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Indy News Update #4 for July 17, 2012
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Smart Mark Video sent this in.

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for July 17, 2012 MP4’s are back, new website design and lots of new titles!!!!


Take a look at our totally revamped website. We hope you like the new look and added features as a ton of work was put into this project. MP4’s are back, new categories have been added and the site has been streamlined to make it easier to find all of your independent wrestling videos. Thanks your your patience on this process, please let us know what you think of the new look.

Chikara June 24, 2012 “Smack In The Middle” – Syracuse, NY
Chikara June 23, 2012 “The Foggiest Notion” – Strayroth, Ontario
Chikara June 2, 2012 “Chikarasaurus Rex: How To Hatch A Dinosaur” – Philadelphia, PA\
AAW May 19, 2012 “Day Of Definance” – Berwyn, IL
AIW May 12, 2012 “JLIT – Day 2” – Cleveland, OH
AIW May 11, 2012 “JLIT – Day 1” – Cleveland, OH
IWA Deep South March 31 & April 1, 2012 “Carnage Cup 8” – Elkmont, AL

Chikara DVD June 24, 2012 “Smack In The Middle” – Syracuse, NY $15.00 (COMING SOON TO VOD)
1. DeviANT vs. Green Ant
2. Jakob Hammermeier vs. Sugar Dunkerton
3. The Shard vs. Jigsaw
4. Tim Donst vs. Sara Del Rey
5. Bravado Brothers vs. Hallowicked & UltraMantis Black
6. Mr. Touchdown vs. Jason Axe vs. Tripp Cassidy vs. Ryan Rush
7. AssailANT vs. Soldier Ant
8. F.I.S.T. (Icarus, Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor) vs. 3.0, Akuma & El Generico
9. Dasher Hatfield vs. Eddie Kingston
10. Bonus Material: Where In The World Is Archibald Peck?
11. Bonus Material: Chikara Colortoons

Chikara DVD June 23, 2012 “The Foggiest Notion” – Strayroth, Ontario $15.00 (COMING SOON TO VOD)
1. Leah Von Dutch vs. Sara Del Rey
2. Tim Donst vs. Sugar Dunkerton
3. Jakob Hammermeier vs. Ethan Page vs. Sebastian Suave vs. Buxx Belmar
4. Dasher Hatfield vs. El Generico
5. Icarus Interview
6. The Shard v, AssailANT & DeviANT vs. Mike Quackenbush & The Colony (Green Ant & Soldier Ant)
7. Jigsaw vs. Ophidian
8. Bravado Brothers vs. 3.0
9. Bonus Material: Chikara Event Center – June 7th
10. Bonus Material: Where In The World Is Archibald Peck?
11. Bonus Material: Recap: 3.0/Bravado Brothers

CZW DVD June 23, 2012 “Tournament Of Death XI” – Townsend, DE $15.00
1. Drunken Scaffold Match: Lucky tHURTeen vs. Danny Havoc vs. Devon Moore
2. Ultraviolent Ladders Match: Rory Mondo vs. Drake Younger
3. Pains In The Glass Match: Scot Summers vs. MASADA
4. Ultraviolent Bats Match: Matt Tremont vs. Abdullah Kobayashi
5. Non-Tournamnet Fans Bring The Weapons: Joe Gacy vs. Ryan Slater
6. Carribean Spider-Pits Deathmatch: Drake Younger vs. Danny Havoc
7. BJW Style Deathmatch: Abdullah Kobayashi vs. MASADA
8. Non-Sanctioned Ultraviolent Death Match: Drake Younger vs. MASADA

IWA Midwest DVD June 16, 2012 “Until the Next Episode” – Bellevue, IL $15.00 (COMING SOON TO VOD)
1. Markus Crane vs. Darren Dean
2. Chrisjen Hayme vs. BJ Whitmer
3. Jack Thriller vs. Jimmy Jacobs
4. Thunderkitty vs. Serenity
5. Lethal Lottery Match
6. 2 out of 3 Falls: Bucky Collins vs. Oliver Caine
7. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Devon Moore vs. Drake Younger
8. Texas Death Match: Matt Tremont vs. Ian Rotten

DreamWave Wrestling DVD June 9, 2012 “Immortality” – Lasalle, IL $15.00
1. Jay Ryan vs. Waylon Beck
2. Zero Gravity & Steve Boz vs. P.R.I.D.E. & Tyler Priegel
3. Dan The Man vs. Vic Capri
4. Shockwave The Robot vs. Christian Rose
5. Members Only vs. The Beck Family
6. Davey Richards vs. Acid
7. The Revolution (Austin Roberts & Prince Mustafa Ali) vs. The A List (Nick Brubraker & Marshe Rockett)

