Extreme Rising sent this in.

Everyone heard about THE FRANCHISE SHANE DOUGLAS, and his April 2012 “Extreme Reunion” event in Philadelphia, PA. There were multiple issues at the event from technical to staff –but one thing that can not be denied is the over 2,000 fans who came out to support an independent promoted wrestling event, a task many small companies can never stake claim to. Shane Douglas and his partners took the critics to task and delivered two loaded shows (6/29 Corona, NY and 6/30 Philadelphia, PA) that delivered on many different levels; some even saying these events gave the company a real chance to do something special in pro wrestling. Extreme Rising has captured that “ECW-like” spirit from in ring, production, and even rabid fans who want their non-pg wrestling product. If you haven’t been paying attention to Extreme Reunion/Rising promotion since April… If you didn’t attend the event(s) in person… We ask you to take just 2 minutes right now and watch the video (link in next sentence) to see and judge for yourself. People have begged for another option, another company to come along and give them what they want in a pro wrestling company. Extreme Rising may just be what you have been searching for. Give us 2 minutes and then decide.

Take a look at the latest video from the 6/30 EXTREME RISING event from Philadelphia, PA and see what people have been talking about.

6/30/2012 Extreme Rising Philadelphia, PA
-Papadon vs. Perry Saturn
-The FBI vs. Los Dramaticos
-CW Anderson vs. Balls Mahoney (with The Blue Meanie)
-Sandman run-in and attacked CW Anderson
-The Franchsie Shane Douglas promo
-EXTREME LUCHA 2/3 FALLS – Pesadilla vs. Bestia 666
-Stevie Richards vs. Luke Hawx
-Devon Storm vs. Sabu
-BLK OUT vs. The Gangstas
-Homicide vs. Matt Hardy (Reby Sky) vs. Jerry Lynn

EXTREME RISING RETURNS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH TO PHILADELPHIA, PA FEATURING FAN FEST & LIVE EVENT http://extremereunion.net/store/catalog/index.php?cPath=22_31
Tickets on sale now for EXTREME RISING return to Philadelphia featuring the first ever Champion to be crowned, a steel cage match, plus JERRY LYNN, MATT HARDY, REBY SKY, HOMICIDE, STEVIE RICHARDS, DEVON STORM, THE EXTREME LUCHADORS BESTIA 666, PESADILLA, NEW JACK & MUSTAFA THE GANGSTAS, BLK OUT, LUKE HAWX, BLUE MEANIE, BALLS MAHONEY, and more to be announced soon!

Fan Fest meet and greet with autograph and picture opportunities will happen from 12pm – 3pm
Live event doors open 6pm, bell time 7pm.