Indy News Update #2 for June 3, 2012
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Wrestleview’s Josh Boutwell sent this report in.

IPW: SuperCup ’12
New Brockton, AL
June 02, 2012
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Saturday night IPW made it’s return to New Brockton, AL for the first time in over 2 months for the annual “SuperCup” Tournament, but unfortunately we also found out this would be the FINAL time IPW appears in New Brockton.

This year’s tournament kicked off with a bang as last year’s winner “The Story of the Year” Brian Caige made his return to IPW after over a year of being away. Caige announced he would be defending his crown and not only that but he’d be sitting ringside for the other Tournament matches to get a look at his competition. It was announced that, as the defending SuperCup Champion, Caige receives an automatic bye into the Finals. The other Tournament matches will be under “Beat The Clock” rules with the man that wins his 1st Round Match in the quickest time earning the other Finals birth.

-SuperCup 1st Round Match: “Ace of Spades” Rex Andrews def. Zane Stevens

Every time Rex gets in the ring it seems like his match is always the best on the card, this isn’t just a coincidence. Both guys worked hard and had a hell of a match with tons of nearfalls. In the end Andrews picked up the hard fought win in a little over 11 minutes. After the match Andrews grabbed a chair and sat beside Caige at ringside looking at pictures that Caige took during the match.

-SuperCup 1st Round Match: Lane Smart def. The California Kid

In a great big man-little man war Cali Kid was able to chop down the monster and looked to be on his way to a win until The Sadist Kingdom ran out and helped Smart pick up the win after a vicious Chokeslam. This one went a little over 7 minutes so Lane Smart now had the time to beat.

-The Kings of Old School (Trooper & Chief Little Bear) w/Dandy Jack def. “The Bruiserweight” Maze & “The Ghetto Superstar” Terry Allen Jones

The story of this match was two fold with Dandy Jack’s paid off referee once again playing favorites to the heel team and TA Jones partner Maze wanting no part of teaming with him. Maze did everything (including sitting down at ringside with some fans and looking at the SuperCup Trophy) except help out his partner. In the end the numbers got the better of Allen and the heels picked up the win. After the match Jones challenged all three of the heels to get in the ring with him again but they obviously declined.

-SuperCup 1st Round Match: David Prime def. “The Homeless Hero” Nathan Beast

Caige with the line of the night from ringside: “he’s homeless? So THAT’S what that smell is.” Prime ended this one after rolling Beast up and pulling his tights. Prime got the win in a little over 5 minutes to have the best time.

-SuperCup 1st Round Match: “Shogun” Shane Gibson def. “Scarface” Waylon Barley via DQ

To win the Beat the Clock whoever won this one would have to do so in under 5 minutes. Scarface obliterated Gibson in the corner with a vicious attack and ended up getting Disqualified after ignoring the referee and continuing to beat on Gibson in the corner despite the 5 count. The DQ came in under 2 minutes meaning Shogun would move onto the Finals, but an irate Scarface attacked Gibson after the match and went after his shoulder. Scarface locked Gibson in an armbar and refused to let go despite referees and security running out to try and stop him. The assault went on for several minutes and left Shogun rolling around in pain, screaming.

-The Sadist Kingdom (Victor Cru, Michael DeSade, & Jimmy Hinder) def. The California Kid & Initial Shock (JT Angel & Xtreme-G)

Knowing that Cali Kid’s boys Chuck N Dales & T-Bird weren’t here tonight they decided to call Cali Kid to come out and take a beating, but Cali didn’t come along as he brought Initial Shock with him. The Sadist Kingdom spent the majority of the match working over Xtreme-G but eventually Cali Kid got the hot tag and pinned Hinder after a Superkick.

-IPW Heavyweight Champ: Cameron Frost def. Darrin Corbin & Doug “Chain” Williams in a Handicap Match

Corbin came out with Williams holding a clipboard with a piece of paper on it. Corbin claimed that Frost never actually signed the contract to face Williams so unless he was scared he should sign it now. Frost did so without reading it only to find out that the contract was for a handicap match to face both Corbin AND Williams. The numbers game didn’t matter as Frost successfully defended his belt following a Flying Cross Body off the top onto both Corbin & Williams.

After the match Scarface ran back out and jumped Frost! He ended up Suplexing Frost on a nearby stage before dropping with the title belt and declaring himself the new face of IPW.

-SuperCup Finals: “Shogun” Shane Gibson def. “Story of the Year” Brian Caige to win the 2012 SuperCup!

Caige told the referee to count Shogun out as he didn’t come down to the ring when his music played, but the referee refused so Caige stripped the referee of his ref shirt and started the count himself. Shogun slowly walked out and said he would face Caige despite the injury. Caige immediately went after Shogun’s arm and relentlessly tortured Shogun’s arm with stomps, submission holds, and even chops to the shoulder. Caige looked to the have the match won to become the 1st ever 2-time SuperCup winner but Shogun reversed his finish into a big Flying Knee that stunned Caige and led to Gibson upsetting him for the win.

After the match Caige took the trophy away from the referee but then shook Gibson’s hand and presented him with the trophy.

Another fun show from IPW with Brian Caige being the star of the show, not only in the ring but with his words (all night).

James Morgan sent this in.

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 6-2-12 at the TIWF Showplex Arena

Tommy Angel def. Ultimo Tigre’

Brad Badd def. Mike Kelly

KoKo Anderson def. Shannon Lee by DQ when J.D. Wolfe interferred

Tim Edwards def. Chase Von Erich

Pure Adrenaline def.”The Rockstar” Josh Quiksilver & J.D. Wolfe

• Notes:
* Announcers: A.J. Bradley & Drew Magruder
Supershow “Broken Dreams” scheduled for next week June 9th, 2012
*TIWF every Saturday night in Trenton, Tn.
@ Showplex Arena 405 W.1st St.