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One of the six contenders fighting in the Crossfire Heavyweight Championship Tournament at “Once in a Lifetime” on August 4th, “King” Shane Williams. In a nearly 20 minute interview, we discussed match with Shark Boy, his excitement with Bret Hart’s involvement with Crossfire’s “Once in a Lifetime” event, who he wants to face in the Heavyweights Championship tournament, learning from other wrestlers, starting out in wrestling, hoping to be a zombie wrestler on ‘The Walking Dead’ and so much more.

-On being part of the Crossfire Tournament: “I stick out like a sore thumb, when throw all those names out there (Scott Steiner, Harry Smith, Jerry Lynn, Kid Kash, and Brian Christopher) and say everything they’ve done in their careers and stuff and here I am trying to just kick my career off. I’m really going into this (match) with nothing to lose while all these guys that have made a name for themselves have everything to lose. It’s going to be a really, really big night. I’m ready to go; I’m stoked just talking about it, talking about Bret Hart night. The whole thing is going to be an amazing night.”

-Who he prefers to face in the Crossfire Heavyweight tournament: “The majority of people look at a tournament and think about ‘how is it going to be easy for me?’, but the way I look at it is ‘who can I beat that will make me a bigger star?’ That’s what I think of it, and what’s a bigger way that I call myself ‘The King of Wrestling’, I definitely call myself ‘The King of Nashville’ and I think the best way for me prove to everyone that I’m to be taken seriously, is when I pin the son of Jerry Lawler’s shoulders to the mat, Brian Christopher. I think that’s a way I can at least make a statement that night that I’m here for business.”

-On approaching more established wrestlers and trying to learn from them: “Man, they’ll tell you a lot because they are still doing it; I learned that a long time ago. Dr. Tom Pritchard always told me, in wrestling, if you want to make a lot of money, you try to train under the people making money, so you learn how to make money. With everyone being brought in with the Crossfire system right now, I get to learn a lot, everything they have. I get to learn promo work, the locker room and not to mention the stories I get to hear. It’s just a great overall experience for somebody sitting in my position right now to be part of. It’s a wonderful time; they put on great shows and it’s ridiculous, just ridiculous.

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