning gigantic silver drum architecture is one of the Sheffield City Centre landmarks. 101 is incredibly excited to enter into this partnership with a high quality venue such as the Hubs!


Darren Burridge VS Joey Hayes

Martin Stone VS Lionheart

El Negras Ligero VS Martin Kirby


Kris Travis
Keith Myatt
Terry Frazier
Fight Club ( Kid Fite & Liam Thompson )
Suicidal Suicidal Suicidal Jimmy Havok
Mo Montana

Event Co-Hosts Adam Curtis and Dale Mills

Plus More TBA


101 – Live
The Hubs – Sheffield Hallam University
City Campus,
Howard Street
S1 1WB

Sunday February 14th

Doors 4pm – Show 5pm, for an 8.30pm finish

This event will be a super high production value event, and will be promoted as a lead in to the Octagon show with our local and national press partners.

Tickets are priced at ?10 General Admission, ?15 VIP Front Row, and ?8 for concessions ( Children and students with NUS Card )

Tickets are on sale now via, or e mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to reserve. You do not want to miss this event!


Yes, you read that right – the infamous hardcore grappler they call THE NECRO BUTCHER is coming to Pro Wrestling 101, on March 20th, to fight at the Sheffield Octagon at Unstoppable. Necro, who is known as one of the most insane hardcore death match fighters in pro wrestling, and who also recently had a role in the critically acclaimed movie ” The Wrestler “, where he fought Mickey Rourke in a blood filled battle, is coming to 101 to Officially make his in ring UK wrestling debut. The ONLY place you can see Necro Butcher do his thing is at 101 Unstoppable on March 20th at the Sheffield Octagon. 101 Officials have stated that just today Necro signed the contract to fight on March 20th – more news on this massive story as it develops, but Sheffield better be ready !


101 Officials have also today signed another massive name for Unstoppable on March 20th. This man is a major name in the world of pro wrestling, having formerly been a big name in the WWE. This free agent has today inked his contract to appear on March 20th at the Octagon, BUT, he is so excited to make his UK Independant debut that he wants to break the news to you himself. Next Monday 7th of December we will have a very special video from this superstar where he will personally announce his involvement in Unstoppable, which is shaping up to be the UK based event to watch in the new year.


Cutting the bullshit, this is the very first bout signed for Unstoppable, and 101 Officials feel , even more so then its predecessor, literally requires no hype whatsoever. November 15th at the Doncaster Dome, LIONHEART fought ” The Best in the World ” DAVEY RICHARDS, in a battle many people billed as the show of the weekend. The fans ask, and 101 delivers, as on March 20th at the Sheffield Octagon, Richards and Lionheart will match up once more, but this time, fans will get even more ? bang for their buck ” , as Richards will test Lionheart in a Best Two out of Three falls match. Some matches need a lot of hype to build them up, but Richards / Lionheart 2/3 falls entirely speaks for itself. If you want to see honest to goodness kick arse five star professional wrestling, then you MUST see this match live.

For those who missed the original encounter, here is a brief video highlight package of Richards VS Lionheart Part 1 –


In addition to a full card of world class action on March 20th, fans in attendance at the Sheffield Octagon will also witness the crowning of the first ever 101 Champion, in a bout being billed at the ” 101 Championship Rush ” Match. No details are forthcoming at this time as to exactly how the bout will be composed, or whom will be entered into it, but we can tell you that every single wrestler on the bill on March 20th will have their eyes set on the prize of being the first ever 101 Champion. Keep checking for more info


101 presents Unstoppable
Saturday March 20th
Sheffield Octagon
Doors 5.30pm for a 6.30pm show time

Featuring –

No Hype Needed Rematch
2/3 Falls
Davey Richards VS Lionheart

The Brian Kendrick
Necro Butcher
Steve Corino
Martin Stone
Darren Burridge
Martin Kirby
El Negras Ligero
Kris Travis

and much more to be announced …

You can purchase tickets online via or , you can also e mail for further info

There are three price points for tickets to this show –


All of the ?40 VIP Ringside Seats will come with free admission to the pre show party event on the Friday Night, plus a free glossy event poster and priority entry into the Octagon 30 mins ahead of other fans.




This well received special offer has been exclusively extended to next Monday December 7th, when 101 announced our massive ex WWE free agent signing –

Fans who purchase their tickets via over the coming week only, will be able to purchase all the event tickets at a special offer price, of ?30 for the VIP Ringside, ?20 for the regular ringside, and just ?15 for the tiered seating. This unbelievably fantastic offer will run for just one week from today. Head on over to to purchase your tickets now!


This event will combine exclusive meet & greets and Q & A sessions with many of the top wrestlers at UNSTOPPABLE, including The Brian Kendrick, Necro Butcher, Davey Richards, Steve Corino, and many more . It will run from 2pm to 4.30pm on Saturday March 20th at The Octagon. Price is ?15 , and tickets are available at, or e mail us a to reserve. More info coming soon.


This past weekend at the Doncaster Dome 101 hosted a very sepcial pre show party, the night before the shows. This fan interactive event, which featured a Q & A panel including Steve Corino, Lionheart and more, a very well received wrestling quiz, where fans pitted their wrestling brains against each other to win free show tickets, and also a very brutal and shocking contract signing between Keith Myatt and Sykes, was so well received, that 101 hopes to make it a regular event before bigger shows that fans will travel to see. The Unstoppable Pre Show Party will thus take place on Friday March 19th, at the Octagon. The Pre Show Party is a great fun filled night and chance for fans to socialise and have a few beers ahead of the following days wrestling. It will be priced again at ?7 entry. Tickets for the Pre Show are available at, or e mail us at to reserve . Come along and see what all the talk has been about.

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