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Showtime All-Star Wrestling

Airing November 14, 2009 in Nashville on CW58

Taped October 10, 2009 at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena in Nashville, Tn
LAST WEEK?Rick Santel pinned Micah Taylor after interference by David Young?Kid Kash retained the SAW International Title over Al Snow?The mind games of ?Maniac? Marc Anthony reached a new all-time low when Hammerjack’s daughter came out holding his army helmet. Anthony then left Hammerjack laying with a sneak assault.

Michael Graham and Reno Riggins on commentary.
1 ? ?Problem Solver? DAVID YOUNG (with Paul Adams) vs. MICHAEL SHANE
Young got off to such a fast start that within seconds, Adams had his towel around Shane’s throat. A knee strike by Young sent Shane flying into the rail. After brief grounding by Young, Shane hit a flying forearm (called the Tito Santana Flying Burrito by Reno). They traded blows. Shane capped off a comeback with a downward spiral. That brought Adams up to distract Shane. Taylor pulled Adams off the apron, and Young walked into Shane’s superkick for the three.

WINNER: Shane in 3:20. It was over before it really got started. The point was made ? Taylor got revenge on A-Team for last week.

Graham said Harley was looking for his first win in SAW since returning from the injured list. McCoy got frustrated by Harley’s fesityness, and jetted to the outside. Harley stomped his fingers. McCoy yanked Harley off the apron. Harley injured his shoulder and McCoy was all over it. Despite stout resistance by Harley, McCoy locked in the crossface chickenwing. Harley tapped in five seconds. Ref Mark Owens couldn?t pry McCoy off him, and it ended up with four refs, Hot Rod Biggs and Commissioner Freddie Morton all getting involved.
WINNERS: McCoy via submission in 2:10. Same submission deal McCoy was doing before he disappeared. He looked in great shape.

Andy Dang captured! Another one of Grumpy’s Most Wanted Bail Jumpers bites the dust at the hands of ?Bond Girl? Leah’s crack fugitive recovery team. The footage showed a handcuffed Dang shaking hands with his captors before being led away.
Full screen graphic: DESPICABLE ? So worthless or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation.
Cut to clips explaining the issues between Jon Michael Worthington and Jesse Emerson, focusing on Worthington’s outrageous behavior ? his allegations about Worthington’s deceased sister, subsequent claims of amnesia and tearful apology.
Dan Masters interviewed Emerson about Worthington. Emerson said the apologies and the amnesia were crap. Emerson said he was going to give Worthington an ass kicking he would not forget. Not very lawyer like.


Emerson punched Worthington in the face while he was casually standing in the corner with his ring jacket on. The ass kicking was underway. Emerson was pounding lumps, until Worthington cut him off with a Three Stooges eye poke. They traded wicked looking shots. Worthington hit a knee lift followed by a rabbit lariat for a near fall. More brawling. Emerson backdropped Worthington over the top and he landed right on his hip. He got up and Emerson wiped him out with a pescado. Back inside, Worthington came off the top rope right into a powerslam by Emerson. They teased finishes of two of Worthington’s previous cheap wins. Worthington blocked the Alabama Slam. Emerson reversed out of the Brentwood Breaker, but Worthington caught him with a schoolboy roll up using the tights.

WINNER: Worthington in 5:21. A physically punishing match, especially for Worthington. They were rushing and not taking time to sell much of anything. I liked the liberal sampling of finishes from their previous matches. This finish was disappointingly ordinary.

SAW’s Steve Hall Jr. (aka Kodiak) introduced Jann Seymour from the Middle Tennessee Make-A-Wish Foundation to talk about their partnership in the November 21 event at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena. Cut to interviews with the participants in the Last Man Standing Match.

Chase Stevens was sunk down in a plush sofa with his ribs taped, a bandaged forehead and several icebags applied. Stevens said he hadn?t been well since being carried out of the Fairgrounds a few weeks back. Stevens said it took a lot to get the doctor to clear him, and he had a week to be prepared to be the last man standing. Stevens removed the icebag from his neck.

Andy, I might not have walked out of the Fairgrounds after that tables match. I might not be able to walk into the Fairgrounds next Saturday. But I damn sure am going to walk out of that last man standing match, if I have to claw my way, scoot my way, or pull my way into the Fairgrounds that night. I will make it to my feet (as he gingerly struggled to a standing position) to beat you this Saturday.

