Indy News Update #1 for August 2, 2012
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AIW sent this in.

Absolute Intense Wrestling is proud to present the seventh edition of its popular Girls Night Out event this Saturday, August 4, at Turner’s Hall in Cleveland, Ohio! #GNO7 promises to be the biggest, best version of the show yet, boasting a steel cage match for the AIW Women’s Championship, a no time limit encounter between Sara Del Rey and Hailey Hatred, and appearances from the best women wrestlers in North America. In addition to regulars like Mia Yim, Allysin Kay, Veda Scott, “Crazy” Mary Dobson, Cherry Bomb, Kimber Lee, and Sassy Steph, #GNO7 features the AIW debuts of Courtney Rush, Athena, Lil’ Naughty, Leah Von Dutch, Nikki St. John, and ThunderKitty!

Tickets to Girls Night Out 7 are just $15, and can still be pre-ordered at Online pre-orders are admitted first, and, considering the card on hand, the earlier you arrive, the better. #GNO7 is a groundbreaking event for Absolute Intense Wrestling. It’s the first card to feature nothing but women’s matches, the first card to feature a women’s tag team match, and only the second time in AIW history that two people will find themselves locked in the confines of a steel cage.

In addition, AIW recently announced the institution of a new set of rules for this and all future Girls Night Out events, the installation of proper win/loss records that ensure a level of competition that few promotions in the United States can rival. A #GNO roster member’s win/loss record is fully indicative of their place in the pecking order, and will serve to establish contenders to the AIW Women’s Championship. AIW Acting President Matt Wadsworth had the following to say about this development:

“We’ve been looking for a way to mark Girls Night Out as a unique brand in the world of women’s wrestling, a way to distinguish it from SHIMMER, Shine, and WSU. Though we only put on three Girls Night Out shows a year, we believe in offering something different. By placing a strong emphasis on a woman’s win/loss record, we can do just that. We will also be adding GNO brand showcase matches to our regular AIW events through out our calendar year in which the win/loss record will be a factor.”

More information can be found on AIW’s Facebook page (, and within the online pages of AIW Magazine, which can be found on Tumblr ( A special Girls Night Out edition of Intense TV is also available on YouTube ( The card for this Saturday’s event is as follows:

Steel Cage Match
AIW Women’s Title
Mia Yim (1-2) vs. Allysin Kay (c) (3-1)

On January 29, 2012, Mia Yim and Allysin Kay met in a contest to determine the number one contender to then-champion Mickie Knuckles’ AIW Women’s Championship. In a match that would come to define the AIW women’s division for much of the ensuing year, Mia Yim beat Allysin Kay after breaking her nose with a devastating kick to the face. In the months that followed, the two traded insults back and forth over Twitter and through podcasts, necessitating an unsanctioned, no-disqualification, Fans Bring the Weapons match at Girls Night Out 5. Allysin Kay won that contest—and the vacant AIW Womens Championship—but not under the circumstances she’d have liked, as the interference of her former manager Chest Flexor influenced the outcome of the match. Now, to settle the score once and for all, AK-47 and the Blasian Barbie meet within the confines of a steel cage. With the title on the line and outsiders at bay, there will be a winner, and there’ll be no excuses for the loser.

No Time Limit
Sara Del Rey (2-3) vs. Hailey Hatred (7-0)

Sara Del Rey has been the subject of much rumor and speculation, and Girls Night Out 7 is one of her last currently advertised matches on the independents. While nothing is quite certain about Del Rey’s future, what AIW can tell you is that, on August 4, the Queen of Wrestling faces one of her stiffest challenges in Hailey Hatred, the self-professed Diva Killer. Hatred, the innovator of the #GNO concept, is undefeated in #GNO competition, and puts her reputation at the event on the line against Del Rey, whose only losses in #GNO competition have come in AIW Championship matches. Few wrestlers in the world are buzzed about in the same way as Hatred and Del Rey, and, knowing how special the match at hand has the potential to be, AIW brass has decreed that this contest will have no time limit. Fans of smash-mouth, Japanese-influenced technical wrestling can expect a classic encounter, here.

Veda Scott (1-2) vs. Courtney Rush (0-0)

At Girls Night Out 6, Veda Scott refused to shake the hand of Sara Del Rey at the conclusion of their match. Courtney Rush, at one point in time Del Rey’s tag team partner in SHIMMER, took none too kindly to this sign of disrespect and contacted AIW officials, requesting a match against Scott to make things right. After Scott crashed the finale of AIW’s Absolute Intern reality show with the jaded Gregory Iron, the company was quick to take up Rush’s request, no doubt hoping that the former SHIMMER Tag Team Champion suplexes some sense into Scott.

Cherry Bomb (2-0) vs. Athena (0-0)

After AIW fans successfully lobbied to bring Leva Bates to Girls Night Out 6, they again took up the cause of one of America’s best women wrestlers, championing Anarchy Championship Wrestling’s Athena through a successful IndieGoGo campaign. Athena makes her debut against AIW favorite Cherry Bomb, who brings an undefeated record and some baggage to #GNO7. After Flexor Industries had her detained at the US/Canada border before Girls Night Out 5, Cherry Bomb lost out on a chance to become the #1 Contender to the AIW Women’s Championship. She’s since returned to the company, and looks to get a shot at the title that was denied to her. To keep building momentum, she’ll need to beat one of the best in the country, who is trying to make a name for herself in her Cleveland debut.

