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We are counting down the hours to the next blockbuster action-packed, excitement-filled PWO Live Event! This Saturday night, December 5 at 7:30 pm, the stars of PWO take to the ring as only they can, and you can be part of it all!

PWO’s final television taping of the year will now take place at the Hispanic UMADAOP Youth Center (formerly St. Michael’s Gruss Hall), located at 3115 Scranton Road, Cleveland, Ohio, 44109. This venue is only four blocks away from our original home, on the southeast corner of Clark Ave and Scranton Rd, right next to GAS USA, so anyone already planning on attending our great card will still have a convenient and accessible locale. Proceeds from this event will help to benefit the athletic programs at nearby Lincoln-West High School.

Belltime is still scheduled at 7:30, and this card will still feature a loaded line-up, including the three championship matches we broke the news on earlier this week, and much more! Tickets for this event can still be purchased here on for only $10 by visiting, and tickets will also be available the day of the event at the door, and are also available at Lincoln-West High School.

Just announced?

A number of weeks ago, we reported to you that the Michigan elitist ?Amazing? N8 Mattson was slated for action, however in the past several days we have learned that that will NOT be the case! Mattson has been quoted as stating he refuses to return to the ?cesspool? that is Ohio until he receives what he properly earned – an opportunity at the PWO Television Title. Mattson did earn that right, and is slated for a future opportunity, though a specific date has not been set. Mattson’s pro-Michigan agenda will still be represented via his prot?g? ?Big Bear? Benjamin Boone, however Mattson seems to be playing hardball with PWO management. Will it work? And what will the Big Bear do without his keeper by his side?

With N8 Mattson not in attendance, Boone is looking to make a huge impact to impress his absent teacher, challenging PWO’s Most Dominant Athlete. However, ulterior motives are clear. Several weeks ago, arch-rival to Bane, money-hungry power-agent Aaron Maguire dug his short arms into his deep pockets enough to offer $10,000 to anyone who can rid PWO of Jason Bane once and for all. All of Maguire’s plans thus far have ultimately been unsuccessful in eliminating the big man, will someone come forward and get the job done? Will that man be Benjamin Boone and if so how will his life change becoming $10,000 richer? Jason Bane is a man alone more than ever, and can?t trust a soul. Will he survive Aaron Maguire’s bounty? Or will this Saturday see Bane get devoured by the Big Bear?

Fresh off his tour of Australia as part of the ?Hulkamania? tour, Matt Cross makes his first US appearance since his time ?down under?. Cross competed on cards that featured iconic figures like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, what state of mind will he be in as he returns home and continues the hunt for an eventual PWO Championship match?

Earlier this year, Beverly betrayed best friend Hobo Joe to align with the superficial super-group Sex Appeal. Hobo was the first victim of the ?newer & sexier? Bobby Beverly, with Gregory Iron being the most recent victim to feel the wrath of not just Beverly, but the entire faction. With Greg hurt, and Hobo still having revenge on his mind, the ?dumpster dweller? has challenged Beverly to a one-on-one battle! Beverly was quick to accept, citing Hobo as another of the ugly & unfit members of PWO that have no business taking TV time from the likes of Sex Appeal. Can Hobo’s tough street instincts overcome Beverly’s aggravating overconfidence? Or can Bobby Beverly add another victim in his continuing quest to avenge his vanity-based teeth injury from Wrestlelution 2?

When Bobby Beverly was injured in a freak accident and had two teeth knocked out at Wrestlelution 2, rather than accept the problem, Beverly chose to blame the man he was in the ring with at the time, Gregory Iron. Beverly felt he was damaged, imperfect, and less than sexy and took it out on Iron, leading a 4-on-1 assault against PWO’s Handicapped Hero, punctuated by Beverly driving Iron face-first into the canvas with Beverly’s foot, a clear attempt to knock out Iron’s teeth as retribution. We aren?t sure the physical well-being of the ?Crippled Crusader? but do know that he issued an open challenge to any member of Sex Appeal to meet him one-on-one. Sex Appeal’s voluptuous leader Dawn Decadence signed Nickie Valentino, Sex Appeal’s newest member, to the dotted-line, making this match official. Can Gregory Iron gain a measure of revenge on PWO’s most arrogant group, or can Valentino finish what Sex Appeal had started?

