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Thanks for reading! EXTREME RISING had an incredible Friday and Saturday this past weekend, where redemption was made and the rising has definitely begun! Thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support. Results from 6/29 & 6/30 are listed below…

EXTREME RISING ANNOUNCED PHILADELPHIA, PA RETURN DATE WITH A MAJOR SHOW PLANNED!!! EXTREME RISING is set to return to Philadelphia, PA for a major event Saturday, November 17, 2012 7pm bell time. This event will feature a first ever Extreme Rising World Title match and a Steel Cage match where fans will have a chance to vote on what match they want to see in the cage. Voting starts July 15th on the company website at www.extremerising.com

There will also be an EXTREME RISING Fan Fest from 12 noon to 3pm. Fan Fest tickets are $10, but if you purchase any floor seat, you will get your Fan Fest ticket complimentary. This Fan Fest will have a meet and greet, along with opportunities for pictures and autographs at extra costs.

Tickets went on sale Monday July, 2nd 2012 and are moving quickly off of Extreme Risings to great shows this past weekend.

Row 1, 2, and 3 Ticket holders receive: Ticket(s), Complimentary T-shirt of NEW Extreme Rising design, Private Entrance into event 30 minutes prior to doors opening, one issue of the program, and Admission into the Fan Fest from 12 noon – 3pm
Order Row 1 Tickets here (if any are left) http://extremereunion.net/store/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=67

Order Row 2 and 3 Tickets here:

We will have VERY LIMITED SPACE for anyone interested in VENDING OPPORTUNITES for 11/17 Philly event. CONTACT US NOW TO RESERVE YOUR TABLES!!! tables@extremereunion.net

Quick Results from 6/29 EXTREME RISING Corona, NY
-Sabu def. Papadon
-Taya Parker from Penthouse pranced around ringside–(hot!!!)
-The Full Blooded Italians def. The Blue Meanie & Balls Mahoney
-Pitbull Gary Wolfe with Christina Vicious def. CW Anderson
-El Dramaticos def. Blk Out Jeez & Ruckus
-Mustafa of the Original Gangstas hit the ring…
-New Jack made a surprise, unscheduled appearance and destroyed Blk Out…
-Reby Sky segment / Homicide / Matt Hardy
-Shane Douglas promo (great ECW-ish type promo, then putting of the Return of Extreme Lucha)
-EXTREME LUCHA MATCH!!! Bestia 666 (Damien 666’s son) def. Pesadilla (Super Crazy’s Nephew) vs.
-Stevie Richards def. Luke Hawx w/Sylvester Turkay
-Sandman appears and canes Turkay badly
-Homicide def. Devon Storm
-Matt Hardy def. Jerry Lynn
Order the DVD here…http://extremereunion.net/store/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_id=65

Quick Results from 6/30 EXTREME RISING Philadelphia, PA
-Perry Saturn def. Papadon
-The FBI def. Los Dramaticos
-Balls Mahoney (with The Blue Meanie) def. CW Anderson
-Sandman run-in and attacked CW Anderson
-The Franchsie Shane Douglas promo
-EXTREME LUCHA 2/3 FALLS – Bestia def. Pesadilla
-Stevie Richards def. Luke Hawx
-Sabu def. Devon Storm
-The Gangstas New Jack and Mustafa def. BLK Out Jeez & Ruckus
-Homicide def Matt Hardy (Reby Sky) & Jerry Lynn
Order the DVD here…http://extremereunion.net/store/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_id=64