Melanie Cruise (1-0) vs. Kimber Lee (0-2)

Melanie Cruise made her AIW debut at Girls Night Out 6, defeating long-time rival Taylor Made in impressive fashion. She looks to turn heads at Girls Night Out 7 against Kimber Lee, who has become an AIW fan favorite despite two losing efforts at #GNO events. Lee has put in impressive showings against the likes of Veda Scott and “Girl Dynamite” Jennifer Blake, but her first victory in AIW has thus far alluded her. In order to win this one, she’ll have to chop down Cruise, who is a redwood of a woman compared to Kimber Lee. It’s a classic David vs. Goliath story. Except, you know, with women.

Sassy Steph (0-2) vs. Leah Von Dutch (0-0)

Fast-rising Canadian star Leah Von Dutch heads stateside to make her AIW debut, where she meets the challenge of Flexor Industries associate Sassy Steph. Dutch, coming off of a strong showing against Sara Del Rey during CHIKARA’s recent tour of Canada, has been looking to make an impression in the United States, and gets a chance against one of the best Ohio has to offer. Sassy Steph, of course, is seconded by Chest Flexor, a man who has seen his base of power in AIW crumble in mere months. Without a title (and without mealtickets Bobby Beverly and Allysin Kay), Flexor will be leaning heavily on Steph to step up and claim the AIW Women’s Title, preferably from the traitorous AK-47. She is 0-2 in #GNO competition and desperately needs momentum before she can reasonably demand a title shot. She could take a big step forward here, but if she overlooks Dutch, she and Flexor will need to go back to the drawing board.

Miss Heidi (0-2) & Angel Dust (1-2) vs. Annie Social (0-1) and Nikki St. John (0-0)

The first women’s tag team match in AIW history came together at the insistence of Sammy Geodollno, the Arctic Splash drinking, Philly repping manager to the female stars. After a seemingly endless string of profanity-laden tweets, texts, and e-mails to top AIW brass, the company decided to see things her way. In one corner, Miss Heidi teams with the returning Angel Dust, a former AIW Women’s Champion. In the other, the team of Annie Social and Nikki St. John will be managed by the abrasive Geodollno, who cost Social her AIW debut when she tried to slip her client a chair, allowing soon-to-be TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix to capitalize and score a victory at Girls Night Out 6. None of these women have experience teaming with each other, but that’s often the way the dice fall in women’s wrestling. Could we be seeing the birth of a new Jumping Bomb Angels? Will Geodollno’s frantic antics come to the fore once more? Only time will tell.

“Crazy” Mary Dobson vs. Lil’ Naughty

Crazy Mary Dobson already feels like an AIW fixture, and that’s after appearing at just four events. She is undefeated in Girls Night Out competition, including a win over Trash Cassidy in a brutal death match, was proposed to by Madman Pondo in the ring during the fanfest portion of the J.T. Lightning Invitational Tournament, and involved herself in that evening’s no disqualification match between her new fiance and “The Passion” John Thorne, whom she hurricanranaed onto a stack of chairs before Thorne unceremoniously powerbombed her to return the favor. She takes on AIW newcomer Lil’ Naughty, who is in the same position Dobson was at Girls Night Out 5 so many months ago: Looking for an opportunity to make the roster and build a following with the Cleveland crowd. Give her a few months, and she could be throwing Thorne through piles of chairs, too.

ThunderKitty (0-0) vs. Trash Cassidy (0-1)

As requested by the AIW fans, Thunderkitty makes her AIW debut against Trash Cassidy, the self-proclamed Peacock of Destruction. Cassidy is coming off of a loss against Crazy Mary Dobson in her debut at Girls Night Out 6, and it would be huge for her to take a win from the much buzzed-about Thunderkitty. Thunderkitty, however, is nothing like Dobson, possessing a strongwoman’s build and a throwback mentality that clashes with Cassidy’s frenzied brawling style. The two most unique women on the Girls Night Out roster, Thunderkitty and Trash Cassidy are both looking to make an impression on the AIW fans. The Peacock of Destruction would like to do so without being thrown through dozens of lighttubes. Thunderkitty would like to prove that the fans asking for her are the smartest ones in the room. Both women want an opportunity. Here it is.

Again, tickets to Girls Night Out 7 are just $15, and can be purchased at #GNO7 emanates from Cleveland’s famed Turners Hall on Saturday August 4, with a 7:30 p.m. belltime. For more information, visit AIW on Facebook (, follow us on Twitter (, and read AIW Magazine on Tumblr (

HWA sent this in.

The Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA) returns to Hamilton, OH this Saturday night to the Great Miami Event Center – 333 South 2nd St with a 7:30pm bell time. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids 14 and under. On the card, you will see:

-Ohio is for Killers (OI4K – Dave Crist & HWA Champion Jake Crist) v. CZW Owner “The Lariat” DJ Hyde & Alex Colon

-Ladder Match: Aaron McCormick v. “Dirty Deeds” Doug Charlz with Brock Guffman

-Respect Match: “Relentless” Ron Mathis v. Tarek The Legend

-HWA Tag Team Champions Jesse Emerson & Chris “The Madness” Hall v. The Odd Squad (Dr. Bones & G Force)

-Also in action: HWA American Luchacore Champion “The Greatest Show on Earth” Trevor Court, Dustin Rayz, The Heavyweight Hereoes, Kyle Maverick, Lennox Norris, & more!

For more information on the HWA:
-Official Web Site: