Indy News Update #2 for July 14, 2012
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Joseph Freeman sent this in.

Thought you might be interested in this piece of wrestling news for an indie promotion happening tonight in Watertown NY. The promotion is 2CW and on the card is WWE Hall of Famer Ted Dibiase “The Million Dollar Man”; Impact Wrestling Knockout Mickie James; and ROH World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Steen, who is also the reigning 2CW Heavyweight Champion. ROH wrestlers Eddie Edwards and former WWE wrestler Colin Delaney are on the card too. If you want to see the card, here is the link:

CAWS sent this in.

CAWS (Charity Appeal Wrestling Shows) present “Too Hot To Handle”, The Firefighters Charity Fundraising Show, Friday 24th August 2012, Luton

What : – CAWS (Charity Appeal Wrestling Shows) present “Too Hot To Handle”

The Cause : – All profits going to the Firefighters Charity

When : – Friday 24th August 2012

Location : – The Hightown Club, Oxon Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 ODZ.

Tickets : – Tickets only £5 each. Reserve by calling 07590 109866!

Times : – Doors open 7pm, show starts 7.30pm.

Website : –

Wrestlers : – ‘The Earl Of Excellence’ Robert Rochester Rose, CAWS Wildcard Champion ‘The Future’ CJ Gunner, ‘Perfect’ P.T. Player, Ciaran Morrison, ‘The Renegade’ Marcus Phayer, Thomas Stevens, Mason Storm, the debut of exciting star Xane, ….. and more wrestlers to be announced….and possibly the kind of surprises that only CAWS Wrestling can give you! 😉

Hype : – After the last show, where CAWS Wrestling presented “Rise Above The Rest”, on Friday 29th June, at The Hightown Club, Luton; we were left with a lot to consider. We have bullet pointed some of these situations and people for you, so as to show you why this show on Friday 24th August is so important to the CAWS roster of wrestlers…..

* CAWS Wildcard Champion ‘The Future’ CJ Gunner. After defeating Robert Rochester Rose just minutes prior, in a number one contenders match, CJ won the title in June, in a shock 30 second upset victory over the man with the biggest ego in probably, well, the entire world, ‘Perfect’ P.T. Player. With great achievement, comes great responsibility, and great danger; for now, the crowd favourite rookie CJ Gunner, now has a title to defend and uphold with class and dignity, and a furious ‘Perfect’ P.T. Player; who as we all know, has flashes of character between ‘Perfect’ and ‘Psychopathic’.

* Thomas Stevens & Mason Storm. These two are looking to make some noise, and break some bones, once more; after years of having done so in companies such as Power Trip Wrestling (PTW), and others. CAWS Wrestling’s most dangerous pairing? Without any doubt at all.

* ‘The Renegade’ Marcus Phayer. It’s been quite a resurgent year for Marcus Phayer, with either noticable wins against quality opponents, or very respectable performances despite a loss. Marcus is a dark horse contender for any title he so chooses he wants to be considered for.

* Xane. This exciting young star from Northamptonshire, is on his way into CAWS Wrestling, with a reputation ever growing. It isn’t often we say this, but this rookie could shake up a fair few people around the company, and if he realises his potential; could be on course to shake things up.

* ‘Perfect’ P.T. Player. Egotistical, is usually the word. But we’ve seen some really random mood swings and outbursts from the self confessed ‘Perfect One’, in the last couple of months; perhaps more than ever. His violent obsession with destroying the career of ‘The Future’ CJ Gunner, has clearly overtaken him. We know, at the CAWS Office, perhaps more than P.T. Player wants us to know, about the direction his life has taken this year; though we are not at liberty to discuss such matters (for our own safety as much as anything!). But losing the CAWS Wildcard Title at the last show, has sent him way over the edge…..from ‘Perfect’, to ‘Psychopathic’.

With all this in mind, get ready for CAWS (Charity Appeal Wrestling Shows) present “Too Hot To Handle”, The Firefighters Charity Fundraising Show, Fri 24th August 2012, Luton! Visit as well!

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