Matt Hardy booked for Extreme Rising events in June

Extreme Rising sent this in.

VIDEO of MATT HARDY talking about EXTREME RISING 6/29 Corona, New York and 6/30 in Philadelphia, PA

Matt Hardy’s Extreme Redemption is coming 6/29 & 6/30 to EXTREME RISING!!!
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Known for a career full of taking matches to the extreme, including a groundbreaking 3 way WWE tag team feud which featured The Hardy Boys vs. ECW Originals the Dudley Boys vs. Edge & Christian, Matt Hardy embodies the spirit of what it was to be an ECW wrestler. And then, in 2008, in the WWE owned and operated version of ECW, Matt Hardy became “ECW World Heavyweight Champion.” But everybody in the wrestling universe, fans, and wrestlers alike, knew that the championship he had won was a far cry from the true ECW World title held by Shane Douglas, Terry Funk, Sabu, Taz, Jerry Lynn and the other men who held the title until the original company folded in 2001. This very fact has eaten at Hardy, who had so much respect for the original ECW, and now, he wants to prove to himself, and to the fans of ECW, that while the championship he wore may have been of soiled lineage, he was still worthy of the honor. And in order to do so, he has challenged former Original ECW World Champion Jerry Lynn to what will be the 1st TIME EVER meeting between these two. The challenge was accepted by Lynn and now, on Friday, June 29th, in Queens NY, Hardy vs. Lynn is signed. Matt Hardy will also join Extreme Rising the following night in Philadelphia in a match TBD –but we are sure MATT HARDY is looking to secure his name in EXTREME 6/30 in Philly and he will want a shot at one of the top guys.