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Power Trip Wrestling – “First Time, Last Time, Only Time”, Saturday 28th November 2009, Challney School For Girls, Luton.

* Do you like surprises? Shocks? And amazing main events? We had a little bit of everything and so much more, on PTW’s last show of 2009. Here are the results and the round up, including the much anticipated Petey Staniforth vs Dan Edge match up…..

Petey Staniforth came out to start the show, with his cronies in tow. Telling the crowd that he had Olivier Davenport the Third to step into his managerial duties for the evening, due to his match with Dan Edge, and pointing out that he had members of his group the ‘Untouchables’ next to him for back up (Mason Storm & Tommy Stevens); he stated that he wanted to make an example of someone, to show what he’d do to Dan Edge later on. Petey settled on the ring announcer, knocking him out with one punch, and then grabbing him in the anklelock, until ‘Santa’s Number One Elf’ Portu-Clause & James Sound (who were due to wrestle in the next match) made the save, and ran Petey and his crew off.

Tag Team Match :
‘Santa’s Number One Elf’ Portu-Clause & James Sound defeated Tommy Stevens & Tiffany Wantsmore.

PTW British Title Match :
PTW British Champion G ‘The LapDancing Superstar’ defeated Marcus Phayer, to retain the PTW British title.

Singles Match :
Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby defeated Lightning Lewis.

Before the match, Petey Staniforth came out, and in a continuation of his issues with Sean Midnight, told Midnight that he had a different opponent for him, that he was forcing him to wrestle this mystery man, and it was to be Sean’s best friend Lightning Lewis. After Midnight took the victory, Petey came out once more and stated that whilst Midnight might have been victorious this time, at PTW’s 3rd Birthday show in March 2010 in Luton; he would have to wrestle the man who trained him, American Allstar.

PTW Cruiserweight Title Triple Threat Match :
PTW Cruiserweight Champion D-Mon defeated ‘Firestorm’ Gino Perri, and El Pura Puente; to retain the PTW Cruiserweight Title.

Nemesis (‘Scumboy’ Dani Graves & Prodigy) defeated Mason Storm & Del Rico w/Olivier Davenport The Third, to become the brand new PTW World Tag Team Champions!

In something of a shock after the match, Tommy and Danny Stevens hit the ring, attacked the new champions, choking them with a chain, and declared that The Stevens Brothers were indeed back, and that in 2010, they were demanding a PTW World Tag Team Title shot.

‘First Time, Last Time, Only Time’ : No Disqualification
Petey Staniforth defeated ‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge.

But the result is not the full story here. The start of the match saw a rather pensive Petey standing there and taking Dan’s verbal insults, and a crowd that were screaming ‘Petey Sucks’. Three teased lock up attempts by Petey, saw a frustrated Edge turn his back in the corner, and Petey attacked him from behind. Dan didn’t register this, and threw Petey into the corner and began hitting him hard with forearm blows to the chest. As Dan went to gain momentum from the ropes, he was tripped by Mason Storm, and Petey went on the offensive, with punches, kicks, and a vicious clothesline. A cocky one footed pin from Petey, saw Dan kick out, and there was various incidents with the referee distracted by either Petey or Mason Storm and Tommy Stevens, with Dan being choked on the ropes.

Petey lifted Dan to his knees to punch him, and the punches weren’t having any effect on Edge, as he channelled the spirit of Hulk Hogan and Petey panicked. He went to run out of the ring, but was caught, and punched twice, then a clothesline took Petey down to the mat very hard. Dan went up to the second rope for his ‘Dan Jam’, and connected…1…2….and Dan lifted Petey up, and hooked him in position for a DDT, with the crowd screaming for Dan to do it.

And then….Dan let go. He raised Petey up so they were face to face….and they stood. And they stared. And then hell froze over, as Petey simply tapped Dan with a poke of his finger, and Dan fell to the floor like he’d been shot, and Petey hooked a leg, and simply pinned Dan Edge, 1…2…3. During this, a woman in the crowd simply screamed out “No!!!!”, and this summed up the reaction of all the fans.

Petey took the microphone, and said that he never needed the fans, he never would, and that he had his best friend back, The ‘Evil Geniuses’ were back in PTW, and 2010 would be their year. Edge took the microphone, and laughed at how they’d played the fans for fools, and how easy it was to do so, and how being ‘100 Percent’ means that he’s better than each and every one of them. And shockingly, it sunk in with the fans that the last six months of PTW had gone up in flames, as Dan Edge sold his soul, sold out the support of those who loved him, to side once more with PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth……

MAIN EVENT – World Of Sport Rules : 2 falls, 2 submissions, or a knockout to decide the winner
James Mason defeated Johnny Kidd, by two decisions to one.

Quite simply, the greatest main event in Power Trip Wrestling’s history. Words cannot, and will not do this match justice. The fans were on the edge of their seats, clapping and cheering every hold and counterhold, every move, every reversal. It brought the entire PTW roster out from the backstage area, to sit and watch the match. James Mason won the match, but truly, everyone concerned was a winner with a match this good.

Petey Staniforth even took a rare step oout of his confrontational ways, at the end of the match, with the microphone, and personally thanked James Mason and Johnny Kidd for their performance; and for giving the fans, the wrestlers, and himself; a match that they would truly never forget. In what could only be compared to the Grinch finding a love of Christmas, Petey thanked the fans for their support in 2009, a year that saw Power Trip Wrestling featured on both BBC2 and Sky Digital, and ended the show with the words that no-one has heard him say since late 2007…..and we’ll give Petey the last word this once….

“And I never thought I’d say this again,….but we are Power Trip Wrestling…and god only knows, we love you too!”.

* The PTW schedule is now finished for 2009. But, the End of Year PTW Awards are coming soon, and we will be back in 2010. Power Trip Wrestling – ‘The Promotion The Competition Doesn’t Want You To See’ – want to thank every single person who has supported us in some way, shape, or form, this year; for doing so. It means the world to us.

And to those who doubt us? To those who don’t share our vision, and our beliefs? To those who criticise? It’s really, really simple….

PTW are still standing. And we’ll never back down. Ever.

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