Indy News Update #1 for August 18, 2012
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Joe Dombrowski sent this in.


We are officially counting down the days until we raise the bar once again – Wrestlelution 5: An Enduring Spirit is THIS SUNDAY at 3pm EST at the Jacobs Pavilion in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, 2014 Sycamore Street, 44113. This event will NOT be shown on television in its entirety, and the only way to see every match, move, result, and breathtaking moment is to join us LIVE – either in person or from home. Here are the two great ways to join us –

1) Reserve your tickets to be there in person –

$30 Preferred Seating (First two rows, first come first serve – Less than 25 Front Row seats remain so reserve now!)
$20 Floor Seating
$10 General Admission Bleacher Seating

2) Watch live from home on your computer via internet Pay-Per-View –

Follow the simple registration and login process via our partners at GoFightLive, and the event is yours to watch as many times as you want for a one-time payment of only $14.99!

Event Video Preview:

Final Card:

PRIME Championship: “Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs vs. “Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano
Video Preview:
18 months ago, Jimmy Jacobs entered PRIME Wrestling disguised under a ski mask, injuring Johnny Gargano’s back with a video camera. After a year of mind games and psychological warfare, Jacobs finally unmasked at the start of this year and put Gargano through even more hell. It was Jacobs’ mission to march into Gargano’s own hometown, home promotion, and place Johnny built his reputation and force him out. Jacobs wants to replace Gargano, not just as the top star in PRIME Wrestling, but in all of independent wrestling. According to Jacobs, everything Gargano has done in his career, Jacobs did it first and Jacobs did it better, but never got the credit or adulation Gargano enjoys today. After manipulating Sex Appeal to aid in his mind games, Gargano overcame their threat (watch the clip here: to earn a shot at Jacobs and the PRIME Championship Gargano once held longer than anyone. Can Johnny Gargano reclaim his legacy or can Jacobs erase the name of Johnny Gargano from PRIME Wrestling at the very event Gargano has stolen the show at year after year?

“One Legged Wonder” Zach Gowen vs. Gregory Iron
In 2003, Zach Gowen defied every odd possible when, in spite of losing a leg to cancer at age 8, Zach realized his dream of becoming a wrestling superstar known the world over. One of Zach’s many fans was a 16-year old Gregory Iron, himself suffering from cerebral palsy. After watching Zach, Greg started to believe that he too could overcome his limitations and live his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Greg did just that, starting a whirlwind of attention that includes ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Fox News, and a personal endorsement from CM Punk last year. Greg realized another dream when Zach Gowen came to PRIME Wrestling to team with Greg, in an attempt to win the Tag Team Titles, but after Greg was injured via a powerbomb a month ago, and a miscommunication between Greg & Zach this month (watch it here:, the world’s most inspirational team imploded. Now, wrestling’s most unusual and unexpected match has been signed as the world’s only wrestler with cerebral palsy Gregory Iron is forced to fight his own personal hero Zach Gowen.

“The Man Beast” RHINO vs. “Most Dominant Man” JASON BANE
After losing out on a PRIME Championship opportunity earlier this year, former champion Jason Bane set out on a mission to re-prove himself. To do so, he challenged ANYONE to face him one-on-one and didn’t care whether it was someone within PRIME Wrestling, someone from another wrestling organization, or even someone from the world of mixed-martial arts. We were all surprised to hear that “The Man Beast” Rhino had been the man to answer the call. Rhino is a two-time World Champion elsewhere, and is known as one of the most dangerous and intense competitors in the industry today. Bane, meanwhile has earned his reputation as PRIME’s Most Dominant Man, and is 4-0 in Wrestlelution battles, including a victory over Raven two years ago at Wrestlelution 3. It is Baneline vs. Gore in the battle of two of the most ruthless athletes anywhere!

“Maple Leaf Muscle” PETEY WILLIAMS vs. “M-Dogg 20” MATT CROSS
Former X-Division Champion Petey Williams makes his PRIME Wrestling debut to battle former 2-time PRIME Champion Matt Cross. Petey is known the world over, not just for his amazing physique and stunning athleticism, but also as the master of arguably the most devastating maneuver in professional wrestling history – the flip piledriver known as “The Canadian Destroyer”. Petey will need it if he hopes to defeat Matt Cross, who feels Petey is trying to use Matt as a steppingstone a career resurgence. Matt refuses to be a welcome mat however, and is out to prove that even though he is temporarily without the PRIME Championship, this is not a sign of a slump for the “Innovator of Aerial Insanity”. Petey and M-Dogg have never met one-on-one anywhere, but they will August 19 live on iPPV!