CZW DVD June 9, 2012 “Prelude To Violence 2012” – Hamilton, OH $15.00
1. Sami Callihan vs. Adam Cole
2. Dustin Rayz vs. Aaron McCormick
3. AW2 vs. Master Jae & Skylar Cross vs. Tong Studs vs. Jesse Emerson & Chris Hall
4. Kimber Lee vs. Neveah
5. Greg Excellent vs. Dave Crist
6. Fans Bring The Weapons: Ron Mathis vs. Matt Tremont
7. Drew Gulak vs. Drake Younger
8. Alex Colon vs. AR Fox
9. Jake Crist vs. DJ Hyde

wXw DVD June 2, 2012 “Eastern Expedition” – Limbach, Germany $15.00
1. Absolute Andy vs. Mike Schwarz
2. Emil Sitoci vs. Sasa Keel
3. Jay Skillet vs. Karsten Beck
4. Chris Colen vs. Freddy Stahl
5. Mitteldeutschland Cup – Finals – 4 Way Dance
6. Axel “Axeman” Tischer & Kim Ray vs. Big van Walter & Robert Dreissker
7. AJ Auinger vs. Michael Isotov

wXw DVD May 20, 2012 “18+ Underground: Chapter 5” – Oberhausen, Germany $15.00
1. Bad Bones vs. Chris Rush vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Karsten Beck
2. Jay Skillet vs. Sasa Keel
3. Axeman & Freddy Stahl & Kim Ray vs. Big van Walter & Michael Isotov & Robert Dreissker
4. Ultraviolent Tables Match: Bernd Föhr vs. Jon Ryan
5. Home Run Derby: DJ Hyde vs. Mike Schwarz
6. Sumerian Death Squad vs. Sami Callihan & 2-Face
7. El Generico vs. Absolute Andy
8. No Ropes Barbed Wire Match: MASADA vs. Yoshihito Sasaki

wXx DVD May 19, 2012 “Dead End XII” – Oberhausen, Germany $15.00
1. RockSkillet (Jay Skillet & Jonathan Gresham) vs. Michael Isotov & Robert Dreissker
2. Michael Dante vs. TwoFace
3. Relaxed Rules Match: Absolute Andy & Bad Bones & DJ Hyde vs. MASADA & Mike Schwarz & Ivan Markov
4. Sami Callihan vs. Tommy End
5. Steel Cage Match: Johnny Moss vs. Jon Ryan
6. Yoshihito Sasaki vs. Axeman
7. Big van Walter vs. El Generico

IWA Unlimited DVD March 10, 2012 “Survival Mode” – Olney, IL $15.00 (COMING SOON TO VOD)
1. Christian Rose vs. Cash Bordin
2. Scott Parker vs. Shank Barzini
3. Matt Cage vs. A.T. Brooks
4. Zak Sawyers vs. Billy Hills
5. Reed Bentley vs. Kyle Sykes
6. Alex Castle vs. Joey O’Riley
7. Bonus Match: Submission Squad vs. It Just Feels Right (Gary Jay & Davey Vega)

IWA Unlimited DVD February 11, 2012 “WAR 2012” – Olney, IL $15.00 (COMING SOON TO VOD)
1. Jason V vs. Tony G
2. Reed Bentley vs. Arik Cannon
3. Generation Kill vs. A.T. Brooks & Intimidator
4. Ricochet vs. Danny Cannon
5 Cole James & Ax Allwardt vs. Shank Barzini
6 Darin Corbin vs. Gunner Franks
7 Cash Bordin vs. Matt Cage vs. Joey O’Riley
8. “I Quit” Match: Christian Rose vs. Alex Castle

ACW DVD January 15, 2012 “Guilty by Association 6” – Austin, TX $15.00 (COMING SOON TO VOD)
1. War of Attrition 8-Man Tag: Children of Pain 2.0 vs. Darin Childs, Gregory James, Khris Wolfe & Donny Davis III
2. The Hired Guns vs. Team SEX vs. Sabrecat & Just Willie
3. Jaykus Plisken vs. JT LaMotta
4. Lillie Mae vs. Angel Blue vs. Athena
5. The Electric Company vs. The Submission Squad
6. Hair vs. Career vs. Title: JC Bravo vs. Berry Breeze vs. Chingo
7. Portia Perez vs. Robert Evans
8. Scaffold Match: Matthew Palmer vs. MASADA
9. Jerry Lynn vs. Mat Fitchett vs. Davey Vega vs. Scot Summers
10. Jessica James vs. Rachel Summerlyn
11. Gary Jay vs. ACH

