Indy News Update #3 for August 15, 2012
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EVOLVE has uploaded the latest “Book it Cam” onto their YouTube channel. You can view it below:

CHIKARA sent this in.

It’s loaded up with 14 tracks – including the much-anticipated “King of Trios 2012” theme song by Vince DiCola & Kenny Meriedeth! Take a look at complete track listing from our newest digital release:

1. King of Trios 2012 Official Theme Song by Vince DiCola & Kenny Meriedeth
2. Event Center Theme 2012 by Kenny Pickett
3. Podcast-A-Go-Go Theme 2011 by Wiggly of Trap Door
4. “The Ants Go Marching” (The Colony Theme) by Kenny Pickett
5. “Feel the Flow” (3.0 Theme) by Kenny Pickett
6. “Broken” (The Shard Theme) by Zeb Frinar
7. “Rage” (The Swarm Theme) by Kenny Pickett
8. “Heartjacker” (Tim Donst Theme) by Recluse UK
9. “Showtime” (Saturyne Theme) by The Cansis Kid
10. “Can’t Give Up on This Chance” (Greg Iron Theme) by Kenny Pickett
11. “Touchdown City, Population: USA” (Mark Angelosetti Theme) by Kenny Pickett
12. “Snake Style” (Ophidian Theme) by Paul Danjer
13. “Kinetic” (Frightmare Theme) by Kenny Pickett
14. “Hit the Road, Peck” by Kenny Pickett

And where can our great fans get this? Pretty much everywhere, effective today:

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Amazon MP3:

Nokia Music:

Google Play:

French fans, we are on Deezer!

German/Austrian/Swiss/Belgian fans will be happy to know that the album is also available through Simfy!

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