Indy News Update #1 for June 5, 2012
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The Stro sent this in.

Former WCW/NWA star and current APWA American champion Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling” will take part in the Special Friends Tournament June 10th 8 am to 12 noon in Wrightsville Beach, NC. If any wrestlers or anyone in general would like to take part and donate to the cause, contact Max Weavil at

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The Stro also sent this report in.

APWA Results for Moonstruck Madness at TALA in Weston, WV

June 2nd, 2012

Amos Burke and Don West welcomed the crowd to the event and got things under way.

1. Joseph Brooks and Jimmy Nutts defeated Mikey and Jason “The Gift” Kincaid

2. Non-Title Match. APWA Hardcore Cup of the World Holder wrestled Irish Jack to a double count out.

… 3. APWA World Tag Team Champions, New Tradition, The Stro and “The Natural” Chase Stevens w/ Justn Kace and Kenny Young defeated Teddy and Eddy.

4. For a shot at the Super Jr. Championship on June 23rd, Sonjay Dutt defeated Johnny Forget About it after Justn Kace caused a major distraction. Johnny Forget about it told Kace he had a couple bro’s otherwise known as Robby T and Robbie E and they were gunning for the tag team gold on June 30th in Wston, WV.

5. The Stro w/ Justn Kace placed an open challenge for the APWA American Championship, Billy Gun would accept and win the APWA American Championship. After the match Kace complained that the match wasn’t sanctioned by the Board of Directors. Don West came out to get to the bottom of the situation when Stro and Kace would try to make an example out of Don but Billy Gunn was there for the save. He walked away with the American Championship a long side Don West. Don said the board would vote about the match and there would be a decision made before the end of the night.

6. Remix Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Michael Facade defeated Jason Gory in his APWA wrestling debut.

7. “The Black Superman” ONYX w/ Amber Lea West defeated Chance Prophet to retain the APWA World Heavyweight Championship. Following the match Stro and Kace made their way to the ring a long side Kenny. They would get ONYX in the corner and Kenny did the right thing and hit Justn Kace siding back with his brother. However why this was going on Amos Burke came out with APWA American Championship and didn’t look happy. Don West announced the Board came to a decision, Amos informed Don that the title would have to go back to The Stro due to the match not being sanctioned by the board. Stro and Billy Gunn would be set up for June 30th, while Stro would attack Don West as ONYX and Chance Prophet and Kenny Young then ran Stro and Kace off. Don West fined Stro 10,000 dollars the same as York had to pay for laying his hands on the owner. Kace said he’d pay it that he just better make sure Billy Gunn shows on the 30th when Stro is better prepared. Prophet and ONYX shook hands had their hands raised and then agreed to do the match again in the future.
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APWA website
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AWF Wrestling sent this update in.

AWF News Update Winter 2012
Welcome to the AWF News Update for Winter 2012.
Plenty of exciting live events upcoming including AussieMania 2, Supanova and PsychoticSlam plus AWF School training and lots of big news breaking as we skyrocket into the happenings over June to August.


AWF Australasian Champion: Iron Ben Coles
1. Dean Draven
2. Esteban Molina
3. Spaceboy Dacey
4. Mad Turk Hussain
5. Blakestone

AWF Commonwealth Champion: Powerhouse Theo
1. Krackerjak
2. Rob Barnes
3. Gladiator Apollo
4. Tama Williams
5. Jacko Lantern

AWF Young Lion’s Champion: Diego Del Fuego
1. Magnum Holmes
2. DJ Fusion
3. Shane Saw
4. The Illusionist
5. Grant Linstrom

AWF Tag Team Champions: Party Trix: DJ Fusion & The Illusionist
1. Dean Draven & Gladiator Apollo
2. Shane Saw & Con Robinson
3. Mass Transit: Massive Q & Traffic
4. Elite Wrestling: Freddie Falco & Grant Linstrom
5. Multicultural Society: Anubis & Diego Del Fuego


AussieMania 2 – The battle lines have been drawn for the biggest bout in the history of the AWF: Iron Ben Coles versus Powerhouse Theo, Title Versus Title. The winner of this bout will hold both the Australasian & Commonwealth Championships simultaneously, and will be the first person to ever do so. After over 6 months of dissection in the ranks of the Detonation Crew, this heated rivalry will come to a head at Penrith Panthers on 29 June. Be sure to be there in person as history is made. See the promo video here:
In addition to the big championship bout there will be many other huge feature bouts including TNT Vs Esteban Molina 2 out of 3 Falls, Party Trix defending the Tag Titles against Falco & Linstrom, Spaceboy Dacey battles the brutal Blakestone, womens Tag Team action and The Great Aussie Rumble! Tickets available now at Panthers Penrith.