GSW DVD “A Decade Of Dedication 2001-2011” $15.00
1. Streetfight: Michael Kovac vs. Eric Schwarz (International Impact III- 8/4/06)
2. Christopher Daniels vs. Doug Williams (Unstoppable – 9/22/06)
3. TJ vs. Steve Douglas vs. Matt Cross vs. X-Dream (International Impact IV – 3/17/07)
4. Absolute Andy vs. Steve Corino (Night in Motion IX – 6/2/07)
5. Michael Kovac & Ingo Vollenberg vs. Absolute Andy & Steve the Chief (Night in Motion X – 7/7/07)
6. Wesna vs. Blue Nikita (Night in Motion XI – 3/1/08)
7. Ladder Match: The Decent Society vs. New Divine (X-Limits III – 12/13/08)
8. Michael Kovac vs. Steve Douglas (International Impact VI – 4/25/09)
9. 30 Minute Iron Man Match: Steve Douglas vs. Absolute Andy (Night in Motion XIX – 4/10/10)
10. Emil Sitoci vs. “Bad Bones” John Kay (Courage #7- 10/24/10)

7/21/12 – IWA East Coast – Charleston, WV
7/27/12 – Beyond Wrestling – Bridgewater, MA
7/28/12 – IWA Mid-South – Noblesville, IN
7/28/12 – Chikara – Portland, ME
7/29/12 – Chikara – Everett, MA
8/4/12 – AIW – Cleveland, OH
8/4/12 – DreamWave – LaSalle, IL
8/17/12 – Chikara – Milwaukee, WI
8/18/12 – Chikara – Chicago, IL


Tony Givens sent this in.

NWA Smoky Mountain returns to Kingsport, TN on Saturday, August 4th at the Legendary Kingsport Civic Auditorium (1550 Fort Henry Dr.) for Fire on the Mountain… Bell time is 8:00 PM and doors will open at 7:15 PM… Get there early because this event is going to be a sell out!

This event will feature 2 HUGE Main Events… NWA Smoky Mountain’s Chase Owens will attempt to make history, when he takes on The NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Douglas for the title… Nobody from the Mountain Empire region has EVER held an NWA World Title of any kind. These men have met before with Douglas defeating Owens in a tournament in Charlotte, NC last October… Since that time the Bristol native, Chase Owens has wrestled across the country, including an appearance on WWE Smackdown. Owens has battled his way back to become the #1 Contender for the title and he now faces off with Douglas in his home area, with the pride of an entire region on his back.

In the other Main Event, NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Champion, Jason “The Gift” Kincaid will put his title on the line against “The American Wolf” Davey Richards… Richards and his fellow Team Ambition members, have seemingly waged war against the NWA… Kincaid has stepped up to stop Richards in his tracks. Will he succeed or will Richards end up with one of the NWA’s most prestigious titles.

The last time Team Ambition came to the area, they orchestrated a post-match attack on NWA Legend, Ricky Morton and Chase Owens… With Morton wrestling outside the Smoky Mountain area that night and Chase challenging for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title, who will Richards and company target next?

Here is the card so far:

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Match
Representing NWA Lone Star from Texas,
Champion, “Modern Day Hero” Kevin Douglas
Representing NWA Smoky Mountain from Northeast TN,
Challenger, “The Real Deal” Chase Owens

NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Title Match
Former ROH World Champion, Davey Richards
NWA Smoky Mountain Champion, Jason Kincaid

NWA Tennessee Tag Team Title Match
Champions, The Illuminati (Tony Givens & Chris Richards)
w/ Rob Knight
Challengers, The Party Army (Jeff Connelly & Keith Knox)

NWA vs. Team Ambition
Zac Vincent
Tony Kozina

More Matches will be announced soon featuring:
Johnny Knieval
“The Xcception” Josh Crawford
“The Blackanese Assassin” Menace
& More!

*Card Subject to Change*

Doors Open at 7:15 PM

Ticket Information
Tickets are $12 Front Row ($10 in Advance); $10 General Admission

Tickets are $2 off when you buy in Advance at:

EverMore Comics & Games
New Location at the Green Acres Shopping Center
1167 N Eastman Rd
Kingsport, TN 37664

Or buy them online at

Venue Information
Kingsport Civic Auditorium
1550 Fort Henry Dr.
Kingsport, TN 37664

Check out our Official Website at
Follow us on Twitter at
Like us on Facebook at
Check out NWA Smoky Mountain TV and Exclusive Videos on or
Email us at

CHIKARA sent this in.

