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GWN Germania Club
Hamilton, Ontario
November 29th 2009
Attendance: 100
Referee: David Gilbert Clarke

“Charming” Chazz Lovely defeated “Diamond in the Rough” Curtis Cain via RKO

-Before the match Lovely demanded to be known as the “30 Minute Man”. Lots of stalling and hesistation on Lovely’s part to mix it up with the tall man at the start, but then he used that to his advantage. Lovely made Cain chase him on the outside, before stomping him as he chased him into the ring. Cain was a little light on his strikes once he did fire up, crowd really disliked Lovely, by the end Cain looked blown up. Lovely hits the finish, throws him to the outside and stomps on Cain before leaving.

GWN Tag Team Title Match
Falcors w/ Igor Sonovovich won the titles by defeated KC Tanks (c) & Tommy Burch

-At the start of the match Tanks came to the ring alone, and then commish Mike O’Shea stated that James Masterson had been hurt at the last card in Brantford, had ligament damage at the hands of the Falcors and could not compete. Igor demanded that the belts be handed over. Tanks stated that he was hurt in Brantford too, but sometimes you need to take it like a man and thats what seperates people in wrestling. GWN rulebook apparently states the that champ can have a substitute and Tommy Burch steps up. Crowd was really hot for Tommy Burch who had a genuine likeable quality. He got destroyed the entire match, at least 15 mins of double teams and constant work on the legs. Everytime Burch attempted to tag, Tanks was too busy arguing with Igor, it was later revealed that Tanks was really associated with Igor, and then had walked out on his partner Tommy Burch. Despite fan attempts to rally behind Burch he was forced to submit and the Falcors once again regained the GWN Tag Titles.

GWN Commonwealth Championship
Special Guest Referee: Time Bomb
Lord JN Cassel (c) w/ Igor Sonovovich retained his title against DangerBoy (masked) after Dangerboy was counted out.

-Comish Mike O’Shea talked about how Timebomb had lost the Commonwealth title since GWN was last at Germania Club, and that he was forced to retire in a loser leaves GWN match, but tonight Time Bomb would serve as the special ref. Lots of Time Bomb chants. This was originally supposed to be GWN champions square off in the lumberjack match. Change of plans. Lots of slow counts from Time Bomb on pin attempts. Dangerboy dominates most the match, until he missed a moonsault from the top rope when Cassel rolled out of the way. Dangerboy took out both Igor and Cassel with a cactus roll of the apron. Igor held on to Dangerboy’s leg not allowing him to get back in the ring, and he was counted out. It was then announced that Dangerboy had won by DQ, the decision was changed back to the original finish either way the title didn’t change hands.

INTERMISSION- It was a little kids birthday and he recieved a autographed poster of the GWN Stars.

GWN Heavyweight Championship Steel Chair Lumberjack Match
“Big” Mick Blackwell (c) retained over “Silverback” Shawn Brown w/ Igor Sonovovich after a splash, when Dangerboy took Brown’s foot off the ropes.

-Lumberjacks all had folding chairs, and dueled the whole time. Igor’s family and others from the wrong side of the tracks did their best to protect Brown. At one point the interference was excessive and Falcor #1 was sent to the back by the official Clarke, but unable to tell them apart Falcor #2 was sent to the back. Blackwell felt the effect of several nerve holds by Brown, but it was mis-timed interference on the part of the Falcor #1 who had smashed Brown with a chair, and allowed Blackwell to nail a splash on knocked out Brown who was then pinned. Lumberjacks all fought, and others like Burch wanted to fight Tanks who left him high and dry. Dangerboy who egged on Lovely.

INTERMISSION to set up the cage.

STEEL CAGE MAIN EVENT $1000 Bounty Match
“Lucky Charms” Donovon Jack O’Shea defeated “Tyrant” Eric Dawson w/ Igor

-Comish Mike O’Shea said that usually the GWN prided themselves on old school family friendly, but that this was a Bounty Match, and a Cage match and things were going to get violent, just a warning.

Dawson smashed his bullrope with cowbell against the cage trying to lure Donovon in the ring. Once DJ O’Shea got in there he was busted open immediately with the cowbell. Dawson worked over Lucky Charms for most the match, and after an attempt to escape the cage and Igor tried pulling Dawson through the door, DJ O’Shea smashed the door in Dawson’s face. After an exchange of chops, both men climbed one side of the cage, but came tumbling down as neither were worn down enough to allow the other to escape. DJ O’Shea finally gained the advantage, and managed to tie Dawson up with his own bull rope in the ring ropes, and climb out of the cage and escape.

After the show DJ O’Shea, who was bloody and battered took photos with many fans.

No return date announced

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