Indy News Update #1 for July 9, 2012
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Chad Cooper sent this report in.

0. Preliminary Fight: Serphanitina pinned Mileena D-Bomb (subbing for Milouu) with a powerbomb. After the match, Serphantina put a snake on Mileena, a la Jake Roberts.
1. Angie Skye (w/ Kath Von Goth) pinned Leah Von Dutch with the Impaler. Von Dutch apparently had Skye pinned with a springboard moonsault, but Von Goth pulled the referee to the outside, leading to the finish.
– Video aired, confirming NCW:FF X on November 3rd –
2. Missy pinned Deziree with a reverse russian legsweep. Short match, but well received by the crowd
– Video aired with Madamoiselle Rachelle telling Mary Lee Rose that this was her last opportunity to prove something to her, and to step up –
3. Veda Scott pinned Mary Lee Rose (w/ Madamoiselle Rachelle) after Rachelle tripped Rose. Rose had earlier gotten angry at Rachelle for not helping her. Rachelle dumps Mary, who then attempts to attack Rachelle. The Midwest Militia hit the ring and explain that Mlle Rachelle is with *them* now. As the Militia prepared to attack the fallen MLR, Courtney Rush runs in to make the save. Rush offers Rose the chance to be in the corner of the Rush Revolution later this evening. Rose accepts.
4. SHIMMER Tag Titles Contendership: Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews bt Sweet Cherrie & Cherry Bomb via pinball when Portia pins Sweet Cherrie with a schoolgirl. Perez had earlier sent Cherry Bomb into the ropes, colliding with Sweet Cherrie – but after the match, Cherry Bomb turned on Sweet Cherrie.
5. LuFisto vs Mercedes Martinez ends in a double countout. Martinez assaulted LuFisto on the ramp before the match and they had a wild brawl, both in and out of the ring. LuFisto dived onto Martinez with a MOONSAULT off the top rope to the floor. The two continued to brawl until both women were counted out. They will rematch at NCW:FF X on November 3rd, INSIDE A STEEL CAGE
– Interval –
– Announced for NCW:FF X on November 3rd – Athena, Hailey Hatred and Saraya Knight –
6. Pink Flash Kira pinned She Nay Nay with a schoolgirl
– Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews come out to demand their Tag Title shot. Courtney Rush wants to fight and defend her belts, but Sara Del Rey does not. Del Rey offers to forfeit her belt, but referee Bryce Remsburg refused. The impromptu match is on…
7. SHIMMER Tag Team Championship: Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews bt Courtney Rush & Sara Del Rey to win the Titles when Portia pins Rush following a Superkick after Matthews had hit Rush with a chairshot to the stomach. Del Rey simply walked out on her partner, never tagging in once. – NEW CHAMPIONS
8. Cheerleader Melissa pinned Kc Spinelli following an Air Raid Crash.
9. Jessicka Havok, Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephie (with Madamoiselle Rachelle) beat Courtney Rush, Cat Power & Xandra Bale (with Mary Lee Rose) when Havok counters a headscissors from Bale into a powerbomb for the pinfall.
10. Championnat International Femmes Fatales: Kalamity pins Sara Del Rey with a Kalamity Driver to successfully retain the FF Championship.

Jerry Davis sent this in.

World’s Best Wrestling is pleased to announce the Inaugural Brawl,
Wednesday night Aug 1st , 2012 at the Pike County Fair, in Piketon
Ohio at 8 PM. The stars of World’s Best Wrestling will be out in force
to present a family friendly show with action and excitement for fans
of all ages.

The Pike County Fair runs from July 28 – Aug 4 2012. The Pike County
Fair will be packed with entertainment including demolition derbys,
truck pulls, agricultural exhibits and much much more. Admission to
the fair is only $6 and the pro wrestling show is a free with

President of Talent Relations and Field Manager “Loony” Mike Horton
has announced the card thus far and you can check it out below:

Impact Wrestling’s Robbie E vs. Ron Mathis

RCW Champion Chad Cruise defends Old Glory and his title vs. Tyson Rogers

Brutal Bellman vs. Lil C

Jason Legend vs. “Reinforcer” Devlin Anderson

Flash Fury vs. Matt Taylor

“Captivating” Corey Mason vs. Eclipso Powers

“Canadian Idol” Dirk Extreme, The Lord’s of the Dance, Tank Runyon,
Dude Rock, “Loony” Mike Horton, Sharon Rock, and more!


More info t and