CHIKARA’s King of Trios 2012
The Biggest Tournament in Pro-Wrestling!

It’s the big one. King of Trios. A tournament so big, so outrageously awesome, that the entire world of professional wrestling cannot help but turn and look when it rolls around. So far, 7 of the participating 16 trios have been made public, and the line-up is already stacked! Take a look at just some of the teams heading to Easton, PA for the eagerly-anticipated weekend of September 14 – 15 – 16:

1) THE EXTREME TRIO assembled by Tommy Dreamer represents the spirit of ECW, and Jerry Lynn (who retires later this year) and Too Cold Scorpio will make this epic threesome the team to beat this year!

2) Wrestling’s Most Dangerous Trio, F.I.S.T., will be a force to reckoned with as the configuration of Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano and Icarus are more than formidable!

3) They’re creepy in every sense of the word – and The Batiri are looking to cast their spooky shadow over all of wrestling, as Obariyon, Kobald and Kodama look to take the KOT crown in Easton!

4) The ever-popular Spectral Envoy were slowed down by a serious injury to Frightmare last year, but the frenetic ball of kinetic energy has bounced back and joined with Hallowicked and UltraMantis Black in their quest to become Trios champs!

5) It’s been a breakout year for rookie sensation “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti, who captains a hand-picked team comprised of his step-cousin-in-law Dasher Hatfield and Matt Classic onto the biggest playing field of all: King of Trios 2012!

6) An injury prevented Commando Bolshoi from joining the stars of JWP at December’s JoshiMania event – but she’s all healed up and will partner with powerhouse Tsubasa Kuragaki and joshi sparkplug Kaori Yoneyama in September!

7) A trio representing Ring of Honor should come as no surprise – given that Nick and Matt Jackson, The Young Bucks, are our current Campeones de Parejas! They team with “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett, one of the company’s highest-ranked competitors!

8) Our Director of Fun, Wink Vavassuer, put his complex “CHIKARAbermetrics” system to work and came up with a trio of ants that he things make for an optimal threesome! Even though Soldier Ant has been at war with The Swarm for most of Season 11, he has now been assigned the partners of deviANT and combatANT!

9) When the Greatest Female Wrestler of All Time calls and says it is time to put the trio back together, former Campeones de Parejas Jigsaw and his mentor “The Master of a Thousand Holds” Mike Quackenbush aren’t about to object! See Manami Toyota reunite with her partners from last year’s King of Trios in what is scheduled to be her only 2012 appearance in the United States!

10) Think of some REALLY scary dudes. You’re thinking of The Warlord and The Barbarian, right? Yeah, us too. Then imagine that, despite all odds, that Meng is coming out of retirement. Just for one weekend. And he wants to team up with those two guys. The Powers of Pain? The Faces of Fear? No. These three men are The Faces of Pain, and someone is in for a world of hurt come September 14th.

Crossfire sent this in.

Ever dreamed of stepping in the ring with Bret “The Hit Man” Hart?
Well now you have the chance!!
For the FIRST TIME EVER, the Excellence of Execution will be holding a 4 hour training seminar and bringing the famed Hart Family style that trained some of the most well-known and successful stars in the wrestling industry including Edge, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Davey Boy Smith, Jim Neidhart, Lance Storm, Harry Smith, Natty Neidhart, and Tyson Kidd just to name a few.
THIS IS AN ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPROTUNITY to train and learn from “The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be”, will be taking place on Aug.4, 2012 from 10 am – 2 pm at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in conjunction with Crossfire Wrestling.
Alongside with Bret Hart in the ring will be Former TNA and Current Crossfire Superstar’s Cassidy Riley & Chase Stevens and a few surprise guests. The Crossfire Entertainment LLC Office will be on hand to evaluate talent for possible future booking opportunities.
Bret will also be personally choosing 2 of the top standouts from the camp to showcase their skills that night live during the Crossfire event in a match.
The camp will be open to men and women who have professional wrestling experience only and participation is limited to the first one hundred people who sign up, NO EXCEPTIONS!
The cost will be ONLY $100 to sign up and will be payable through PayPal. *Please note, send payment as a GIFT so no extra fees are taken out. If you need to mail in your payment, please email to get information.
Interested participants should send an email to for payment info and proper registration forms. BOTH REGISTRATION FORM AND PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED TO CONFIRM YOUR SPOT!
Nashville’s Own Crossfire Wrestling continues in 2012 with another HUGE event! Tickets are on sale now and selling fast, log onto or call 724-355-3172 to secure your tickets NOW before this event sells out!!! The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions every day. Crossfire Entertainment, LLC supports these efforts by raising funds to go towards the wish bringing them hope, strength, and joy. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces and helping to ensure their wish is granted …all while providing the best form of Entertainment today is priceless! Keep supporting so we can continue to grant wishes!!

