CHIKARASaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur iPPV
June 2, 2012
Philadelphia, PA (Trocadero Theatre)
Live report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone, hope you all have had a great weekend, I know I have as I attended last night’s CHIKARA Internet PPV from the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, PA.

To say that this was a good show is a vast understatement because this show was outstanding from top to bottom. Every match delivered and then some and to me, it was well worth the $25 to see this show live.

There are shows where a crowd can make a bad show decent, a solid show good and a good show great. Well the crowd last night in Philly made the show from outstanding to awesome. They were into every single thing thrown at them and never died down from the opening match to the main event. From many “YES” chants to many “CHIKARA” chants to “Holy Poop” chants to chants for the different wrestlers to hell, even some “Chicken Cheesesteaks” chants thrown in, this crowd wanted to see some good wrestling and was there to have fun and IMO, CHIKARA gave them that fun 110%. Very few promotions can have a show where the crowd is there with them throughout the entire show and CHIKARA brought it ten-fold last night with good match after good match.

To sum it all up, this show last night showed me why I love pro wrestling and have since I was 4 years old. To those who have never seen CHIKARA or have heard about it through my show, the Independent Roundtable (cheap plug there), please BUY THE REPLAY. It is well worth the $15 cost on GFL, which I did hear the stream was pretty much perfect throughout, so that is great to have happen for CHIKARA.

With that, let’s go onto the results of last night’s show to close things up on this live report, shall we?

1. Grudge Match: “The Devious One” Ultra Mantis Black defeated “The Snake” Ophidian by pinfall with the Praying Mantis Bomb (Double Underhook Piledriver)

2. Grudge Tag Team Match (Person who takes the pinfall MUST leave CHIKARA) : The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti) defeated Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana & Mixed Martial Archie/Archibald Peck by pinfall when Touchdown pinned Peck after hitting Peck with his football helmet.

– After the match, Veronica came to the ring and made out with Touchdown in front of a shocked Peck, who left the ring in complete and utter despair.

3. Ladder Match for Gran Akuma’s CHIKARA Career: Gran Akuma defeated Icarus to earn his spot back on the CHIKARA Roster (Greg Iron was the guest referee)

4. 2 on 3 Handicap Intergender Match: “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey & “The Intergalactic Luchadora” Saturyne defeated The Batiri (Kobald, Kodama & Obariyon) by disqualification when Delirious interfered and laid out both Del Rey & Saturyne.

-After the match, Delirious kissed each member of the Batiri on the forehead and walked off.


5. Lucha de Apesta Match (Mask vs. Hair): Hallowicked defeated “The Mat Wrestling Machine” Tim Donst by submission with Donst’s own move, From Dusk til Donst.

– Therefore, Donst’s head was shaved due to the pre-match stipulations.

– Donst had originally won by choking Wicked out with a shoe lace, but before Wicked was to unmask, referee Bryce Remsburg caught Donst with the shoe lace and re-started the match.

6. 10-Man Tag Grudge Match: CHIKARA Grand Champion “The War King” Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw, The Colony (Green & Soldier Ant) & “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush (sub. for Fire Ant) defeated GEKIDO (17, The Shard, assailANT, combatANT & deviANT) by submission when Soldier Ant made 17 submit to the CHIKARA Special.

7. Main Event for the CHIKARA Campones de Parejas: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) defeated F.I.S.T. (“The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor & “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano) to win the titles by winning 2 falls to one.

– The Young Bucks won the 1st fall when Matt pinned Gargano with an O’Connor Roll and also using the tights for leverage.

– F.I.S.T. won the 2nd fall when Taylor pinned Nick by doing the same thing.

– Finally, The Young Bucks won the 3rd and deciding fall when they hit Gargano with More Bang for your Buck.

If you would like to buy the replay of last night’s CHIKARA Internet PPV, you can do so by clicking the image below. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your weekend!