MWF promoter/owner Dan Mirade has responded to a video claim by Kamala who claimed the promotion and Dawn Marie’s Wrestler’s Rescue had raised money for him and that he had yet to see any of it. Mirade includes a photo of a money order sent to the Cauliflower Alley Club on 7/27 to distribute to Kamala.

“Before I even begin, as you can probably tell by the photograph above as well as the email Karl Lauer (Executive Vice President of the Cauliflower Alley Club) sent to myself and Kamala yesterday, there is no issue with money being sent. Zero. Zilch. It’s a continuation of Kamala’s lifelong “poor me” pity party that led him to walk out of numerous promotions (without giving notice), burning bridges, costing himself thousands of dollars he could have in the bank right now. If Kamala made his YouTube video after July 27th, that speaks to his character and integrity as well, as James Harris saw the photograph of it days before the email from Karl.”