AWF @ Supanova Sydney & Perth: AWF are preparing for 2 awesome weekends of fun filled Supanova action, in Sydney 16-17 June & Perth 23-24 June, as AWF presents live wrestling in the convention setting at these upcoming fantastic events. Be sure to come and support in your region, as there will be lots of surprises and great action at all these events. Check out for full event and ticket details and join us for all of the colour and fun that is Supanova.

AWF School of Pro-Wrestling News: AWF will hold training courses in the month of July for new perspective wrestlers, and those continuing courses. This will be a great time for future wrestlers to get trained in a few weeks of intensive training, with a view to start wrestling this year. Visit the AWF School page at for full course details and email for applications.

PsychoticSlam 2012: Sat 4 August at Blacktown RSL will be the setting for Australia’s biggest annual wrestling event PsychoticSlam. Tickets are available at the venue now, with a huge card to be announced stemming from the outcomes of AussieMania. This will get psycho so don’t miss this event!

Diego Del Feugo becomes Young Lion’s Champion: AWF has a new Young Lion’s Champion as Diego Del Fuego suckered Spaceboy Dacey into a Title bout at Australia Vs The World on 12 May, and with the help of Anubis underhandedly duped the Spaceboy out of the belt.
AWF would like to congratulate Spaceboy on a tremendous Young Lion’s reign, and also is interested to see how Del Fuego will fair as Young Lion’s Champion. Credit where it’s due, Diego has been successful in AWF, and is undefeated in singles action, and now brings gold to the Multicultural Society. AWF management wishes Diego Del Fuego a successful reign. A swag of Young Lion’s competitors are waiting in the wings to now challenge Del Fuego, including Detective Magnum Holmes.

Dean Draven Title Shot in Waiting: Stemming from his win at Best of The Best, The Panther Dean Draven still has an AWF Title shot at any eligible title up his sleave. It seems like Draven is waiting for the prime opportunity to strike. It will be interesting to see how and when he chooses to go after championship gold.

Injuries Update: –The Illusionist returned to action at recent AWF events, making an impact with victories on the Gold Coast, and returning to the AWF Championship scene at Parramatta with partner DJ Fusion defeating The Island Tribe at Australia Vs The World.
– Jack Tasman suffered a foot injury at Supanova Melbourne and missed some bouts over the weekend. He returned hampered at Gold Coast and Parramatta, and is blaming his defeats on his injury.
– Powerhouse Theo suffered a strong head blow at NWA World Title Bout in his bout against Rob Barnes, but was ok shortly after and did not miss any scheduled appearances.

Attend a Live Event!: Unfortunately our last events in Blacktown and Parramatta were not well attended. A lot of efort goes into the shows and they are a lot of fun, but without more support they may not survive forever. We urge our supporters to spread the word and bring friends to the upcoming live events to secure good attendances and keep quality pro-wrestling events alive in these venues and others in the area.

New AWF DVDs: Our DVD guru Swanee has been working extra hard to bring the AWF DVD catalogue up to date. Some new releases are ready, and more in final stages of production include Hits from the Dojo, 2011 Year In Review, Year End Extravaganza 2011, and Best of the Best 2012.
New Releases available now include:
Aussie Mania (10 June, 11)
A Night To Remember ( 17 Feb, 12)
NWA World Title Bout ( 4 March, 12)
All DVDs are $25 postage paid in Australia and $30 Internationally available at the AWF Store
Please support these releases and keep up to date with AWF!


PERTH, WA – 23 & 24 JUNE
Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) is excited to unleash live pro-wrestling once again as part of the upcoming Supanova Pop Culture Conventions Sydney & Perth.
The 2 day showcases will see AWF present live matches during the events at 12, 2 & 4pm Daily, and will also feature meet and greet appearances by AWF’s top stars during the day. AWF Merchandise and Photo opportunities will also be available.
Supanova is the number one Pop Culture Expo in Australia, so please come along and support these events, as they are huge and you are sure to see and find plenty of cool things to interest and excite!

