Indy News Update #1 for July 24, 2012
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Ring of Honor sent this in.

A Legend and an icon; the man known worldwide as Samoa Joe was one of the men upon whose hard work, drive, and determination Ring of Honor was built. His World Title reign set records that still stand, over 7 years since it was brought to an end, but what happens when something that epic comes to an end? This is that tale, the story of how Samoa Joe cemented his position as a true legend whose legacy is still felt to this day by every ROH wrestler, especially the World champions that have followed.

From his tenure as the Pure Champion that marked him as the first man to hold two championships in ROH through his “5th Year Festival” bouts that marked the end of his ROH career, witness Samoa Joe’s clashes against Nigel McGuinness, Homicide, Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries, and many others! Plus, available for the first time in several years, the epic 2005 Match Of The Year pitting Joe against the legendary Kenta Kobashi!

This 2-Disc DVD set collects 16 of Samoa Joe’s best bouts following the conclusion of his World Title reign. See for yourself why Joe is an ROH Legend, an Icon, and a first ballot Hall of Famer. See why the ROH legacy of Samoa Joe is one of total domination…

Disc 1
1. Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal vs. CM Punk & Spanky…Back To Basics 3/12/05
2. Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal (ROH Pure Title Match)…Manhattan Mayhem 5/7/05
3. Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal vs. Low Ki & Homicide…Manhattan Mayhem 5/7/05
4. Samoa Joe vs. James Gibson (ROH Pure Title Match)…New Frontiers 6/4/05
5. Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries (ROH Pure Title Match)…Escape From New York 7/9/05
6. Samoa Joe, Jay Lethal, & James Gibson vs. Low Ki, Homicide, & Ricky Reyes…The Homecoming 7/23/05
7. Samoa Joe vs. Kenta Kobashi…Joe Vs. Kobashi 10/1/05
8. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels…Vendetta 11/5/05

Disc 2
9. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels…Dragon Gate Challenge 3/30/06
10. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles…Time To Man Up 8/4/06
11. Samoa Joe vs. Roderick Strong…Glory By Honor V Night 1 9/15/06
12. Samoa Joe & Homicide vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe…Glory By Honor V Night 2 9/16/06
13. Samoa Joe vs. Takeshi Morishima…FYF: New York 2/16/07
14. Samoa Joe & Homicide vs. Takeshi Morishima & Nigel McGuinness…FYF: Chicago 2/24/07
15. Samoa Joe vs. Nigel McGuinnesss…FYF: Liverpool 3/3/07
16. Samoa Joe vs. Homicide…FYF: Finale 3/4/07

The Bravado Brothers have been announced as the 6th team in the 8-team tournament to determine new ROH Tag Team Champions.

They join the following teams:

  • The Briscoes
  • The Young Bucks
  • The Guardians of Truth
  • The C & C Wrestle Factory

    This week’s edition of the CHIKARA “Throwdown Lowdown”, hosted by the “Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey

    Tommy Dreamer’s new promotion that debuts on October 6th at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughskeepie, NY sent out the following promotional video: