Indy News Update #2 for June 19, 2012
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Joe Dombrowski sent this in.

PRIME TV #153: Do or Die For Facade

PRIME Wrestling TV airs each and every week on our official YouTube page at, with new episodes premiering each Wednesday! Don’t want to wait for your PRIME fix? Each episode of PRIME TV premieres Sunday nights at 10:00 Eastern on SportsTime Ohio. Not sure if you get SportsTime Ohio. Visit the “TV” section of our website, or consult your local listings.

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Scheduled for this week’s broadcast…

PRIME TV Title: Gory defends against Michael Facade
Facade has chased the TV gold for nearly two years now and, while he’s never worn the prestigious prize, he’s learned and adapted each time he’s challenged for it, always coming closer to his dream. Gory has fended off the Neon Ninja’s aerial assault with a brooding and merciless disposition centered around the destruction of dreams. Gory sensed Facade’s moment coming a month ago, and intentionally caused a disqualification to save his own title. This time, if Gory is DQ’d, the title goes home with Facade. However, if Facade is unsuccessful, he will never challenge for the gold again. It’s “do or die” for the “aerosol assassin” this week!

“Omega” Aaron Draven vs. “Late Nite” Nicki Valentino (with Bobby Beverly)
The risk-taking, thrill-seeking Draven had a year-plus long win streak snapped by “Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs just weeks before Jacobs captured the PRIME Title. Now, Draven looks to avenge the loss by challenging one of Jacobs’ closest associates – Sex Appeal’s Nicki Valentino. Jacobs has made the entire Sex Appeal faction more dangerous and serious and has been especially difficult on Bobby Beverly. Beverly will be ringside with Valentino and will no doubt be under close watch by Valentino, Jacobs, and the returning Bobby Shields. Will Sex Appeal continue winning, or will Omega redeem himself?

“Hot Commodity” Matt Mason vs. “The Natural” Brian Bender
A debuting star faces one making his return. Mason came on the scene as the former best friend of Krimson, looking to reform his one-time pal and get him back on a life of success and positivity. Krimson’s thirst for evil deeds led to an ultimatum to Mason to join his Dead Wrestling Society and help him with the PRIME Title, a request that seemed to go unfulfilled. Bender has been absent for a number of months and has been missing from his former role as a “personal trainer” of sorts for the 300+ pound Bryan Castle. What will Bender’s frame of mind be in upon his return and which of these two will capture the momentum moving forward?

NEW PRIME Champion – Jacobs and Cross React
Recently, “Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs bested “M-Dogg” Matt Cross in controversial fashion to capture the PRIME Championship. This week, re-live the conclusion of that battle, and also hear words from both new and former champion as they look ahead!

Plus: Jason Bane sounds off on an open challenge to the entire wrestling world and beyond, plus Justin LaBar joins us on-camera for the first time since being struck in the head with a steel chair by Marion Fontaine!

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Arron Carlton sent this in.

ECPW (East-Coast Championship Wrestling) has crowned a new Heavyweight Champion. On Friday June 15, 2012, in Paramus New Jersey, during an ECPW Adrenaline taping, “THe Reinforcer” Andrew Anderson defeated Chris Steeler, to become a 3-Time ECPW Champion. The win comes after the ECPW Championship was vacated in April. ECPW Adrenaline episodes can be seen online on ECPW’s Youtube page…

CHIKARA sent this in.

Live in Strathroy, ON this Saturday!

This Saturday night, June 23rd, the CHIKARA gang pays one more visit to the land of Canada, when we debut in Strathroy, Ontario (just outside London) with a loaded card of mega-matches just for you!

Here’s what we have lined up for the card so far:

-Bad blood has been brewing for month’s between Scott Parker and Shane Matthews (3.0) and the brash upstarts from Ring of Honor, the Bravado Brothers! Parker has healed from his rib injury and is looking to exact some revenge in Strathroy!

-The generic luchador himself, El Generico, joins us in Strathroy for a first time encounter with top contender to the Grand Championship, the old timey king of swing Dasher Hatfield!

-A 4-way elimination match will reduce the field of players in this year’s Young Lions Cup tournament – C*4 Wrestling’s Mike Bailey takes on Alpha-1’s Ethan Page as well as Squared Circle’s Sebastian Suave and our own Jakob Hammermeier!

-Trios action is the hallmark of CHIKARA, and an intense rivalry frames this 6-man tag team match, as the returning “Master of a Thousand Holds” Mike Quackenbush leads Soldier Ant and Green Ant into action against three members of GEKIDO!

-One of our most decorated stars, Jigsaw (winner of King of Trios 2007, the inaugural Cibernetico, the second Young Lions Cup…) will go head to head with former Campeon de Parejas and Rey de Voladores winner, Ophidian!

-Sugar Dunkerton has been absent from all our Season 11 events, but he makes his triumphant return to action as he faces Tim Donst in singles action!

-When Leah Von Dutch took on Sara Del Rey back in March, she barely got out of the starting block. The Queen of Wrestling dispatched her quickly. Well, just back from a tour of Japan, Leah has something to prove and wants one more chance to show Sara (and the world) what she’s made of!