Indy News Update #1 for July 19, 2012
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CWE sent this in.

7/17- CWE Bring The Pain Tour Results

July 12th- Morris, MB

1) “Murder City Saint” Nate Hardy pinned Tyler Colton

2) Kat Von Heez defeated JJ Sanchez in an inter gender contest.

3) “Bring The Pain” Matt Fairlane was victorious over CWE Tag Team Champion AJ Sanchez.

4) CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan retained his title against Mentallo.

5) WWE Legend Tito Santana pinned Anderson Tyson Moore.

July 13th- Winnipeg, MB

1) The CWE Tag Team Championship match between champions The Big Sexy Beasts and The Sons of Anarchy ended in a disqualification when Mission and Corleone of the SOA assaulted Sanchez and Chevy with weapons and declared that their loss in Fans Bring the Weapons was just a bump in the road and the violence just displayed was only the beginning.

2) Kevin Cannon’s mystery client pinned Kory Kinkade in very short fashion.

3) The Original Thug Crew, Tommy Lee Curtis, & Nate Hardy won the 8 man tag match against JJ Sanchez, Rick Matthews, Mentallo, and his new tag team partner Tyler Colton. Matthews knocked out Dalton with his pimp cane in which Colton then took from Matthews in anger saying he didn’t want to win that way. The delay allowed TLC and Hardy to score a pin on Colton. After Dalton came to he saw TLC and Hardy with the cane and make the assumption they were the ones who hit which enraged Spyder and himself which almost resulted in a full out brawl between the two teams.

4) “The Mecca” Shane Madison made the announcement that the only way Vance Nevada would be rid from CWE was if he would be able to make him quit so in attempt to do that he “repackaged” Mr. Beefy Goodness. Nevada came to the ring in very silly attire and explained it would take a lot more than making him look stupid to make him quit. Madison said well his opponent just might and announce an impromptu match between Nevada and The Axe. When it looked like The Axe had Nevada put away Kevin Cannon and his mystery client hit the ring and laid out the Axe with a violent beating which then allowed Nevada to score the win. After the match Nevada explained there was only room for one of them in CWE and challenged Madison to a match where if Madison won he would leave CWE and if Nevada won he would take over Madison’s job as Executive Ambassador. Madison accepted the challenge for August 17th.

5) “Bring The Pain” Matt Fairlane w/”Broadway” Dave Levinsky defeated Tito Santana by DQ after Fairlane set up Santana for a piledriver on the chair behind the referee’s back and Danny Duggan hit the ring to stop it from happening with an attack on Fairlane that the referee saw causing the DQ.

6) Anderson Tyson Moore w/Kat Von Heez pinned “Lion Warrior” Bobby Sharp. Following the match “The Pissed Off Pitbull” Robby Royce attacked ATM and declared he wasn’t going anywhere until he got his hands on his former tag team partner.

7) “The Rebel” Bobby Collins pinned the debuting JS McStrongArm

8) CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan defeated Open Rules Champion “The German Juggernaut” Moses Luke in a title vs. title match to win the Open Rules title after interference from Fairlane backfired costing Luke the title.

July 14th- Souris, MB

1) Tommy Lee Curtis pinned “Lion Warrior” Bobby Sharp

2) Kat Von heez defeated JS McStrongArm in an inter gender match.

3) In the battle of Souris hometown star Vance Nevada pinned fellow Souris born Kevin Cannon.

4) CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan successfully retained his title against “The Pissed Off Pitbull” Robby Royce.

5) WWE Legend Tito Santana defeated CWE Tag Team Champion AJ Sanchez by DQ after interference from Vance Nevada.

6) Tito Santana & Kevin Cannon beat the team of AJ Sanchez & Vance Nevada.

July 15th- Virden, MB

1) Kevin Cannon upset Vance Nevada.

2) Kat Von Heez defeated JS McStrongArm in an inter gender match.

3) “The Lion Warrior” Bobby Sharp defeated Tommy Lee Curtis.

4) CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan retained his title against CWE Tag Team Champion AJ Sanchez.

5) WWE Legend Tito Santana beat “The Pissed Off Pitbull” Robby Royce by DQ.

6) Tito Santana & Tommy Lee Curtis beat the team AJ Sanchez & Bobby Sharp.

CWE returns to action this Thursday night with a FREE wrestling show in Winnipeg at The Northern Hotel.