Video Preview:
PRIME’s “Neon Ninja” Facade spent nearly two years chasing the Television Title, including ten months in pursuit of most recent champion Gory who used every shortcut known to man to keep the title hostage & captive as part of the Dead Wrestling Society. Facade finally liberated the championship this past June, but it did little to calm the evil inside of Gory. The former champion announced he was using his rematch clause, but not just anyway or anywhere… Wrestlelution 5 in a Casket Match. A stipulation this eerie & macabre would no-doubt play right into Gory’s comfort zone, and give him a chance to literally live up to his promise of sealing the coffin on Facade’s TV Title dreams. Can Gory reclaim the gold and live up to his promise or will Facade put the final nail in the coffin of this rivalry?

Special Guest Referee: “Late Nite” NICKI VALENTINO
Video Preview:
The growing tension & dissension in the Sex Appeal ranks finally spiraled out of control due to the selfishness of supposed leader Jimmy Jacobs, the constant undermining & belittling of Bobby Beverly, and the ego of Bobby Shields growing even larger than ever previously thought. While Beverly & Shields seems content to start anew, realizing the anchors they respectively feel were tied to them, Nicki Valentino seems to be caught in the middle. First watching his two best friends come to blows, and now being named by Jimmy Jacobs as the Special Guest Referee for this match! Shields has cut the hair of numerous athletes, taking pride in taking away others’ dignity and identity, but is now in the position where his own hair is in danger as well thanks to Beverly challenging Shields to potentially a taste of his own medicine! Sex Appeal have always been about their looks, but one of these men will never look the same when they are shaved bald in front of the world!

NO DQ: “Embodiment of Evil” KRIMSON vs. “Hot Commodity” MATT MASON
Video Preview:
Krimson & Mason were long-time friends when Krimson was known as his previous identity, CK3. However, when CK3’s personality morphed into the bitter, hateful and evil Krimson, the friendship splintered. Mason came to PRIME in an attempt to help his old friend see the light, but he instead got sucked into Krimson’s web of darkness. When Matt refused Krimson’s offer to join his Dead Wrestling Society and help him with the PRIME Championship, Krimson became enraged, blaming Mason for all of his problems. Krimson said since Matt deprived him of what meant most to him (the title), Krimson would take away what meant most to Matt. Shortly afterward, reports began to surface of Krimson traveling to Mason’s home, defacing his property, and frightening Matt’s family. Krimson has crossed a line and Mason is more than willing to fight to protect the family he loves so dearly. He’ll do so August 19 and with No Disqualifications to stop him.

Commissioner Justin LaBar & Upper Management’s Aaron Maguire Presiding At Ringside
The feud between Fontaine and LaBar has waged for nearly two years now, and was only intensified with LaBar was named PRIME Commissioner and, essentially, Fontaine’s boss. Fontaine and adviser Aaron Maguire hatched an elaborate plot to frame LaBar as “unfair”, leading to Upper Management putting LaBar on probation, and naming Maguire to the board to help watch over things. Fontaine had the advantage for a while, but when he “accidentally” struck LaBar with a steel chair, he too was put on probation by Upper Management! Finally, the two agreed it was time to settle this for good – Fontaine will meet LaBar’s hand-selected representative and the man who pinned Fontaine in the main event of last year’s Wrestlelution – the thrill-seeking high-risk “Omega” Aaron Draven! Furthermore, LaBar & Maguire have both stated they will be ringside to watch over the match. Anytime these two have gotten involved, it has only made things more chaotic and impossible to control! Who will have final bragging rights in the Fontaine vs. LaBar rivalry?

“One Man Militia” MATTHEW JUSTICE vs. “Demonic Disciple” KIRST
When we last saw Justice six months ago, he was being heavily recruited by Krimson to join the Dead Wrestling Society. However, just when it seemed that shocker may become a reality, Justice vanished from the area, with barely a peep heard from him since. However, he has made his intentions known that he has unfinished business. Justice is coming back to prove his independence and individuality. Kirst is in the most dangerous mindset of his career, having recently sidelined Gregory Iron for a time with a concussion. Can Kirst add Matthew Justice to his list of victims? Or will Justice re-affirm he is young, metal, and ready to attack?

LOUIS LYNDON vs. “Big Bear” BENJAMIN BOONE w/”Amazing” N8 Mattson
The former Aeroform member has been on a roll since his return, taking PRIME Champion Jimmy Jacobs to his limit, and even pinning Krimson! One man unhappy about Lyndon’s success is N8 Mattson, still upset over Aeroform’s defeat of he & Ben Boone for the Tag Team Titles late last year. Can Louis keep his win streak up against a man with one of the best win-loss records in company history?