In Sydney see appearances by Iron Ben Coles, TNT, Massive Q and many more!
In Perth see Jarred Slate, Percy T, Mike Massive and many more!

AWF Wrestling @ Supanova Pop Culture Expo Sydney
Shows: Sat 16 & Sun 17 June: 12am, 2pm, 4pm daily
The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush, NSW

AWF Wrestling @ Supanova Pop Culture Expo Perth
Shows: Sat 23 & Sun 24 June: 12am, 2pm, 4pm daily
Claremont Showgrounds, 10 Greylands Rd, Claremont, WA

Details on Supanova Pop Culture Expo & Tickets can be found at

Get ready for Australia’s bmost exciting wrestling card or 2012…
It’s AussieMania 2!
Be on hand to see the bout 1 year in the making as it’s Champion versus Champion as Detonation Crew team mates Iron Ben Coles and Powerhouse Theo tear each other apart in what promises to be a heated and emotional grudge match main event.
In addition the 20 person Great Aussie Rumble will return, along with the Tag Team and Young Lion’s Titles being defended, plus more intense rivalries coming to a head!
Book early and don’t miss this tremendous night of live entertainment from the Australasian Wrestling Federation!

AussieMania 2 Scheduled Card
Commonwealth Championship Vs Australasian Championship: Powerhouse Theo Vs Iron Ben Coles
Tag Team Titles: Elite Tag Team Vs Party Trix
Young Lion’s Championship: Tama Williams Vs Diego Del Fuego
2/3 Falls: Esteban Molina Vs TNT
Blakestone Vs Spaceboy Dacey
Charlene West-Dee & Selene Vs Mighty Mel & Rachel Rose
The Great Aussie Rumble

Friday 29 June, 2012 – 7:30pm Doors, 8:00pm Belltime
Panthers Evans Theatre: Mulgoa Rd, Penrith, NSW
Tickets: $25
Tickets on Sale at Panthers Main Reception Bookings Ph: 1800 061 991 or at the door if not sold out!

It’s Australia’s biggest annual event, now in it 14th year, it’s PsychoticSlam!
See the years biggest rivalries come to a head as the wrestlers of the AWF collide at Blacktown RSL!
8 Bout Card TBA post AussieMania.

When: Saturday 4 August – 7pm
Where: Blacktown RSL, Second Ave, Blacktown, NSW
Tickets: $25 available via Paypal at
or at Blacktown RSL or the door if not sold out.
All Ages Event.
Enquiries: 0410 691 377 or

BEGINNERS: MON 2 – FRI 6 JULY: 9AM – 3PM – $400
COMPETENT: MON 16 – FRI 20 JULY: 9AM – 3PM – $400

The next AWF Wrestling Training Courses will be commencing from Monday 2 July held at AWF: 16 Bradman Rd, Shalvey, NSW. The 3 modules to become a competent wrestler are now being made available week by week. The first two weeks are in the school holidays, and for those working, these dates are locked in so you can sort in advance if you need time off work.
To attain the required skills needed to wrestle pro style bouts, you are required to pass the Beginners, Intermediate and Competent stages of the school course. As a new student you are able to enroll for all 3 classes, with the idea in mind that you will be match ready after completing all three courses. Please note if you do not pass a particular grade you will not be able to go onto the next section, and will have to wait until our September courses to redo. Any fees paid in advance can be held until next course, or refunded shortly after. So if you are intending to do multiple stages to become show ready quicker please let us know with your accompanying letter with application which courses you wish to sign up for.
Full payments to be in before 15 June no exceptions.
Details of the course and frequently asked questions can be found at

NWA World Title Bout
4 March, 2012
Blacktown, NSW
Attendence: 120
Results: AWF Commonwealth Championship: Powerhouse Theo DCO “Scientific” Robert Barnes, Diego Del Fuego def. Samoan Warrior, 3 Way: Mighty Mel def. Rachel Rose & Charlene West-Dee, AWF Australasian Championship: Iron Ben Coles def. Blakestone, Young Lion’s Championship 4 Way: Spaceboy Dacey def. DJ Fusion, Anubis & Detective Magnum Holmes, Gladiator Apollo & Dean Draven def. Massive Q & Traffic, 6 Man: Jack Tasman, Grant Linstrom & Freddie Falco def. Shane Saw, Con Robinson & Man Mountain Grizzly, NWA World Championship: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce def. TNT

