Abu Colossus sent this in:

Yesterday in Milo, IA Tony Kozina, Davey Richards and Kyle Oreilly were booked for matches in a little wrestling promotion called Adrenaline Pro Wrestling. After holding the show hostage and trying to change the booking they finally arrived an hour late. They proceeded to threaten the promoter. After things were settled they got in their gear were paid and proceeded to sneak out the back door without working. This was nothing less than theft. They later bragged about their actions on Facebook. Just thought you guys would like to know about the actions of ROH’s poster boy.

Nathaniel Blackman also sent this in:

Apparently Davey Richards, Tony Kozina and Kyle O’Reilly were booked to appear on a show in Central Iowa called APW. After showing up incredibly late (which he does all the time on every show I’ve ever been on with him) Davey bullied the promoter about switching the card up. I may be wrong but I’m assuming the card got shuffled on the assumption that he wasn’t showing and and they arrived too late to get put back on the card, until Davey spoke up and forced him to put them all back on. They changed into their gear, took their pay in advance and went to the car to get athletic tape, then never came back. They made off with $350.

Wrestleview’s Jason Namako passed this video along.