CWE then returns to touring action August 16th in Carman, the 17th in Winnipeg, and the 18th in Portage La Prairie with former WWE Tag Team Champion “Grandmaster Sexay” Brian Christopher!

Stay tuned to for developing news for the events.

CHIKARA sent this in.

CHIKARA’s King of Trios 2012
The Biggest Tournament in Pro-Wrestling!

It’s the big one. King of Trios. A tournament so big, so outrageously awesome, that the entire world of professional wrestling cannot help but turn and look when it rolls around. So far, 7 of the participating 16 trios have been made public, and the line-up is already stacked! Take a look at just some of the teams heading to Easton, PA for the eagerly-anticipated weekend of September 14 – 15 – 16:

1) THE EXTREME TRIO assembled by Tommy Dreamer represents the spirit of ECW, and Jerry Lynn (who retires later this year) and Too Cold Scorpio will make this epic threesome the team to beat this year!

2) Wrestling’s Most Dangerous Trio, F.I.S.T., will be a force to reckoned with as the configuration of Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano and Icarus are more than formidable!

3) They’re creepy in every sense of the word – and The Batiri are looking to cast their spooky shadow over all of wrestling, as Obariyon, Kobald and Kodama look to take the KOT crown in Easton!

4) The ever-popular Spectral Envoy were slowed down by a serious injury to Frightmare last year, but the frenetic ball of kinetic energy has bounced back and joined with Hallowicked and UltraMantis Black in their quest to become Trios champs!

5) It’s been a breakout year for rookie sensation “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti, who captains a hand-picked team comprised of his step-cousin-in-law Dasher Hatfield and Matt Classic onto the biggest playing field of all: King of Trios 2012!

6) An injury prevented Commando Bolshoi from joining the stars of JWP at December’s JoshiMania event – but she’s all healed up and will partner with powerhouse Tsubasa Kuragaki and joshi sparkplug Kaori Yoneyama in September!

7) A trio representing Ring of Honor should come as no surprise – given that Nick and Matt Jackson, The Young Bucks, are our current Campeones de Parejas! They team with “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett, one of the company’s highest-ranked competitors!

8) Our Director of Fun, Wink Vavassuer, put his complex “CHIKARAbermetrics” system to work and came up with a trio of ants that he things make for an optimal threesome! Even though Soldier Ant has been at war with The Swarm for most of Season 11, he has now been assigned the partners of deviANT and combatANT!

9) When the Greatest Female Wrestler of All Time calls and says it is time to put the trio back together, former Campeones de Parejas Jigsaw and his mentor “The Master of a Thousand Holds” Mike Quackenbush aren’t about to object! See Manami Toyota reunite with her partners from last year’s King of Trios in what is scheduled to be her only 2012 appearance in the United States!

10) Think of some REALLY scary dudes. You’re thinking of The Warlord and The Barbarian, right? Yeah, us too. Then imagine that, despite all odds, that Meng is coming out of retirement. Just for one weekend. And he wants to team up with those two guys. The Powers of Pain? The Faces of Fear? No. These three men are The Faces of Pain, and someone is in for a world of hurt come September 14th.

The Stro sent this in.

APWA Mass Destruction 2012
Event website:
July 28th, 2012
School Square
93 Mahlon St
Shinnston, WV
Doors open at 6 pm
Belltime: 6:30pm
20 dollars at door 15 in advance for VIP Tickets
Includes Premium Seating and a special meet and greet with an autographed poster
Front row bleacher tickets 12 in advance 15 at the door
General admission tickets 8 in advance 12 at the door


5 members of the APWA Roster lead by ONYX and Viper to take on 5 members of the RKK. Representing RKK will be Luke Gallows and The Conganese Nightmare

Championship on a pole match for the vacant APWA American Championship
Billy Gunn
Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling”

APWA World Super Jr. Championship
RKK rules
Sonjay Dutt
“The Nomad” Damon Divine

Bombshell Division match
Santana Garrett
Jayme Jameson

Sherman Tank and Joey Vengeance
Rob Terry and Robbie E
(Justn Kace special guest referee)

Team CK
Troy Marcum and Jeff Mayhem

Ron Mathis
Phil Atlas
Chris Lerusso

OVW’s Jason Wayne
Chance Prophet
Cash and Charisma (Chase Stevens and Christian York)
and more.

Tickets on sale this Friday at http://www.shopapwa.comand/ will be available at Fox’s Pizza Den in Shinnston, WV and Leisure Time Video in Nutter Fort, WV

APWA website

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