Show Notes:
– Robert Barnes confronted Powerhouse Theo to start the event and said his opponent Jay Law was scared of him, and challenged Theo. He then taunted Theo with “chicken” chants until Theo accepted. Barnes struck Theo with an elbow strike a few minutes in which caused Theo to go groggy and to the outside. Barnes tried to bring the fight back inside he was unable, and the bout ended in a double count out.
– Diego Del Fuego downed former Multicultural Society partner The Samoan Warrior with help from Anubis. Warrior was livid afterwoods.
– Iron Ben Coles defeated Blakestone to retain with the Iron Splash in a hard fought bout in their rematch from October Wrestlefest.
– Spaceboy got the win and retained the Young Lion’s title against the outnumbered Anubis.
– Apollo & Draven teamed exceptionally well and defeated the more experienced tag team unit of Mass Transit after a slam and diving headbutt combination.
– Jack Tasman was all for himself in the 6 man tag, eventually tagging himself in for the pin after Falco and Linstrom had scored with a leapfrog guillotine combination.
– Despite a huge effort, TNT was unsuccessful in his bid to win the NWA World Title as Pearce used a low blow and a piledriver to win the bout. TNT scored a Detonator to Pearce after the bout to the fans approval, but Pearce walked away still as champion.
* Available on AWF Home DVD now at

Check out the results from the Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo from March and
Supanova Gold Coast and Melbourne from April online at the AWF Website next week!

AWF Adrenaline
12 May, 2012
Parramatta, NSW
Attendence: 50
Results: Detective Magnum Holmes def. Traffic, Best of 3 Arm Wrestling Match: Rachel Rose def. Envy, “Dodgy” Con Robinson & Shane Saw def. Linstrom & Falco, Blakestone def. Man Mountain Grizzly

Show Notes:
– Magnum Holmes upset Traffic in the opening bout. Massive Q challenged Holmes after the bout.
– Envy attacked Rachel Rose on the third contest leading to a disqualification. Mighty Mel and TNT came to Rose’s aid and cleared Envy away.
– Robinson & Saw upset the Elite Tag Team, with both Falco & Linstrom furious afterwoods demanding a rematch.
– Blakestone brutalised Man Mountain Grizzly in the Heavyweight bout leaving Grizzly bleeding from the chest and mouth. Blakestone went to further brutalise Grizzly after the bout but Spaceboy Dacey entered and cleared out Blakestone as Shane Saw and Con Robinson came to their partners aid. Spaceboy challenged Blakestone for PsychoticSlam.
** AWF Adrenaline will be available as a free online show in the lead up to upcoming AWF events. See the AWF website and Youtube next week for more details.

Australia Versus The World
12 May, 2012
Parramatta, NSW
Attendence: 120
Results: Selene def. Mighty Mel, AWF Young Lion’s Championship: Diego Del Fuego def. Spaceboy Dacey to win the Young Lion’s Championship,
AWF Tag Team Championship: DJ Fusion & The Illusionist def. Tama Williams & Samoan Warrior, Aussie Ozbone def. “Mad Turk” Hussein, Powerhouse Theo def. Gladiator Apollo, 3 way: Massive Q def. Jack Tasman & Dean Draven, Esteban Molina def. Iron Ben Coles – The World victorious 4-3

Show Notes:
– Event featured a best of seven series with Australian wrestlers versus internation wrestlers.
– Diego Del Fuego became Young Lion’s Champion with help from partners in crime Mad Turk Hussain & Anubis ending Spaceboy’s 7 month reign as Young Lion’s Champion. Diego remains undefeated as a single competitor in AWF. Spaceboy was riled up after the bout.
– Estaban Molina tried to interfere in the Ozbone Vs Turk bout, but it ultimately backfired and Aussie scored the win with an armtwist and small package combination.
– Powerhouse Theo was brutal in his dealing with Apollo and was in strong form defeating the previously in form Apollo.
– Jack Tasman claimed to be not Australian but from his own country of Tasmania, and said he didn’t want to mess with Q. Draven entered and said Tasman disgusted him and the match turned into a 3 way. Q got the win on Tasman in the end for the world team, leading to the last match being the nights decider.
– Estaban Molina pinned Iron Ben Coles with assistance from Mad Turk Hussain. After the bout as the Multicultural Society celebrated, Powerhouse Theo charged the ring and slammed Coles with the Commonwealth Title and put the Menace Clutch on until Ozbone interupted and pried Theo off. Theo challenged Coles for AussieMania and Coles accepted. The match will take place at Panthers on 29 June – Title Vs Title!