Two high-flying daredevils collide one-on-one! Matthew Justice has been re-born since re-entering singles competition, in arguably the best physical shape of his career. Meanwhile, the graffiti artist and ?Suburban Terrorist? Fa?ade has recently made his return and showed a lot of guts and true grit in standing up to the intimidating Benjamin Boone. Two hungry young athletes no stranger to putting it all on the line will do battle in a match important to not only personal pride, but PWO title contender rankings.

Plus: Ben Fruith, Corey Winters, Noj the Wild Samoan, and more!

In addition to already announced?

Collegiate All-American and self-proclaimed ?Greatest Thing Going Today? Mike Tolar narrowly came up short in his first attempt at the PWO Championship, however Tolar has done anything but accept the loss in stride. Tolar has spent a number of days petitioning PWO management for an immediate rematch, claiming that he was unfairly victimized by the outside interference of Ben Fruith of all people. Fruith has spent much of the past year as Tolar’s gullible lackey, not realizing he is being used, and it seems Tolar has used this convenient relationship to his benefit again, claiming Fruith jumped into the ring WITHOUT Tolar’s permission with the intent of assaulting Gargano. Tolar also claimed that he himself, ever the gentleman, attempted to calmly ask Fruith to please leave the ring, and in the ensuing confusion Gargano suckered Tolar from behind to cheaply retain his championship.

Anyone watching that match knows that story is far from true, and Tolar has only himself to blame for both Fruith’s involvement and the eventual loss, but after a lengthy meeting PWO officials conceded and granted Tolar his rematch. Gargano, who has vowed to be a fighting champion, shown by already granting an eventual title match to M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross in the future, was quick to accept this challenge as well. Will Gargano be successful for a second time against arguably the best pure athlete in PWO today? Or can Mike Tolar achieve what he believes to be his destiny and truly prove his status as ?The Greatest Thing Going Today??

Ernie Ballz & Brian Bender, The Clash, have been the team to beat in PWO in 2009, and as we head toward the end of the calendar year, new challengers are emerging for the Clash’s crown. The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew, Luis Diamante & Isaac Montana, have amassed a dangerous and formidable reputation for themselves in a variety of smaller regional promotions over the past several years, to the point where PWO officials feel they will be worthy challengers to the brazen and boisterous Clash. The Clash have been on a roll, not only dividing & conquering the legendary duo of Greg ?The Hammer? Valentine & Jim ?The Anvil? Neidhart, but narrowly squeaking out another victory when Brutus ?The Barber? Beefcake attempted to use their own dirty tricks against them. The Clash have not only been good, they?ve been lucky, a dangerous combination. Will The Clash get their comeuppance against the Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew? Can Diamante & Montana score a big win as proud representatives of the entire Latin American community? Or can The Clash find a way to survive still PWO Tag Team Champions?

The gutsy and tenacious thrill-seeker of PWO, Omega Aaron Draven, has been fighting badly injured ribs since the summer, and though he overcame the injury to miraculously become PWO’s first TV champion, Draven’s luck soon ran out. Omega refused to rest his injuries, continuing to work through them at a feverish pace, until they became too severe to tolerate, and doctors forced Draven to stay out of action for several weeks until he was 100%. As a result, PWO granted Draven a slight extension in his mandatory title defense window, which upset his top challenger, Bobby Shields of the superficial super-group Sex Appeal. The Body has been looking for a conspiracy as to why his title match was pushed back. Shields claims he was 100% ready, focused, and more beautiful than ever, as it isn?t fair that the match be rescheduled to a later date. After scoring the winning pinfall for his team at Wrestlelution 2, and emphatically winning his match with Ben Fruith, few can argue Shields? preparation. Will Shields make Sex Appeal just a little bit better looking by adding gold or can Omega Aaron Draven, finally 100%, harness the same energy and guts and courage that led him to the television title in the first place?

Don?t be left out! Visit to reserve your seats and be a part of PWO Live! We will see each and every one of you this Saturday night at the Hispanic Youth Center for an evening of PWO wrestling action you will not soon forget! Don?t wait to hear about it later, watch it all unfold as it happens LIVE!

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