“World’s Most Huggable Wrestler” BRYAN CASTLE w/”BatDan” Dan Arkham vs. “Natural” BRIAN BENDER
Bender spent many months trying to mentor Castle into improving his health, using the same training regimen that Bender himself used to drop over 100 pounds several years ago. However, when the simple Castle kept sneaking in candy bars, the plan hit a speed bump. Things got worse when, instead of looking up to Bender, Castle began looking up to Dan Arkham. Arkham has had some success in PRIME, but is most known as an avid superhero fan outside the ring. Castle saw Arkham display his knowledge of the genre and mistook it to believe Arkham himself is in fact a superhero. This was the last straw for Bender, who walked away from Castle, considering him a failure. Can the Master of the High Five prove his former trainer wrong or can Bender show that his way was the best way?

Plus: Special Ring Announcer – Cosmopolitan Bachelor of the Year 2011 and local entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet! Special Guest Timekeeper – New 102 DJ Kory! And a special live musical performance by The Delaneys, performing the Wrestlelution theme song!

CZW Wrestling sent this in.

Crist/Callihan vs. Super Smash Brothers at CZW on Sept 8! – On September 8, it’s a double header with EVOLVE as CZW returns for ‘The Chri$ Ca$h Memorial: Down With The Sickness’ LIVE on iPPV from The Flyer’s Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD in Voorhees, NJ! The action starts at 8 pm!

With CZW owner DJ Hyde’s recent focus on Matt Tremont, lines are being drawn by the locker room…and anything can happen!

* Ohio Is For Killers members Jake Crist & Sami Callihan, joined by Nevaeh will take on the returning Super Smash Brothers
* In a rematch that turned heads at ‘Tangled Web V’, Rich Swann vs. Shane Strickland

Recent, the CZW World Tag champions The Nation of Intoxication indicated they would be defending the titles under “Freebird Rules”! And on September 8, it will be Devon Moore & Danny Havoc defending the titles against Gulak Campaign members Alexander James & Mr. Tofiga!

Already announced:
* CZW World Heavyweight champion MASADA vs. El Generico
(See’s preview at
* In a Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Ladder, Title Unification Match, CZW World Junior Heavyweight champion AR Fox faces CZW Wired TV champion Dave Crist
(See’s preview at
* CZW Vice President Maven Bentley has suspended Joker
(See what lead to this on at

Come early to see EVOLVE at 5 pm (For more information, visit Show your support for ‘Down With The Sickness’ on Facebook at

For advertisement, sponsorship, and vending opportunities, contact

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THIS WEEKEND – CZW at Monster-Mania Con 22!

See CZW stars and visit the CZW Pro Shop LIVE at Monster-Mania Con 22 in Cherry Hill, NJ THIS WEEKEND, August 17 to 19! For more information, visit

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AVAILABLE NOW at HybridEnt.TV – The live replay of Saturday’s ‘Tangled Web V’ available On-Demand! Did anarchy in CZW continue? What did Drew Gulak have to say? MASADA and Joker stood nose-to-nose last month – what happened now? And who won the Tangled Web match between DJ Hyde & Matt Tremont? (Direct Link –

Also available:
CZW ‘New Heights’ Final Edit Stream & DVD. Order CZW NEW HEIGHTS Stream+DVD Package or DVD and receive FREE BJW Death Tokyo Cage DVD & CZW NEW HEIGHTS Poster. DVD has optional commentary (with/without), replays, video packages, & MORE! Witness the 60-minute Ultraviolent Iron-Man Match between Sami Callihan and Drake Younger that is a must-see of 2012!

Now on DVD & On-Demand: Tournament of Death – The Combat Zone exploded with action in the Ultraviolent Underground!

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Now in The Legends of Wrestling Card Game…

Included in the CZW edition of the Legends of Wrestling Card Game is…DJ HYDE. See the artwork on CZW’s Facebook at

Stay tuned as we continue to reveal the rest of the roster in the weeks leading up to release. We’re already announced a bunch of great names! We’ll keep posting more awesome card art and when the game is ready to buy, we’ll let you know how! Like for more on the rest of the CZW roster and info on how the game works!

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Upcoming CZW Events

* Saturday, September 8 – DOUBLE HEADER WITH EVOLVE – Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ – CZW ‘Down With The Sickness’. 8 pm
* Saturday, September 22 – Ultraviolent Underground, Ebenezer Church RD, Townsend, DE – CZW ‘Redemption’. 2 pm
* Saturday, October 13 – Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ
* Saturday, November 10 – Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ
* Saturday, December 8 – Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD, Voorhees, NJ – CZW ‘Cage of Death’.

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Devin Cutting sent this in.

Live Pro Wrestling
Saturday, September 1st, 2012 – 4 PM
Driftwood Camping Resort in Clermont, New Jersey

Scheduled To Appear:

Breaker Morant
White Lotus
Matt Saigon
Cujo The Hellhound
Phil The Ref

Go to for info about upcoming shows