Event Photos by Neil Wells:
Home DVD available soon!


Ground breaking event from Penrith, NSW featuring some of the best wrestlers from across Australia and International guest Eugene! A memorable and eventful night of AWF action and a must to any DVD collection!

AussieMania 1
Panthers, Penrith, NSW, Australia
10 June, 2011

DVD Features:
– Massive Q Vs Concrete Davidson
– Mimic Vs Blakestone
– Tag Titles: Spacetech Vs Party Trix
– Jay Law Vs Mason Childs
– Tama Williams & Samoan Warrior Vs Iron Ben Coles & U-Gene
– The Great Aussie Rumble

Running Time: 2 hours

$25 in Australia
$30 International
Prices include delivery
Available online at



8 huge bouts of pro-wrestling action that pay dedication to the spirit of late AWF referee Owen “OJ” Fitzpatrick.
The “A Night To Remember” home DVD lets you share the emotional night of AWF Wrestling from Parramatta RSL that saw OJ’s wrestling friends and family unite for a heartfelt show dedicated to his memory.

A Night To Remember
Parramatta RSL, Parramatta, NSW, Australia
17 February, 2012

The Card:

– Magnum Holmes Vs DJ Fusion
– Mass Transit Vs CRSM & Randal
– Young Lion’s Title: Mick Moretti Vs Spaceboy Dacey
– Dan Damage & Marko Mitra Vs Dean Draven & Gladiator Apollo Vs Shane Saw & Man Mountain Grizzly
– Charlene West-Dee Vs Rachel Rose
– Anubis & Del Fuego Vs Samoan Warrior & Ravenous
– 20 Man Battle Royal
– Elite Wrestling: Jay Law, Falco & Linstrom Vs Detonation Crew: Iron Ben Coles & Rob Barnes

Running Time: 2 hours

$25 in Australia
$30 International
Prices include delivery
Available online at



See the NWA World Title defended in Australia for the first time in 33 Years as TNT Challenges USA’s Adam Pearce for one of the most prestigeous world titles in all of wrestling! Also featuring is the rematch between Iron Ben Coles and Blakestone for the Australasian Championship and more electric undercard bouts. A historic DVD addition to any collection.

NWA World Title Bout
Blacktown RSL, Blacktown, NSW, Australia
4 March, 2012
Commentary: Mark Williamson & TNT

The Card:
– Mighty Mel Vs Charlene West-Dee Vs Rachel Rose
– Samoan Warrior Vs Diego Del Fuego
– Australasian Championship: Blakestone Vs Iron Ben Coles
– Young Lion’s: DJ Fusion Vs Magnum Holmes Vs Anubis Vs Spaceboy Dacey
– Mass Transit Vs Draven & Apollo
– Jack Tasman, Falco & Linstrom Vs Man Mountain Grizzly, Shane Saw & Con Robinson
– NWA World Title: TNT Vs Adam Pearce
Running Time: 2 hours

$25 in Australia
$30 International
Prices include delivery
Available online at
More DVD releases to follow soon, and up to date monthly releases through 2012.
Stay tuned to the store page at for the latest releases.
Please follow and support AWF on home DVD so we can continue to release regular titles.

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Sat 16 – Sun 17 June
Supanova Sydney
The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park
Homebush, NSW

Sat 23 – Sun 24 June
Supanova Perth
Claremont Showgrounds
Claremont, WA

Fri 29 June
AussieMania 2
Panthers Penrith
Penrith, NSW

Sat 4 August
PsychoticSlam 2012
Blacktown RSL
Blacktown, NSW

More dates to be announced! To keep up to date visit the AWF Website!
Thank you for your support of AWF Wrestling!


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