Paul Adams (watermelon in hand) and Andy Douglas were standing on a bridge with downtown Nashville in the background. Adams said he had brought along a visual aid so they could relive what happened at the Nashville Fairgrounds. Adams tossed the watermelon over the guardrail and they laughed as it splattered all over the parking lot below. ?Kind of reminds you of somebody? Doesn?t it?? said Adams. Douglas said almost. ?They say the average human head weighs about seven pounds, and if you add Chase’s ego to that, yeah, that would be about right,? Adams referenced all the great matches that had taken place at the Nashville Fairgrounds Arena. He said they brought the magic back, and the fans of Nashville owed Douglas a big thank you. ?First of all, Nashville, your welcome,? Douglas said. He questioned whether Stevens could even stand right now. ?He’s been in the hospital. He’s been laying on the couch. As far as I?m concerned, Paul, we really don?t even need a game plan. How about we just show up, have the ref raise my hand, then we go hit the town.? Adams said what he really needed to do for the next seven days, was focus on becoming a party planner.

?Chase Stevens if you want to fool yourself, if you want to show up at the Nashville Fairgrounds in seven days, we will be there. You can crawl across that ring, because that’s all you can do at this point anyway, is crawl. And once and for all, put your hand up there, and thank Andy Douglas for what he’s done over the years.

NOTE:The above promos aired only in the Nashville area. For the syndicated version, a health update aired showing Stevens in a wheelchair.

Leah Hulan with Grumpy’s Bail Jumper of the Week. This week’s featured bail jumper was William Tommy Mayers.
My message to you is savor that pipe for the last time, because here we come. I?ve helped you out for years, and this is the way you pay me back?
Masters was with Derrick King Enterprises. ?Did you say injured LT Falk? LT Falk’s love life is killing him right now. His left arm is hurting,? said King. They were going out the champs as they came in the champs. ?That’s a promise, and when Derrick King makes a promise, it as good as gold.?
Brandy Malone was in the locker room with Falk and Vordell Walker. Falk admitted he wasn?t at full power, but he was going to give it every thing he had with his buddy Vordell at his side. ?TV land you never know. Tonight, there might be new tag team champions.? Walker said, ?I know you?re not 100%, but I believe in you, because I don?t roll with anybody that isn?t 110% man.? He told the champions to polish up the bling.
4 ? SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions DERRICK KING ENTERPRISES (Derrick King & JT Stahr with Drew Haskins & Sista O?Feelyah) vs. VORDELL WALKER & LT FALK
Walker and Stahr started off with a crisp exchange ? Walker did a handstand to escape from a grounded headscissors, Stahr used a legsweep, and Walker hit a butterfly suplex. (commercial break) Walker was carrying the load for his team. He exploded on King with a belly to belly overhead throw, a flying shoulder block and a clothesline over the top. King bumped like crazy. With DKE softened up, Walker tagged Falk in. They did a spot where Falk hit a neckbreaker on Stahr causing him to DDT King. Moments later, King stepped aside (that mental prowess again) allowing Falk to post his own shoulder. DKE worked over Falk’s bandaged shoulder bigtime. The highlight was a codebreaker style double knee to the shoulder by Stahr. Walker cleaned house off a blind tag. He hit the STO on King and Stahr saved. Then a german suplex where Stahr took a full rotation bump, but Stahr kicked out of the pin. Four-way action led to a collision between Falk and Stahr. Haskins tripped up Walker, and DKE hit Blood Money on Falk (not the legal man) for the pin.

WINNERS: Derrick Enterprises retain the SAW Tag Titles in 9:57. Good story match with DKE continuing to capitalize on Falk’s injuries. The combo of Walker’s explosive offense and DKE’s bumping ability made for some fine action sequences.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: There was no major hype job for the November 21 Fairgrounds event. Then again, the last three episodes have been an exercise in consciousness raising for the return of ?big time? wrestling to Nashville. The time devoted to building the Fairgrounds was quality time. Stevens and Douglas (well, Adams more than Douglas) both cut terrific promos. After going off the balcony, Stevens had no right to look ready to do a match, and he most certainly didn?t. The watermelon and the stuff about party planning was classic heel arrogance- the kind that makes fans want to see words eaten and asses beaten. The bottom line SAW packed the Fairgrounds (1000+) for their second event. That was better than they did for the first one, and the best crowd that building has seen in years. Damn impressive. How big a role the TV shows plays in their success is an open question?No major storyline advancements this week, nor was anything specifically set up for the next episode. DKE did another number on Falk, Emerson got screwed again, and the seed was planted for omething between Taylor and A-Team. Although they had some ragged moments when this program started, Walker and DKE are at the point where they?re really clicking in the ring. This was their smoothest work yet. I like the story between DKE and Falk. It’s totally logical. They injured him to pave their way to taking the tag titles and they reinjured him to keep them. The video package on Worthington needed to happen, since little of that story has aired since the move to prime time television. Likewise, it made sense for McCoy to do the full drama with the chickenwing. But he needs mic time to get over the uniqueness of his character, and the fact he didn?t get any makes wonder how much he really figures in the plans. Harley may be done here, as I understand he was heading back to Canada?This was the last of the Fairgrounds footage, so it’s back to the SAW Mill in Millersville next week.

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