Crossfire Entertainment, LLC Presents “ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY”
Fundraiser Benefiting the Make-A-Wish ® of Middle Tennessee
LIVE Saturday, August 4, 2012
Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena
625 Smith Ave, Nashville, TN 37203
Belltime: 7:30 PM – Doors: 6:30 PM
GOLD Event: 4:30- 5:30pm
VIP Event: 5:30 – 6:30 pm
GA Event: 6:30 – 7:30pm (Log on for all the latest news, special appearances for the August event and live events that have been signed!)
Follow us on Twiiter @ and on Facebook @
*NOTE: Bret Hart and the rest of the Crossfire Wrestlers will be signing autographs until belltime!
$2 of each ticket goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!
Sponsored by: Red Rooster Bar & Music, Hollywood Tans, Free at Last Bail Bonding, Jonathan Augusta Attorney at Law, Advanced Financial, Doak Patton Attorney at Law, Lotus Energy, Rent-A-Center, Ford Town and Country of Nashville,

*The Official After Party at Red Rooster Bar and Music Hall in Music Row on Demonbruen Ave directly after the event!!

*Crossfire Merchandise with past show DVD’s and T-shirts will be available that night!

*Crossfire will be doing a special drawing that evening for one lucky fan that will be able to go BACKSTAGE and get to go one on one with his favorite Wrestling Stars that evening! Anyone you want to meet, you get to meet!! How to enter, purchase tickets today and you will have a raffle ticket for the drawing! Winner will be announced before belltime!!


-Special LIVE Announcement of Crossfire’s brand new Wish Granted with Make-A-Wish Foundation

-SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY WWE Hall of Famer, The Best There Is, The Best There Was and Best There Ever Will Be: BRET “HITMAN” HART COMES TO NASHVILLE!!!

-Special Appearance by Rodney Hall from AMC The Walking Dead TV show.

**Due to some scheduling conflicts, Scott Steiner will be unable to appear at the Crossfire event but Crossfire looks out for the fans and we have added Former WWE Intercontinental Champion, the one and only GOLDDUST to take his place at the Crossfire Make-A-Wish 8/4/12 Event in Nashville, TN!

-Tournament to Crown the 1st Crossfire Heavyweight Champion (Top 6 guys from around the world handpicked by the Director of Operation the “Franchise” Shane Douglas to compete that evening in a series of matches to crown a new champion)
-Former WWE/WCW Superstar: GOLDDUST vs. Former WWE/ECW & Current TNA Superstar Kid Kash
-Former WWE/WCW/ECW/TNA & Current Crossfire Superstar: Jerry Lynn vs. Former WWE Superstar and Son of the late great British Bulldog: Harry Smith
-Crossfire Star: “King” Shane Williams vs. Former WWE Superstar Brian Christopher
**PLUS the Winner’s of each match will compete in the Main Event to crown the 1st ever Crossfire Heavyweight Champion!

-Former WWE Diva/Celebrity Apprentice Star/Creative Director of Crossfire Maria Kanellis return’s to Crossfire and Presents the Ladies of Crossfire!
Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall vs. Jessicka Havok

-Rematch from Sports Fest
Johnny Davis vs. LT Falk

-Street Fight (Kevin Sullivan’s Hell for Hammerjack has just begun)
Hammerack vs. the Juggalos (2 Tuff Tony & Mad Man Pondo)

-Tag Team Grudge Rematch
Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Sigmon) vs. Hot Shots (Cassidy Riley & Chase Stevens)

-Arrick Andrews has challenged the “Franchise” Shane Douglas to a match. Will the Franchise accept??!

-PLUS the return of “Goddess” Athena and so much more!!

Tickets are available now by visiting, calling 724-355-3172 or available at the door! Purchase your Tickets in Advance before this HUGE HISTORY MAKING EVENT SELLS OUT!!!!

*Card Subject To Change*