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Sunday November 22 2009

CWR – Canadian Wrestling Revolution
Vaughan, Ontario
@ the Sportsplex
Attendance: 124
Ring Announcer: Adam Haze
Referees: Dave Linton, P Wee Kastles, Chris The Ref

Show opened with a promo from CWR Open Weight Champion “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin and “The Hit” Ashley Sixx. They discussed their upcoming matches with Josh Alexander and “Psycho” Mike Rollins and the possibility of them facing each other for the title in the future. They were interrupted by Alexander and Rollins who growled threats. Nothing came of it and they all returned to the back.

1) Sebastian Suave’s Open Challenge:
Sebastian Suave and “Hotshot” Johnny Devine wrestled to a Time Limit Draw [10 min]
Devine and the fans wanted 5 more minutes but Suave declined.

2) “Bam Bam” Bruno Davis w/ Andrew Davis def RJ City [6 min]
Andrew interfered constantly and snuck into the ring to drop RJ across the top rope giving Bruno the pin with a roll-up and a handful of tights.

3) Crazzy Steve def Andrew Davis w/ “Bam Bam” Bruno Davis [5 min]
Bruno repayed the favor of interference by constantly trying to help his brother during this match. He wasn’t as good at it however as he accidently leg-dropped Andrew instead of Steve.

Jake O’Reilly attacked Steve after his victory over Bruno but Steve punched him in the mouth and Jake ran away.

4) “Fighting Irish” Jake O’Reilly def Tyler Tirva [45 sec]
I missed whatever move Jake used to bury Tirva in under a minute. After the pin Jake pummelled Tirva until Crazy Steve ran out and chased him away. Tirva was helped to the back by security.

5) Ladies Match:
PJ Tyler vs Miss Danyah ended in a No Contest when Jake O’Reilly attacked both women. [4 min]
Miss Danyah and PJ joined forces to turn the tables on Jake, hitting him with a double DDT then clotheslined him over the top rope. Crazy Steve ran out and Jake ran off to the back.

6) CWR Open Weight Championship:
“Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin w/ “The Hit” Ashley Sixx def Josh Alexander w/ “Psycho” Mike Rollins to retain the title. [11 min]
Seconds Sixx and Rollins were sent to the back early after they began brawling at ringside and had to be seperated by security. Elgin pinned Alexander after a sitout powerbomb. Rollins returned to join Alexander in a post match attack on Elgin until Ashley ran out to make the save.

7) Main Event:
The #1 Contender Match between “Psycho” Mike Rollins and “The Hit” Ashley Sixx turned into a Lumberjack Match on the orders of ref Dave Linton. Elgin and Alexander had accompanied their partners to the ring and quickly got into their own fight at ringside. Linton ordered them both to the back but they returned a couple minutes later. They were followed out by a brawling Jake O’Reilly and Crazy Steve. Linton called for the rest of the CWR roster to join the other 4 as Lumberjacks. The Lumberjack Match between Rollins and Sixx lasted only a couple of minutes before all the lumberjacks got into a huge brawl at ringside. When Rollins and Sixx joined the warring factions Ref Linton declared that the match would be an Over The Top Rope Battle Royal and the winner would receive the CWR Open Weight title currently held by Michael Elgin. All the wrestlers and Chris The Ref jumped into the ring to begin the new match…
Order of Elimination:
Chris The Ref by Mike Rollins
Andrew Davis by Ashley Sixx
Bruno Davis by Johnny Devine
Sebastian Suave by Johnny Devine
RJ City by Jake O’Reilly
Tyler Tirva by Josh Alexander
Johnny Devine by Jake O’Reilly
Michael Elgin and Josh Alexander by each other
Ashley Sixx by Jake O’Reilly
Jake O’Reilly and Mike Rollins by Crazzy Steve making Steve the new CWR Open Weight Champion.
[Total time: 33 min]

Special Thanks to Gordo & Mrs. Id for covering the event, check for photos in the comming weeks!

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