Combat Zone Wrestling “New Heights” Internet PPV
July 14, 2012
Voorhees, NJ (Flyers Skate Zone)
Results by: Jason Namako of

1. Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera of Four Loco defeated “The Notorious” Devon Moore by pinfall thanks to interference by Rivera.

2. Up the Ladder Scramble Match: “Chainsaw” Joe Gazy defeated Ruckus of BLK-OUT, Drew Gulak of the Campaign for a better Combat Zone, Latin Dragon, Dustin Rayz, Niles Young, Rory Mondo & Mia Yim when he pinned Yim with a Top Rope Splash.

– Ring Announcer Larry Legend announced that the Flyers Skate Zone now is the “new home” for CZW and that on September 8th, CZW & EVOLVE are teaming up for a doubleheader.

3. Tag Team Grudge Match: Greg Excellent & Jake Crist defeated CZW Owner “The Lariat” D.J. Hyde & CZW Wired TV Champion Dave Crist when Excellent pinned Dave with a backslide after Dave tried to give Excellent a low blow, but Excellent was wearing a cup.

-During the match, Matt Tremont got involved and brawled with Hyde.

-After the match, Greg Excellent got a mic and said that due to his win over Hyde at Cage of Death 13 back in December, he earned 3 wishes.

But, he has only used 1.

So, he is gonna use another to give Matt Tremont his long-awaited match with Hyde for 8/11.

And one more thing, that match will take place in the TANGLED WEB!

-So, the main event for the “Tangled Web V” iPPV on 8/11 will be D.J. Hyde vs. Matt Tremont inside the Tangled Web.


We see Tremont & Jake Crist in the back talking until Jake gets a phone call and says “I Love You” to whoever is on the other end (Nevaeh, Jake’s real=life wife who turned on him at Prelude to Violence)

4. CZW World Tag Team Titles: Azrieal & Bandido Jr. (c) w/Alex Colon & Chrissy Rivera of Four Loco defeated The Nation of Intoxication (“The Deathmatch Drunkard” Danny Havoc & Lucky thURTeen) by pinfall to retain the titles with a Top Rope Double Stomp/Hanging DDT combo on thURTeen after using Rivera’s loaded purse.

5. CZW World Title: “The Ultraviolent Beast” MASADA (c) defeated “The Whole Foxxin Show” AR Fox to retain the title.

– During the match, MASADA’s infamous barbecue skewers were used as a weapon.

– After the match, MASADA put over Fox and said whenever Fox wants to use his guaranteed title shot, just say when.

6. Main Event for the CZW Jr. Title in a 60-Minute Ultraviolent Rules Ironman Match: “The Callihan Death Machine” Sami Callihan defeated “The Golden Boy” Drake Younger 5 falls to 4 to win the title after submitting Younger with the Stretch Muffler with 2 seconds left to earn the deciding fall.

– After the match, AR Fox came out and said he was using his guaranteed title shot right now on Callihan, leading to…..

7. CZW Jr. Title: “The Whole Foxxin Show” AR Fox defeated “The Callihan Death Machine” Sami Callihan to win the title with a 450 Splash.

– After the match, the lights went out and when they came back on, Dave Crist threw a fireball in the face of Fox.

Callihan and Dave kept back officials trying to help Fox as until Jake ran in.

However, then Jake hit commissioner Maven Bentley with a chair and joined in to keep officials away from Fox as it appears that Irish Airbourne is back together.

Callihan said he was tired of the company and was declaring “Anarchy” on it.

A bunch of babyfaces ran in, including the Nation of Intoxication, to help Fox, but then an array of heels, including Four Loco & Joe Gacy, came in to help Callihan’s crew out.

A massive brawl broke out until MASADA came in and cleaned house of everyone.

MASADA stood tall until Joker came in through the crowd and challenged MASADA for his title.

MASADA accepted as Joker then left while MASADA held the World Title high in the air to close the show.