WSU’s Jessicka Havok talks about iPPV, WSU ownership

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WSU Champion and Spirit Champion and Midwest Militia member Jessicka Havok. In a roughly 70 minute interview, we discussed her upcoming Casket Match Saturday at WSU Uncensored Rumble 5 iPPV with Mercedes Martinez, her respect for Maria Kanellis, her suspension from Crossfire Wrestling BY Maria Kanellis, WSU changing ownership, what female workers go through, could you see a gay man being a huge success in the industry, a misunderstanding that lead to her twitter war with Kelly Kelly fans, her praise of Reby Sky, her interaction and involvement with the fans even though she’s a heel, her pick for who will in the Crossfire Heavyweight Championship tournament, the Slammin’ Ladies Custom wrestling promotion, and her love for comics, Sally Jupiter, and all things Resident Evil.

-About winning the WSU Title from Mercedes Martinez: “The match was one the most brutal I’ve ever been in; I went through a door, two tables, she tried to put me through a wall, but I did just as much damage to her. In the end, we both fell from the top rope through that table… It was just so surreal to me; I had no clue what was going on. Once I realized I’d won and that belt was mine, with those cheers, that was the only time I cried in wrestling, I can tell you that. I took till the next day to go ‘Wow, I’m the WSU World Champion now. I’m the one carrying this company.’ I’m definitely honored and it is an awesome opportunity for me. I plan on having this title for a long time. “

-The Midwest Militia’s victory and capturing all the gold: “It was awesome night for the three of us, and we showed everybody, haters and fans alike, that we (the Militia), when we say we’re going to do something, we going to do it. And we’re not done; we’re taking over WSU, we’re going to be taking over Canada, whether those girls like it or not. But we’re doing a lot of awesome things and definitely March 3rd was a huge night for the three of us.

-Upcoming Casket Match on June 16th iPPV: I’m not going through any specific preparation, except I’m more bound and determined than ever to end Mercedes’ career. That’s one thing I have said and have continued to say; my one regret in my entire life, in my entire wrestling career, was not killing that bitch when I had a chance… the preparation alone is that I am still quite angry about my undefeated streak being ruined from April 28th. That alone is fueling the fire, trust me, the matches you’ve seen me and Mercedes have already is nothing compared to what you’re going to see on June 16th because this time, I’m not holding back whatsoever, and I will do anything that I can in my power to make sure she goes into that casket.

-Who she’s like to match up with at Anarchy Championship Wrestling’s “Queen of the Queens” Tournament on June 24th: “All the girls listed are awesome, so if I had to pick, I would love to wrestle Athena; I think we could put on a good match, plus I’m pretty sure she called me a ‘hussy’ once, so I’d like to punch her in the mouth for that. And Christina Von Eerie, she’d be cool to wrestle; I like her work. Maybe even Rachel Summerlyn herself. There’s a lot of talent on that show”

-On her involvement with Crossfire Wrestling: “Crossfire is probably one of the best experiences I’ve had so far. Of course, WSU is my home, that’s where I am the Champion. If it weren’t for WSU, people still wouldn’t know who Jessica Havok is. But Crossfire is a totally different spectrum; it’s a little more Southern and he draws hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. The first show I worked there, that I wrestled there, he drew 1,400 people. You get so sucked in wrestling in front of that many people and it’s such an exciting experience being out there doing what you love for those people and it’s awesome. I cannot wait for the future at Crossfire.”

-On why she does not want to go to the WWE and the state of women’s wrestling in the major promotion: “That’s why I would never sign a WWE contract, because I can’t hold my tongue; there’s no way that I would deal with the politics that went on in that locker room with those girls without beating somebody’s ass. That’s just me being straight up. I’ve heard more horror stories than good… at this point in my life and in my wrestling career; I want to be where women’s wrestling matters. I’m happy with what I’m doing in wrestling. WWE was my goal at one point, now I could live without it. They make a joke of Natalya, who is an amazing talent there, and they’re not even using Kharma, who is another awesome talent, who is underrated. They only care about what you look like in a bikini…they stick to that cookie cutter, swimsuit model, bodybuilder image. Unfortunately, girls like myself and Sara Del Rey and girls like us we’re never get that chance cause they don’t think, for whatever reason, we’ll make money…it shows ya it doesn’t matter, if you don’t look a certain way, you aren’t going to get a contract. That’s the bottom line.”

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