EVOLVE 14 Internet PPV
Ybor City, FL
June 28, 2012
Results by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

1. John Sliver defeated “The Manscout” Jake Manning by pinfall with a Straitjacket Backstabber.

2. “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor w/”The Manscout” Jake Manning & The Swamp Monster) defeated Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana (EVOLVE Debut) by submission with the Cross Crab (Single Leg Crab).

3. The Scene (Scott Reed & Caleb Konley) defeated Mike Cruz& Cheech by pinfall when Konley pinned Cruz with the Ob-Scene (Gutbuster/Wheelbarrow Suplex Combo).

4. Style Battle Tournament Match: Jon Davis defeated Tommy Taylor by pinfall to earn 2 points in the tournament with 3 Seconds Around the World (Spinning Sit-Out Powerbomb).

5. Style Battle Tournament Match: Bobby Fish defeated AR Fox by submission to earn 2 points in the tournament with the Fish Hook (Kneebar).

6. SHINE Preview Match: “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey defeated Santana Garrett by pinfall with the Royal Butterfly.

– After the match, Del Rey challenged Jazz for the 1st SHINE show next month.

7. 4-Way Freestyle: Tony Nese defeated Open the Freedom Gate Champion “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano, Alex Reynolds & Silas Young by pinfall with a splash on Reynolds.

-After the match, Nese challenged Gargano for EVOLVE 16 on Saturday.

8. Main Event: “The Generic Luchador” El Generico defeated Samurai Del Sol by pinfall with the Top Rope Brainbuster.

– After the match, Generico challenged Low-Ki to a future match, then put over Del Sol.

-Del Sol then challenged Generico to a rematch for EVOLVE 15 on Friday that Generico accepted.

– Christina Von Eerie came out and said she wanted to give Generico a message, courtesy of DGUSA’s Mad Blankey faction. Von Eerie then spat at Generico and slapped him multiple times, daring him to do something. Generico then drilled Von Eerie with the running Yakuza Kick and was not happy with himself over what he had done as the show came to a close.

Thanks to PWPonderings.com for the results.